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1. Pub Game Up!

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Pub Game Up!

Address: Budapest, Zichy Jenő u. 4, 1066, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +36 30 287 8766

Business type: Pub

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Pub Game Up!: what do users think?

Alyssa Payne: Me and my partner found this on our first night in Budapest and we ended up going multiple times. It was a lovely place, lots of different games, a nice atmosphere, well priced and a good variety of alcohol and friendly staff.

Mr.W: Very fun place go play games. Also very good drinks. Unfortunately there were the usual service fees.

Bhagyashree Sandhaya: Super nice personnel, clean place and friendly priced snacks/drinks.You can find some English games there.

László Vörös: A nice board game pub - service was quick and above average, the prices are okay. An ideal place to go to with your friends where you can choose from a number of good games. The restrooms were nice and the place is very tidy overall.

Juan McGuinness: Fantastic selection of games. Good beer and bar snacks. Friendly atmosphere and good vibe.

Peter Stewart: Great location for boardgames in the center of Budapest. If you are in the are and like boardgames, this is the place for you. Its a small yet coasy place to play some good old boardgames with friends or family. All the games are for free if you stay there (over 200+). They also offer drinks (both with and without alchohol) and some pub style snacks (nachos, breadsticks [Ropi]). If you are planning to visit over the weekend or later in the day you will need to make a reservation as they fill up this place very fast. Toilets are OK, but nothing to write home about. Nice young guys running the place.

Sergiu: Laud, mistakes at the counter and quite expensive from Menu perspective

2. Vault 51 - Gamer Bar

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Vault 51 - Gamer Bar

Address: Budapest, Ó u. 51, 1066, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +36 1 604 7466

Business type: Bar

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Vault 51 - Gamer Bar: what do users think?

Csubák Dániel: Great bar, with good choice of beers, and pub food. The interior is fully designed for gamers, and series / movie fans. They have consoles, retro consoles, pinball machines, and board games, as well as separate rooms for your events. The staff is very friendly, and helpful. I absolutely recommend them.

Tim B: A very cool bar to visit with your partner or group of friends, huge amount of activities: Too many table games, powerful desktop PCs, retro consoles, modern consoles and more... The bar has a good variety of options as well. The only dissatisfaction we had was the workers, we were sitting downstairs and wanted to order from the bar, and the same worker directly ignored us 3 times! He looked at us as we kindly requested service and he continued walking. Basically we felt unwelcomed here, most people there are local and come there regularly but as tourists (English speakers) I guess they are less welcome. After we decided to go upstairs to the bar, the bartender was really nice and got us our order quickly and explained to us what we can do, unlike the other dude. Recommended place for a night out, definitely a good experience.

Frederik Andersen: The ideal place for gamers and boardgame players alikeTons of cheap amazing drinks, very likable bartenders and an incredible atmosphere.

Zakaria Aktaou: Very nice customer service. Although I didn’t speak Hungarian, they were very friendly. The drinks are reasonably priced and quite diverse and gaming related too! Highly recommend.

Sohini Chatterjee: Liked this place! The ambiance and interiors were really interesting. The food and drinks were also good.

Cinthia Sosa: The most amazing place to celebrate a B-day! The staff is so gentle and lovely, the drinks and food is great. So for sure you will have a great time with friends/family while playing great games.

3. Game Up! 2

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Game Up! 2

Address: Budapest, Katona József u. 21, 1137, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +36 70 271 8759

Business type: Pub

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Game Up! 2: what do users think?

Yushiro Yuuki: After serving Joci and Tomi, I left with one kidney less xD

Róbert Pataki: Everything was fine, the service was nice, the food and drinks were good, and the price was okay.

Erika Kiss: Nice and friendly service, delicious snacks and drinks, great games 🙂

Márton Borsik: very nicely put together place, especially the chairs and tables!

Zsolt Szilveszter: We were here for a birthday celebration, but it was very good. Cozy place, they have a lot of board games. The rule is that if you spend at least HUF 2,000 per person, you can use at least 3-4 companions per table for free at the same time, but if you do not reach the amount, HUF 300 per game will be charged. It is relatively easy to reach HUF 2,000, as drinks and snacks are quite expensive, so with 3 beers you have already exceeded the amount. The servers are very nice, it was basically a good experience for us.

Krisztián Antal: Cozy place

4. Board Game Café

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Board Game Café

Address: alagsor, Budapest, Ferenc krt. 17, 1094 Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +36 70 469 9474

Business type: Cafe

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Board Game Café: what do users think?

Yousra El Yaghmouri: I strongly recommend this place !!! The staff is sooo nice, friendly and helpful ! We didn’t know what to play and one of the game staff brought us many games and explained us the rules! Also, the cappuccino was amazing!! The best I ever had in Budapest !! And I’m not exaggerating. I also had the hot chocolate which was great !! I will definitely go back there !!
Response: 😍

Peter Stewart: Great location for a game night with friends and family right in the middle of Budapest. Great location, tons of games in Hungarian, english and german. You can find pretty much what you want also they serve snacks, paninis, drinks and hot beveradges. You might need to book a few days ahead as it can get quite busy in the evening, even more so on friday, satturday and sunday night. Only negativ thing what can be said is the price what is 990FT/person/3 hour session. So if you plan with a larger group or for a longer play it might get expensive. Other then that highly Recommended. Kid-friendliness: Perfect for kids and families as well.

Dra.Virgínia Helena: Super cool place in Budapest!!! My friends and I were in town for a conference, and we hang out there for a bit to play a few games!!! Totally recommended!
Response: 😍

Dominika Vilmonova: This place is amazing. A dream come true for anyone who loves playing board games.

Kelemen Gábor: Amazing hot chochlate :3 even rice milk can be base for it and lactose free whiped cream on the top. :)Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Response: 😊😍

Bertie Longden: This place nails the boardgame experience. It has a very wide selection of games, and has plenty of space. The food and drink is very good value and tasty! I recommend the paninis.
Response: Thank you. 😍

Jos Kanning: Great place! Friendly staff, wide selection of games and nice snack/drink options.

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