Best Places To Celebrate A Birthday For Adults In Budapest Near Me

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1. Budapest New Year's Eve Party - IX. kerület

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Budapest New Year's Eve Party
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Address: Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12, 1093, Hungary

Telephone: +36 70 946 9932

Business type: Event venue

2. Peaches And Cream Club - VI. kerület

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Peaches And Cream Club
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Address: Budapest, Nagymező u. 46-48, 1065, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 70 381 8380

Business type: Night club

Peaches And Cream Club: what do users think?

Keegan Johnson: Absolutely horrible experience at a nightclub, 100% DO NOT RECOMMEND. Our group of 5 had upgraded VIP passes and were repeatedly kicked from non-reserved tables by staff. No explanation was given, no help provided. (For the record, we asked earlier in the night about reserving a table, but were told none were available and table service wasnt provided at the event.) Management was extremely rude and dismissive. Save your $$ and go to the next club.

R D: We booked a white VIP table here for the NYE party. Terrible mistake. 1. The sound system was poorly done for the white VIP tables. Sitting at the bar was better than sitting at the table, so the 500 euros werent justified because you literally couldnt enjoy the music sitting at the table. We couldn’t even hear what songs was playing. There were no sound system in that side of the club, so if you want a table, just book a black VIP one (for the reasonable price of a 1000 euros) that’s closer to the sound system. Disappointing. 2. The songs were fine, but the DJ wasn’t mixing. It felt like they had a playlist, they left the songs playing from the very first second to the very last, no transition between the songs, nothing. Also, the Peaches and Cream theme song is extremely cringe, the only person who seemed to enjoy that atrocious anthem was the owner of the club. 3. The drinks were good. We had Ciroc vodka, some champagne and a bottle of rum. There’s this weird thing happening when the drinks arrive, they come with fireworks (which is totally fine and enjoyable) and also with 3 dancers that HAVE to dance until the fireworks stops. I feel like they could have asked first if we wanted this extra moment, because it felt weird for everyone and unenjoyable after all. We were just waiting for the fireworks to stop lighting so that whole joke of a moment could be over. 4. I dont know if it was only a “NYE” thing, but at some point the club and the entrance got overcrowded. We went out to smoke a cigarette and we werent allowed back in, even if we had the VIP bracelet on. People were walking out through the emergency exits, but we werent allowed to go back inside using them, really ridiculous because we were showing the bouncers the bracelets and they were not only rude but also aggressive. We managed to go back inside after quite a big scandal because it was freezing cold, people were extremely tensioned outside and we had to go back inside somehow. If the bouncers put half the energy they put to be aggressive towards us into kicking out the extremely drunk people from the club, things would have been so much better. People were super drunk, a girl almost passed out there, they were constantly leaving drinks on our table (VIP…) and sitting on our couches, no bouncer really seemed to notice the chaos from inside. All in all, there are way better ways to spend the weekend in Budapest. We decided to go to this club because of the Tripadviser reviews. I dont know what happened or if the reviews were legit, but it felt like a tourist trap. Definitely would not recommend. We decided to go back home so we could play the exact same music that was playing in the club but we could at least hear the music.

Florina Alexandra: We went for NYE 2023, we waited a lot until getting inside even though we had VIP table. The big issue was that the sound was pretty bad for the tables which were near the entrance. Only VIP ROOM were pretty cool next to the dance floor. At the begining inside was fine, we had a lot of space for dancing, but after midnight a lot of people were outside and tried so hard to get inside ( the big problem was that people who already had bracelets couldn t get in because of the crowd). They allowed too many people inside and a lot of them tried to come to our table and get our drink and it was so annoying and the security was too busy with the entrance and they didn t notice this fact - there could be some delimitation for the VIP tables so the random people cannot come easily. As advice, if you want to enjoy the party call them and let them know that you want a table next to the dance floor and even then be prepared because it will be crowded.

A.E.K.: Very good club. We reserved a VIP table and we had a very good service from the staff. Music was also good and the ambiance was a lot better than in club Yellow.

xk hh: We booked a VIP table , and at begining everything seemed to be good. But when we were just trying to figure out what was on the drink menu, the waiter looks impatient and said something like “do u speak english”. I have never met such a service in a club. It was rude actually. 😅😅😅😅 Money should be spent where it is more worthwhile. Hope you have a little patience with your customers, and not just trying to get money out of them.

Authentic Experience: Awesome place with music but sound system is not so good compared to other club in Budapest. Staff are very good and they are open till late night or morning 😉. Price of Drinks are okay according to their standard. Very good security and staffs are really kind but be aware of bouncer they are super active and fast. Everything is awesome and I give 4 star only because of sound systems which can be better. I will recommend international students to visit them once because they have special night on Thursday only for international students in Town. Overall it’s very good club.

Ignacio del Pozo: Low level. People between 20 and 30 who do not stop pushing. Everyone pushes you to pass as it does not happen anywhere else. You have to wait to get in a long time even if there are few people inside because they want to do and while they are giving access other people. Inside, the floor is completely dirty and full of broken glass (at the beginning of the night) that nobody cleans! Very very low level of attention. The access cost doesn’t include drink and even inside wait for wardrobe, too much to order, etc.....

Banana Lana: Great Club! <3 We reserved 2 tables for a hen party and had great service. The music was great and we got all the drinks we needed. The music is great if you love RnB music!

3. Sparty - Széchenyi Bath - XIV. kerület

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Sparty - Széchenyi Bath
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Address: Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30 PM Sat

Telephone: +36 30 395 8581

Business type: Night club

Sparty - Széchenyi Bath: what do users think?

Ankur Jain: Good: Very nice ambience, especially the lights, performance by the artists, cleanliness, optimum water temperature in the pool, locker facility, security. Bad: Charging for beer glasses and not refunding the amount, sound track, liquor price. Overall a good experience.

Sarah G: Great night the baths were amazing and music was good. Only downfall is its cash only and drinks are very expensive. Also had to pay for cups and sparty card pass which never got refunded. Apart from that it was a great experience

L Asher: The concept was cool, and the security was great, especially when guys were getting too touchy. The dj’s could’ve been better and it would be nice to see more pools available to go into. Don’t expect this to be a rave, it’s more of a club. They claim that slippers/flip flops are mandatory and if you don’t have then, you have to buy them for 7,000 HUF. However, no one is forced to wear them near the pool so don’t get sucked into the tourist trap of buying them. Overall a fun night because I met cool people.

Madhura Milind Raste: The party was really wonderful. I lost my bag on the way to the party and Susana even helped me contact the people cause I did not speak the local language. The staff is really helpful. About the party, I went on a Saturday , the atmosphere was really cool and vibing. Highly recommend.

Theo Seel Kent: Terrible. Security are very aggressive even when you just splash. Drinks where charged as cup size so you pay €9 for half a can. When trying to get a refund for the cups they would not refund jus saying we had the wrong colour cups. It’s a scam, here I would not waste your money. Go during the daytime.

Niamh: Not worth the price at all. €60 to just get in the door for access to warm overcrowded bath. Boring remix music played all night that you can’t dance to. Drinks are expensive and minimum top up card amount of €50 to buy anything. Do not recommend.

Medha Bhasin: Very very unique experience. Would 100% recommend this whenever you’re visiting Budapest. Great vibe and extremely helpful staff

4. High Five Budapest - V. kerület

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High Five Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Király u. 15, 1075, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +36 30 010 4852

Business type: Gastropub

High Five Budapest: what do users think?

Gaetano Cottonaro: Very good place, the music was actually nice to be a bar. I guess in the week end you can even dance… since it’s a very big place. The food was ok and the service normal. Maybe the cocktails little big too expensive, but I guess the location can justify that 👍🏼 Completely suggest this place

João Pedro Carvalho: We went to High Five Budapest for the NYE party. It was a really fun experience, with buffet dinner and 2 dance floor afterwards, but the food wasn’t amazing and it ended up being really expensive since the drinks weren’t included in the price…

Ben Cordery: Great bar with a good atmosphere. There was table service and the cocktails where very good… the 5 shots where also very good and tasted good as well. The whole place was clean and good music was playing. Lots of seating and very friendly service. Well worth a visit where visiting the area!

Irma Masood: Great ambiance. The special cocktails are a little pricey as per their taste

Jade Montoya: Loved the vibe of this place! Super awesome for pictures as well. Delicious food and drinks. Highly recommend a visit.

Lilla Kertész: High Five Budapest is an excellent venue for networking events. It is a huge space so even 200 people can sit there at the same time. I like the design, especially the swing made of a pallet. I only missed a great selection of wines. Otherwise, I would give 5 stars.

Fujoshi Mislei: I went here for the recent parties. Amazing music and lights. Some cocktails are very expensive but most of them are delicious.Food: 3/5 | Service: 3/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Csaba Vályi: So great vibe and when you are lucky there might be live music. The staff is very friendly and the burgers are just delicious:)

Karolina Julia Sroka: Food ans Drinks delicious as always. Its a good place to chill with your friends.

5. Spoon - V. kerület

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Address: Budapest, Vigadó tér 3. kikötő, 1052, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM Sat

Telephone: +36 20 926 4454

Business type: Event venue

Spoon: what do users think?

Hamed Mesri: Very nice restaurant! Good food and beautiful view to the Danube riverside Budapest castles. The staff very quite friendly and helpful. Everything was perfect. Definitely recommended! Will go back for sure when I visit Budapest again!

Saradha Sethuraman: Really enjoyed a 3 course dinner at this beautiful restaurant overlooking the castle. My organisation had arranged for reliable veggie options - so no way for me to say if they do veggie stuff on other days. But what I got served tasted good - so no complaints. The restaurant has quite the view, as the sun sets and lights get turned on across the Danube on the castle. so even if there are no veggie options, I would recommend stepping in here for tea, or beer - just to enjoy the view.

Diana Olar: Amazing view, with comfortable setting, elegant design and higher quality furniture. Friednly staff, good lighting and music. The food looks amazing. Absolutely well arranged, catefully proportioned ingredients, good meat cuts. On the taste, I’d give it 4/5, as the quail truffle soup was slightly too salty, the boar cheek a bit too well cooked, and the foaie gras a bit too dipped in fat. But just a bit. Mix it with the view, the good wine (the “house” wine is a Montenuovo 2014 - recommend!), atmosphere - and it ocerall hits a 10. Definitely good place to try out!

Maralyn Ragg: Although the food was very nice the service left a lot to be desired. The wine glass had a cobweb which I pointed out. The water was split when pouring, and after wiping up was spilt on the second pour also. The goulash was splashed on one guests arm. The worst of all was 2 of the 3 meals were served and wr had finished eating before the 3rd was brought along. Considering the hype and excitement what a disappointment.

Jasneet Kaur: Excellent ambience ..amazing view of tge castle lit in the night. Enjoy the food and champagne at this love restaurant on a deck of the ship on the beautiful banks of the lovely Danube. The owners are just amazing people.

6. BESTIA - V. kerület

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Address: Budapest, Szent István tér 9, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +36 70 333 2163

Business type: Restaurant

BESTIA: what do users think?

Frigyes Dr Orliczki: Overall, my friends and I had a great time, the food was tasty, the service was attentive and fast compared to the full house. I think the prices are also realistic in the heart of the city and compared to a popular place. The four stars do not go even for these, rather I would make some adjustments to the selection, especially in the area of appetizers and desserts.

Javier S: Bestia is a warm and cosy place to relax and escape the cold fall evenings. The atmosphere is relaxing with a modern vibe. The food is exceptional and well priced! I would recommend to anyone in the area. Also the attention to detail with their service is some of the best we have received in Budapest. Anthony, one of our servers during the evening was excellent!

Katja M Melendez Renta: I loved it so much I went twice. The food is great and the first waitress that took care of us was very attentive and made sure we understood what we were getting. I haven’t stopped thinking of the ribeye, goulash, baba ghanoush or the sweet potato that was served to me. Warning don’t forget to drink they serve very delicious drinks too. Would go to Budapest again just to eat here.

Dana Bashi: Such a great place! Amazing food,great atmosphere and very friendly and efficient service. When a restaurant invests in sufficient amount of staff and their level of professionalism, it always pays off. We had the chicken with labane and mashed potatoes. It comes as is,with bones and everything but it is absolutely delicious. My husband had the angus burger and loved it. We had a pink gin cocktail and the chocolate cake with salted caramel for dessert. Yummy. And they also have a DJ who played great music. Great night altogether.

Máté Makai: We reserved for 4 on a Thursday for dinner. The place got crowded pretty quickly, so the reservation is a must. The menu is short but with good variety, the beer selection is also great. We liked the starting chevap and hummus a lot. The mac and cheese with shrimp was excellent, although we found the burgers average. Considering the central location and the quality, the food is moderately priced. The service is quick, professional and attentive. The loud music makes the place rather noisy, hard to have a good conversation. Still, the quality of service and food earns this place a 5 star rating, we would return.

chis octavian: The food is amazing, everything is with a little twist that makes you love what they do here. The serving was very good also. Highly recommended!

7. Black Swan Budapest - VII. kerület

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Black Swan Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Klauzál u. 32, 1072, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +36 30 663 5270

Business type: Cocktail bar

Black Swan Budapest: what do users think?

Pablo Malkoes: I’ve been leaving in Budapest for 4 years and I don’t know how I didn’t come here before. This place is like a snow ball effect, every minute everything keeps getting better and better. The service from the guys is amazing, the cocktails 10/10 but the food? The food is a 100/10! The chef Jesse came out to explain how the dishes were made, and how the combination of ingredients were made to create those amazing flavours! Thank you all guys, keep up the amazing job!

Gloria Li: A very classy cocktail bar with very reasonable price. It’s small, but the decor make you like you entered a different era. Friendly staff make the experience even better. PS: ring the bell only once even they take longer to answer! The entire bar can hear it!

Sara T: Do you like cocktails, this is the place to be. Tell them what you like and not. And they make a cocktail exactly how you would have wanted it, if you knew this was an option. And while your taste buds are more than happy, the servings are beautifully served for eye perfection. We will be back. Remember to make a reservation!

Artemis Dim: When in Budapest,visit this place absolutely! Loved the cocktails and the atmosphere! Bartenders really know what they are doing Make sure to make a reservation before you go!

Szuk Fanni: If you are a cocktail aficionado then this place has to be on your list! Cocktails are amazing - such effort and artistry has been put into them. The staff are lovely and friendly. They make u feel welcome and provide you with an amazing experience! Highly recommended!

Tamás Major: Great atmosphere and great cocktails. Starting from the classics, through classics with a new twist all the way to exotic new cocktails you can find everything. The staff is super helpful and attentive, always telling you the story and tastes behind a specific cocktail. For Budapest prices, it’s a bit on the high end, but worth every last forint!

Karthik Srinivasan: Hidden gem, had a great time with a variety of cocktails. The ambience was great and the guys who work there explained a lot about the drinks and their origin. If you are in the lookout for an unique set of cocktails, this is just the place. Also, the warm whiskey based cocktail is simply a must try!

Esther Kooistra: We love this place! Very original cocktails and friendly staff. Make sure to make a reservation before 😊

8. PartyBookers Budapest - VII. kerület

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46 reviews
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PartyBookers Budapest
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Address: Budapest Akácfa utca 51, 2nd floor (entrance through LARM, 1073, Hungary

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +36 70 774 4338

Business type: Event ticket seller

PartyBookers Budapest: what do users think?

Débora Braga: Best party!Staff is amazing, especially Juliana. Her service was the best. She is so outgoing which made the night so much fun. I discovered many cool things about the city because of her that I didn’t know before. I would totally come back :)

Pedro Cezario Becker: Had an amazing time!!! Budapest is beautiful and the events they provided and the staff made it all even better. So fun to have met them all, specially Juliana, who’s Brazilian and gave me some great tips in Portuguese for the hangover the next day 😄. Loved it!!!

Julio Davi: I didn’t know that a bingo crawl could be so fun! I had an amazing time in Budapest with partybookers, I highly recommend them! And thank Juliana for being the best party guide ever!

Jean Andrade: Happy people and amazing venues! I really enjoyed and recommend to try it at least once! Especial thanks to Juliana that gave us a Brazilian samba class! Amazing!

emiel opbrouck: If you are looking for a party in Budapest, partybookers is the place to be. They organise the craziest events. I went on a boatparty with my friends and had a super funky time! Also with Siel as guide you never have a boring time. He knows how to keep the partymood alive!

Demi Vanhollebeke: Last summer, my friends and I had a great night at the partyboat. Beautiful views, tasty drinks and a fun atmosphere. Special thanks to out guide Siel for making it an unforgettable evening!

Marie Gontard: We had our best night and party on yours boat! Was awesome!! Mention for Rio! Full of tips for everything about Budapest!

Alexander Hannosette: Had a great time doing the boat tour. Great to see the city and enjoy a nice drink. Our guide, Siel, was also very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He made the night even better. Highly recommended and if you can, ask for Siel

Jean-Baptiste Callemeyn: Had a great night, enjoying the scenery while being accompanied by the legendary guide Siel. He made sure we had the best time possible, made it a 6 star experience! Shame it only goes to 5

Alix Lecru: I spend an amazing night on the boat with the crew, specially with Rio. He really take care of the guests and make sure the party is going well ! I will come back !!

9. Szimpla Kert - VII. kerület

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49146 reviews
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Szimpla Kert
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Address: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +36 1 352 4198

Business type: Pub

Szimpla Kert: what do users think?

OMER: Absolutely wonderful! Mysterious ruins pub offering multiple bars inside. It’s could dance drink or chill. The place offers different atmosphere in various rooms. There are some funny decorative details as well. Quite popular amongst tourist especially Friday and Saturday nights.

Anastassia Moralieva: Nice atmosphere and vibe , you can chill if you go during the day as we did in June. On Friday evening there was a huge line outside of at least 100 people waiting to enter. Some of the bars were not open on Saturday noon so didn’t have a great experience to have a good drink there - just grab a lemonade. A lot of tourists are going and in the evening and I guess it’s overcrowded then.

Anna Rowe: So much fun!! We did a bar crawl through the ruin bars, and it was a blast. This bar had so much going on, every room and nook at a theme. I loved the atmosphere and the staff was all super friendly. We worked our way throughout the bar, and could’ve easily spent more time there!

Jay L: Nice place to hang out with drinks.! From the entrance, this place brings me the other world. Atmosphere and surroundings don’t follow common concept. Strongly recommend someone who wants to feel new feeling in Budapest.!

Era Chaudhary: Great pub in ruins. It is a HUGE place! Unfortunately, I went solo and had no company to chill there and party, so it was a bit dull for me. Overall, I saw a lot of young crowd, groups of friends, drinking all the way across! There was no food in the place! Rightfully, so! It is a pure drinking place! The drinks were decently priced.

Y M: Really fun ruin bar but if you want a quiet place to chill this is probably not for you. When we were there in the afternoon, there were a load of people singing badly super loudly so it was quite annoying. The bar vibe is cool though so if you happen to go in non busy times maybe it would be a better experience. Drinks are in the more expensive side for local bars but not unaffordable

khushi Navdiwala: I can say that it’s fun time to go there . When I reached there with my bf we saw it was long queue out side of this bar but I was worth to wait for it bar. We had amazing time there. They have 2 floors and plenty of different rooms where you can chill with your friends. So many antique things are inside , for me bathtub was attraction 😅😅I had plenty of pictures there.

Helena Pynte: Be prepared to give your eyes a treat. You’ll be scanning every room and bar for funny, quirky and weird stuff. Loved it here! And to the contrary of what I’ve read online, the staff is in fact very friendly. The bartender even let us taste some wines before ordering.

10. Stagmadness - Budapest stag do - XII. kerület

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28 reviews
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Stagmadness - Budapest stag do
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Address: Budapest, Álom u. 16, 1125, Hungary

Telephone: +44 20 3239 3008

Business type: Tour operator

Stagmadness - Budapest stag do: what do users think?

Bastian Duerr: Absolutely Great! The organizational/booking was very competent and friendly and made everything smooth and easy. We even got a discounted upgrade on our tank because the original one was too small for German standards. Their prices are also quite fair compared to other stag agencies. Our tour guide Andrea was really amazing. She had a great fun personality and put up with all our drunken idiocy. During our barcrawl, stayed with us until 6 a.m. (her regular time would be 1a.m.). I will definitely book with them again if I have to organize aother stag!

Lee Stephens: Did airport transfers, shooting and quad biking in Budapest with Stagmadness. Cannot recommend them enough, they went above and beyond all the way and all of the guides were excellent

michaeldodkin: Absolutely brilliant, made the trip of organising 12 lads through a pandemic with reschedules easy and stress free. When we were there Rozsa our guide was amazing, she became one of us! She put up with all our drunken mess and made sure we got everywhere and anywhere we wanted. Big thank you to her it made the best stag do!

Tomáš Polák: Legendary STAG party! What should I say ... we had really legendary stag party. Not just groom, but all of us (we were 8 guys from Czech) enjoyed our 3 days party on maximum. And our guide Sandra, best guide we can have (we provide adrenalin activities in Prague, so I know what I am talked about). She was kind and nice and helps us with everything which could make our party the best of the best - the guys loved her. So thanks a lot and I will definitely recommend Budapest Madness to everyone who would like to have best party in Budapest ever. Tomas

Sofya Gura: Thnx to StagMadness we had an amazing weekend in Budapest!dinner was very tasty and our party already started there!Our Guide Kinga showed us best bars and she knows how to party btw!Was very helpful and kept the mood all night!Can highly recommend!

Sherwin Bonnici: This was the perfect choice during our holiday in Budapest. They really have great service with a smile, love what they are doing and very helpful. I do recommend to trust them as they are perfect

11. KIOSK Budapest - V. kerület

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3599 reviews
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KIOSK Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Március 15. tér 4, 1056, Hungary

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +36 70 311 1969

Business type: Restaurant

KIOSK Budapest: what do users think?

Chris Clement: Really nice casual place with a short but interesting lunch menu. Inside is a great shabby-chic atmosphere, and seating outside is in a pleasantly green square. Although I didn’t try it, the menu of delicious sounding house-made ice cream by the scoop looked great.

Reham Kilano: If you’re into fancy dining then this is definitely the place for you! Options are a wee bit limited but everything we ordered is as delicious as it gets. You need to reserve and book a table before you arrive otherwise you might not be able to walk in It’s a bit on the pricey end but definitely worth to try

Sonia Ghidiceanu: Nice design and good food The place looks very good, the service was fast and the staff very friendly. The food was good, nothing special. The schnitzel was very large and tasty. Cordon bleu was a bit small for its price. Worth trying especially for the atmosphere.

Héctor García: Could have been awesome but some details were missing, such us asking for the meat point or serving a proper jeges káve. Customer service was very good and food quality above average. And bravo for bartender (very good Moscow mule). Industrial look and feel venue, with nice design details (water sink in the bathroom). Thank you and keep on improving.

Boldis Adrian: Beautiful terrace near the Danube, also the food was good especially the dessert. As a recommendation, make a reservation in advance, otherwise there is little chance of taking a seat at the table.

12. BOB - V. kerület

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1071 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 7, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 PM

Telephone: +36 70 333 2161

Business type: Bar

BOB: what do users think?

Ben Mutimba: I really loved the vibe when I went there. The music was amazing and the DJ was good as he played Afrobeats and also some mainstream music. The drinks were okay even though I felt they ended up being overpriced as the evening went. It gets supercrowded late so advice is to arrive between midnight to 1am

E. Gabriel: Great place if you are in town just for a couple of nights. Right in the heart of the centre as well.

Nikos T: Ok it was a nice place but small, very very expensive entrance ticket and women that were there only to get more money from you. Just another trick here in Budapest to get money from foreigners.

Artyom Bogomolsky: very terrible place, about 95% of girls there are "girls for money", never been in the place with such amount of paid girls

Sophie Green: Would avoid this place, was told that we would have the table for the night to then be embarrassed a few hours later when getting told to move! Drinks were great until it hit midnight and then we noticed that they were starting to get watered down…. Would not recommend this place to anyone travelling to Budapest.

Paras Dabhi: Great bar with good music. Loved the RnB and Hip Hop mixes. Only thing is, bit on the pricey side. Apart from that, loved it!

Lunga Majola: Was visiting Budapest, went to this club the night was fine but in the end was attacked by the three security guys, I know I did not do anything but was beaten badly by these three guys. So be careful when you go to this club as a Black guy.

Manisha Mishra: We 4 girls have visited this club on last Saturday night... firstly they are very rude... when we complained that a guy is leaning on us and pushing the table where our drinks were kept and drinks could fall then she did not tell anything to that guy and went.. after sometime she came and asked us to just leave the table as its reserved for the same guy.. when we took our glass off from the table she had given the table to totally new bunch off people... why is that behavior with us. Secondly at bar they charged twice for a drink paid from different card and did not accepted the mistake. The bar tender lady given the drink to my friend by banging it to her..... such lame people work there... I would never recommend this place to anyone... worst service worst behavior... 👎🚫

tendhero sharon: I was excited to be in BOB bar for the first time, as my family was visiting for the 1st time from Oslo. Started as a good night, but while we stood outside waiting for our bolt, 3mins before it approached, the bouncers started to seriously beat 2 of my guests, with unknown anger, saying racial comments. My guests had done nothing, didnt fight back. Good enough, we called the police & it came with an ambulance. It looked at the camera footage, atleast 3 bouncers were arrested. The police asked if we wanted to sue , but we saw its wastage of time and said no. I posted the incident on one of the "expats group in Budapest", and 90% replied its a normal behavior from bouncers in some Budapest bars & they had the same experience. Be careful when at BOB bar / club especially if you are a colored person. I have never seen such an inhumane and cruel behavior full of hatred from the same people that are supposed to protect us. bouncers where taken in,

13. Stag Kiss - Budapest Stag Do - VII. kerület

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28 reviews
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Stag Kiss - Budapest Stag Do
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Address: Budapest, Marek József u. 39, 1078, Hungary

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +36 70 616 4137

Business type: Party planner

Stag Kiss - Budapest Stag Do: what do users think?

Enzo COVA: We had the chance to book different activities for a Stag Do of 11 guys on 3 separate days with Stagkiss, and we do not regret. Incredible Experience ! Organising the planning was nice, as communication was good, and proposals as well. Prices are also competitive. On first day, Timea guided us accross different pubs and ruin bars, always smiling, interesting to talk with, and listening to our needs. The day after, we had Shooting experience, all guys loved that one, well organised as well. We also booked the strip-dinner, efficient food, and efficient strip :) And we had a wakeup with RolyPoly Lady, really fun, and always with smiles around, before ending up with Ellie for a BeerBus tour, who has been a great guide as well. Really no complaints, just fun, trust and excellent souvenirs. Would definitely choose them for another do, Great Team. Thanks for all :)

László Tibor Horváth: The best stag activities, lot of choices! If you want to have the best time, i would recommend them!

Dion Gallinat: We have had a great time in Budapest with our friends . Everything was really good organized. Big thanks to the lovely women Daniella, Liliann & Tímea, who shared the activities (golf football, pup crawl & beer tasting) with us. It was really fun with you. Next time we gonna contact you again for sure.

Davide Parere: I have been together with my friends in Budapest for a stag party.Thanks to Stag Kiss Budapest we had an amazing experience. Everything was perfect and well organized. Our guide Noemi and Daniella were so kind and sweet.

Isac Miller: I would like to extend my gratitude to Lejla. All the activities were very well planned and all the transfers were smooth. Thank you all for making my Stag a truly memorable experience. I will be sure to recommend you to other groups from the UK.

Ágnes Szűcs: Fast organisation, all very kind and helpful! We had one of the best experiences beerbiking!

Csaba Vig: We were on a beerbike toor and a bubble footbal too, and it was an awesome experience. Thx for the quick and precise organisation!

Káldi Márk: It was fabuolus, We loved it!Thank you for the organization. I can only recommend this one!

Bence Becskereki: The Best!

14. Café Gerbeaud - V. kerület

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7464 reviews
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Café Gerbeaud
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Address: Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +36 30 382 7701

Business type: Cafe

Café Gerbeaud: what do users think?

Amin Amin: Excellent food in middle of city center of Budapest.. Delicious lunch choice with amazing deserts. Service very friendly as pleasant outside seating. Interiors are unique en demonstrate richness of the city architecture. Highly recommended and not to be missed if you are in Budapest.

Ivanna: Nice cafe in Budapest. We came here twice because they have delicious desserts and it is such a nice cafe to drink coffee or lemonade (the best one is the raspberry lemonade). They have a terrace and also seats inside where you can also buy things as souvenirs. Nice service. Not cheap.

Jennifer Smith: Gorgeous interior of course, service slow as to be expected. We actually didn’t get the cakes but I got the aubergine cream and feta on toasted bread. Decent portion size for the price, and nicely plated, but the aubergine tasted somewhat fishy? Took forever to get the check.

Lauma Z.: Extremely delicious cakes and a beautiful atmosphere! The service was friendly and quick (~ 10 min of waiting time). The prices, however, were a bit too high (~ 6€ for a rather small piece of cake).

Dan Brown: Timeless classic that deserves it excellent reputation. I had the Gerbeaud 160. One of their newer creations. A birthday cake for their 160 birthday. It was amazing. I highly recommend this place. Then interior decor is gorgeous also.

Christian Harris: They have some great desserts. They also have some very average ones too. I had the 160 chocolate cake and the Dobas torte. We also had three other desserts, which were terrible (walnut torte, blackberry torte (tasteless) and a walnut concoction with cream). Service was pretty bad too. We were constantly ignored. They even walked away from us when we arrived. When we could actually capture their attention, they were very polite (automated). Been here a few times in the past, I doubt I’ll come again. They’ve now become overpriced. It was full of tourists too, so on the verge of becoming a tourist trap.

yvan lang: Quite disappointing. We were a party of 6 and tasted many dishes. The egg benefict was apparently very good, the avocado toast was also tasty but the green avocado sauce looked to green to be natural and the big disappointing came with the pastries. The croissant felt not fresh and the other pastries were not that much better. On the side of the drink the chocolate was good but the cafes were weak and not hot enough Not what we expected

15. 360 Bar - VI. kerület

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4399 reviews
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360 Bar
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Address: Budapest, Andrássy út 39, 1061, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Business type: Bar

360 Bar: what do users think?

Lenka Pálová: Great food with the view of the Budapest. Prices were lower than expected. What we were disappointed about was the customer experience with the waiters/service, once we ordered, no one came for 1 hour to take the plates or even ask us, if want anything else. All waiters were coming to other tables but they didn’t even look at us if we want something. Everything was great except this.

Steve Briggs: Great panoramic views, a nice place for a drink. Plus you can reserve seats online including igloos (see through plastic tents) we where a little cold but still enjoyed. Service was good and prices reasonable for such a nice location

Ahmad Karnib: Drinks were amazing and special. Nice view over budapest but nothing special to see. Cozy balls for couples and friends. A bit expensive especially that just for the entrance to the club a 2,000ft CASH!! Which was a problem for us at the beginning. Not bad experience i think you can find another places to have same quality drinks

Its that Guy: Great place to visit early in the evening otherwise you may have stag parties to deal with. Views and staff (5 star) are outstanding and the burgers are to die for. Well worth booking and visiting as views are amazing 4 stars only due to sadly the lad culture. Remember the glass washers they were incredibly busy and need to be noted but often forgotten. Will certainly visit again when in Budapest.

Sarah: A very mixed experience - I found lot of the staff quite rude but then others really went out of their way to make sure we had an amazing time 🤷🏽‍♀️ (Benny and Letti were amazing) We had made a reservation to watch the fireworks and then suddenly a different server pretty much told us to get up because it was reserved for someone else, when I explained that we had a made a reservation and that one of his colleagues had sat us where we were instead of wanting to work out a solution he basically just said I don’t care and pretended to not know who his own coworker was? 😵‍💫 We ordered Mezcal margaritas which were very good although the first round were quite sweet and the second were considerately more sour (although I enjoyed them both) Overall a nice place if you a classic rooftop bar experience but I wouldn’t be in a rush to go back.

Darcy D: Great Atmosphere. Beautiful views. Staff were really nice to us and danced with us. Cool house music too. Lovely part of my trip

Aleksandra Belitskaja: Really nice place for a cute sunset. Nice cocktails. It’s touristy but definitely got a cool vibe. Toilets had no doors though..

Nicola Upstone: Hugely recommend a visit to 360 bar if you are visiting Budapest! Setting is stunning, cocktails are amazing and staff are very friendly. Shout out to Beni who was the most loveliest waiter and such a great laugh. Thanks Little Lando! 😁 Great service!

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