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1. Hungaroring GoKart Center - Outdoor Karting Track - Mogyoród

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Hungaroring GoKart Center - Outdoor Karting Track
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Address: Mogyoród, Hungaroring utca 10, 2146, Hungary

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +36 30 973 8370

Business type: Go-kart track

Hungaroring GoKart Center - Outdoor Karting Track: what do users think?
Matthieu Millot
Matthieu Millot: Came here for a bachelor party. We were 9 and did the mini GP extra which I recommend. Most fun gokart I have done. Both expercienced and beginners liked it.Staff is nice and very efficient.
Response: Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed karting at our track and hope you had great fun in Budapest at all! 🏁🔥✌️
MaTu: We had a great time. The track is fun and the gokarts are okay. My best time was 36.4 (85kg). I recommend this place for any gokart fans. There was 1 annoying bump on the track and the carts had pretty old tires on.
Osman Türkmen
Osman Türkmen: Small areaAnd expensive8 minute not enought for 10 euro
Response: Hello, We don't think that a 513m track would be considered too small. Also compared to other tracks 10 EUR for 8 min karting is not expensive with current fuel pices. You can choose the 3 session ticket where you can even get a discount!
Nada Roguljić
Nada Roguljić: Great track, great karts, very affordable price and next to an F1 track
Response: Thanks a lot!! :)
Maroš Kiš-Bodnár
Maroš Kiš-Bodnár: Top
Response: Thank you very much! ☺️
Paulo Baptista
Paulo Baptista: Some karts with problems but if you are given one with no problems is fun. (Kart N⁰3)
Response: Hello Paulo, please help us to declare which karts you had problem with? Update: Sorry to hear that! When did this happen and what was the issue? Did you mention it to our staff? Technical issues are unfortunately part ot motorsport but we always strive to give our best and prepare our karts to be kept on top level.
Steve Gray
Steve Gray: Visited on a recent trip to Budapest. Good staff, fun track and karts. Very relaxed atmosphere.
Response: Thank you so much for your visit, glad to read that you had a great time :-)
György Horváth
György Horváth: I had a lot of fun in here! Please, fix the toilets, because tjat part need some improvements. The car no 4 was awesome!
Response: Dear György, many thanks for the 5 stars, we are glad to read you had great fun. Sorry about the toilets last weekend unfortunately we had some serious clog in both sides and had to wait till Monday to receive maintenance. Now everything is alright with them again :) Looking forward to see you soon back on track!
abedallah albrezat
abedallah albrezat: Typical karting ring, clean and easy going people
Response: Thank you :-)

2. Budaring - XI. kerület

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Address: Budapest, Budaörsi út HRSZ: 1092/6, 1112, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM Sat

Telephone: +36 1 247 4747

Business type: Go-kart track

Budaring: what do users think?
Ales Zitek
Ales Zitek: With our compnay we had team building. Great experiences withe the track since before our competition was heavy rain. You feel that the surface is not the same on the track. We had some spinning and a lot of fun. The only thing was that after the race they said that something went wrong with the results. Otherwise great helpful team. Thank you
Réka Katalin Görömbei
Réka Katalin Görömbei: Extremely rude owner, bad management. Leave yor money elsewhere. Staff are nice.
Helén Kispál
Helén Kispál: Great course for my son, the staff is friendly and helpfull
Gaetano Cottonaro
Gaetano Cottonaro: Very funny experience. 100% suggest to go there… 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Maybe a far to reach, but once there you won’t regret!! They even gave us the medals at the end of the race 🤣
Simon Fisher
Simon Fisher: Long, interesting course, staff were friendly and happy to help, also great value for the Gold Cup. Mario Kart fancy dress optional but recommended
Antonio Gomes
Antonio Gomes: Great twisting track but like the Hungaroring you need to bide your time for an overtake. Really enjoyed the time spent on this track.The website hosted lap times was a nice touch.
Response: thank you very much
Christian Sinzinger
Christian Sinzinger: Best go karting in Budapest and Budaörs. It’s a good track. Maybe the place is not strong when it comes to food and drinks, and also the karts themselves are not exactly equally powered. However, I thinks that’s pretty much everywhere the case. Except if you have your own kart, but the that’s the wrong place anyhow for you.

3. FlashKart - VIII. kerület

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907 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Blaha Lujza tér 5, 1085, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +36 1 700 3690

Business type: Go-kart track

FlashKart: what do users think?
Omer Shvoron
Omer Shvoron: Very nice experience, especially for those who never tried electric karting. The only downgrade is that the track is short and narrow which makes it almost impossible to pass other drivers. Still had a good time, and also very important to reserve a spot before the arrival.
John_28: Great experience, fast vehicles, very enjoyable, great track. Very safe and cost very reasonable. Can access flash kart inside the mall or outside and take left to -5, book in advance as very busy
László Forgách
László Forgách: Good track, but small. You better bring your friends if you want to race without disturbance or random people popping in. Prices are ok, you can be a pro if you take at least 3 races. Highly recommend.
Abed Habli
Abed Habli: Great experience, if you are asking does the kart do noise, well yes they put a speaker so you can feel the power whenever you accelerate. Lovely staff and very helpful, speak English as well but sadly the beautiful bartender not:pPs: understand how the speed level works before the race so you can figure out!
Robin Stroet
Robin Stroet: Really great place, mostly full but they luckily had 2 slots for us. Nice way to let good drivers get a high speed.
וילי אפשטיין
וילי אפשטיין: All the people there lying were people with us and they were much faster than him because the kids who were with us faster had to let them pass It is advisable to reach only adults

4. G1 Asia Gokart Center - XV. kerület

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1327 reviews
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G1 Asia Gokart Center
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Address: Budapest, Szentmihályi út 167-169, 1152, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +36 30 736 7004

Business type: Go-kart track

G1 Asia Gokart Center: what do users think?
Roja Saketiyan
Roja Saketiyan: Great. It is very large and has a variety of products. The variety of products is very high and the prices are very reasonable.
Andras Benke
Andras Benke: Great gocart experience, long, indoors track. 8mims runs. If going for 3*8mins sets you back with 5000 HUF (~15EUR)
Marton Szabo
Marton Szabo: Good price and one of the best tracks indoors. The staff were nice, but were unenthusiastic. The only issue was that some of the gokarts were clearly superior to others, so if you want to do well, you need to get lucky with getting a fast one. Was not busy when we went so didn’t have to wait (which cannot be said for many other places).
Gergő Rédly
Gergő Rédly: The cars engines have different power, so the races are not so fair, but it is a good game.
Oli Braithwaite
Oli Braithwaite: A very tricky to find establishment, go to the location there is a side entrance with a reception, go into the reception and go down the the -3 floor in the lift and that will get you down to the go karts. The go karts and track are good all round - some of the karts are not consistent and sometime lose power after a few laps. Toilets are on the third floor which is a little inconvenient as you have to walk through a gym when you get up. Overall the setup is good and would recommend for a group adventure
Souhill Edongali
Souhill Edongali: Best place for racing car ever in Budapest.
Kristof: Very nice place, not too expensive. The underground parking lot and empty building gives it an almost illegal feeling. The karts are electric and react different from karts with a combustion engine. Still really good fun. Not a very technical track.
Kasun Wanigasooriya
Kasun Wanigasooriya: In the basement of a shopping mall. Very nice track and good cars. No health and safety briefing. No overalls or gloves. Helmets provided. Still great fun!
Iuppiter Zeus
Iuppiter Zeus: Hard to find (Asia Center floor -2 in the parking area), very good and interesting track, short runs (only 8 minutes), gas karts (not electric ones like on the pictures)

5. Gokart Aréna - XXII. kerület

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824 reviews
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Gokart Aréna
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Address: Budapest, Anna u 4, 1221, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 30 321 3132

Business type: Go-kart track

Gokart Aréna: what do users think?
Peter Ayoun
Peter Ayoun: The guy was very nice, kids and myself enjoyed very much, we had the place for us no one was there.The cars were fast and the circuit was also great.Price excellent!
Alexander Knutsson
Alexander Knutsson: Fun place, good staff, Go kart was all good👌Prices was also good 👍 //Swedish Verstappen
Mátyás Korcsog
Mátyás Korcsog: Strange a bit, because the track is not asphalt, but it still has a good grip. Indoor track, a bit short, but has many good curves ans hairpins. Strong gokarts, friendly staff. Really food place to burn some time and fuel.
Leandro Torres
Leandro Torres: Good experience. Karts were fast, workers were nice. Good experience over all.
Jozsef Guti
Jozsef Guti: We used the place on a very quiet Monday afternoon and have a very pleasant experience only two of us (as beginners) on the track. So we had the opportunity to learn the track and get some speed up before joining a proper race.
Frazer Sloan
Frazer Sloan: Absolutely brilliant but this is for people who want to race, not Sunday drive. Staff excellent. Only suggestion would be to accept non-Hungarian credit cards to promote more business. This is a gem and worth every penny (or forint). Is neighbour to Torley champagne plant in Budafok which also looks very picturesque.
Balazs Kis
Balazs Kis: Aging facilities, good track, but low/no maintenance on lobby and toilets, carts are ok but with varying quality / performance, no seatbelts!?! unfriendly service.

6. Silverkart - X. kerület

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2162 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Kozma u. 3/A, 1108, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +36 30 670 8591

Business type: Go-kart track

Silverkart: what do users think?
Lin: If you come to this place as a foreigner, be advised as the staff (at least the lady at the front desk) does NOT speak English. The lady does not seem polite towards foreigners, we visited the place a few days ago and upon arrival we asked the front desk whether she spoke English or not, we got “Do you speak Hungarian?” as a reply and when we said no she said something in Hungarian. We then went to the side to not obstruct the desk and after a while she pointed to the Hungarian sign and said we had to get out as one of us was underage or something (the sign had a 18 written on it so I suppose it was that). All in all absolutely terrible experience, if you come to Budapest as a foreigner, avoid this place and go somewhere else as you’ll receive a better treatment for the same price.
Response: There was a Hungarian-speaking guest with the team. The gpdr regulation also applies to foreigners. Only the parent can assume responsibility for a minor.
Mihaly Alberti
Mihaly Alberti: Staff is nice, the track is technical enough for a first time visitor and returning racers as well. The gokarts are quite fast (~60km/h at the end of the long straight)
Response: Thank you 😊
Matheus Nunes
Matheus Nunes: The electric karts are fast and the track is fun. The illumination/ light intensity could be better.5 stars because the staff are friendly and kind, they speak English also.I recommend it.
Thorsten D
Thorsten D: Indoor-Cartbahn plus 2 Billiardtische, 2 Bowlingbahnen, X-Box, Dart.
Attila Nagy
Attila Nagy: Friendly, helpful staff. Fast, new carts. The layout of the track is great.
Kristian Vasov
Kristian Vasov: Just skip it, Hungaroring is so much better.. better staff better karts, better track
Response: You can express an opinion about something if you at least try it. Since you haven't even gone karting with us, you haven't been here either, this is not credible on your part.
Living Happily in China
Living Happily in China: As a first time user of the go-cart I was a bit nervous seeing how fast the cars were going. After one lap all of my fear and nervousness was gone. We had 30 minutes and we enjoyed every second of it. The track is long enough with a couple of 180 degree curves. The speed, as I mentioned, is satisfying. The staff which helps you on the track is a bit unfriendly, with one guy being straight annoying. He straight up refused to help us take a photo on the track when we finished up. Overall, its a great experience and I recommend the place.
Gabor Papp
Gabor Papp: Staff and the carts are excellent. You receive all the results via email as well as on paper while waiting for your next turn. The circuit is a little narrow and is much better for measuring individual lap times than real racing as not much space for overtaking, although it still is much more spacious than most carting places in Budapest. A little out of town with no public transport.
Soufiane Lalami
Soufiane Lalami: Horrible experience, I have never seen such unpleasant people. These guys can maltreat and humiliate you for absolutely no reason whatsoever. If you want to get some good time in budapest, I advise you to stay out of this place or these guys will probably disgust you from karting again or even spoil your stay in budapest which is a shame..

7. Gokart Sportaréna - XIV. kerület

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651 reviews
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Gokart Sportaréna
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Address: Budapest, Ifjúság útja 1-3, 1148, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 70 308 2979

Business type: Go-kart track

Gokart Sportaréna: what do users think?
Oscar Wenning
Oscar Wenning: Will not recommend! We were a group of 7 people visiting this establishment for a F1 experience. We had beforehand read a couple of negative reviews but thought that maybe they had bad luck. The track was very slippery and some of the people in our group had never driven before which made a couple of incidents with the barriers around the track. However the worst experience was the service that they provided. We had a guy “helping” us and he made it clear that he didn’t want us there. Talking very fast with the instructions, sighted loudly if we asked something and walked around talking on his phone. When someone had an accident he became frustrated even though it was a tough track to drive on. Someone in our group forgot to close the door and he asked “do you live in a cave?”. Which was kind of weird when we came in with a happy and fun mindset and we’re nice towards him. I usually try to only give reviews when I have a nice experience and forget the bad ones but this was an experience a had to warn others about!
Nemo Miklos
Nemo Miklos: The guy who “helped us” was a very ignorant guy. We bought the most expensive package but he acted like our group was was garbage. The place was very depressing as well. Disgusting toilets and very bad attitudes from staff. Don’t give them your money
Marusche: I personally do not recommend this place if you want to enjoy the race properly. Engines and tires are not well maintained. Some kart keeps stalling during the race and even a slight turn of the steering wheel often causes slipping. The staffs are also very rude and unfriendly. I went earlier than the scheduled time, but because there was another team waiting behind me, the riding time from 12 minutes was reduced to 8 minutes.
Sean McAnuff
Sean McAnuff: The staff are very nice and helpful! The prices are fair as well, we paid 2500 HUF per person for 8 minutes on the track. The GoKarts are VERY fast and in good condition. The track has lots of turns too! We will be back with friends for sure!! I have attached photos of how to find it easily.
Zoltan Kocs
Zoltan Kocs: Great track! Super quick and easy introduction to the gokarts and the track. Friendly and cool staff. If you got a spare afternoon in Budapest and wanna do something apart from sightseeing I can recommend this place.
Mike Seirafi
Mike Seirafi: If tou want to have fun, recommend you to go and try this, we had a very good time and game for three round and it was very good
Adam Webb
Adam Webb: Nice little circuit that you can book some time at. We were there on a stag do!
Nada Roguljić
Nada Roguljić: Good track layout, powerful and somewhat grippy carts and very affordable price

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