Best Cheap Brunches In Budapest Near Me

1. Drum Cafe Budapest - V. kerület

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10236 reviews
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Drum Cafe Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Dob u. 2, 1072, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30 PM

Telephone: +36 20 318 6648

Business type: Hungarian restaurant

Drum Cafe Budapest: what do users think?
Sam Fitton
Sam Fitton: The food is unbelievably tasty and the prices are sublime. Just note that once you ask for the bill, be prepared to get a move on. We were ushered on swiftly following payment. The place can be busy during the day, so expect a 5 minute wait. Very suitable for Vegetarians (Vegetarian Langosh is to die for) 🇭🇺 Not amazing for Vegans
Aj Tocino
Aj Tocino: Enjoyed the ambient and I liked the idea for the menu which was a actually a folder for business cards. Goulash soup was great and the Langos was tasty. However, both did not blow my mind. With the high numbers of ratings I expected more to be honest. The waiters were just doing their job but they were quite unenthusiastic.
Philipp Rodriguez
Philipp Rodriguez: Very delicious. Even on weekends there is the chance to get a table without reservation. Only short waiting. Friendly waiter also. Best price I think you will find here in Budapest to eat and drink. Langosh with very different recipes are available. Also the lemonades are great. Beer I recommend to choose the IPA.
Nisa H.
Nisa H.: Ok yes great value set meal, the food was delicious and came in abundance! The menu is extensive and vegetarian-friendly. Total violation of social distancing and privacy though. Tables are arranged so close together to fit in as many customers as possible.
Kevin John McGuire
Kevin John McGuire: The waiters are not nice at all and the guy at the entrance is super arrogant. The queue was super long and there were several open tables around us. People complained about it. We were lucky to get food served pretty quick. The 2 stars are deserved for the great food for reasonable pricing! The cleaning could be made better.
Alina D
Alina D: Traditional food served in traditional plates. The food is good but I give 4 stars because I ordered a classic lemonade without sugar and they gave me a mango lemonade with sugar. Also inside was very hot and the AC was not switched on. The price for the menu is affordable and it comes with a lot of food.
Maria Nas
Maria Nas: The food was tasty and came really fast. But the tables are way too close to each other, not maintaining a safe distance from the next table. It felt like we were all like a big family that went to eat together. Which is nice but NOT in this day and age.
M L: Best goulash and fish soup experience in Budapest! We did a food tour with this restaurant being the highlight. We came back on our own for dinner another night. Delicious food, great beer and nice staff! For 2 people we ate for around $20 (including dessert)!

2. Chez Hanna coffee and brunch - VII. kerület

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Chez Hanna coffee and brunch
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Address: Budapest, Jósika u. 22, 1077, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +36 70 555 4304

Business type: Breakfast restaurant

Chez Hanna coffee and brunch: what do users think?
George Aerts
George Aerts: Very cosy place, high quality, excellent service. My preferred espresso was everything I need to feel happy. Also pastry and brunch possible
Response: Thank you George, we hope to see you back again soon! :)
Kremmer Peter
Kremmer Peter: Cool little place next to a small park with this super cute statue. 😄
Response: Thank you Peter! The super cute statue is the art work of famous Hungarian artist Mihály Kolodtko. You can find his pieces all around the city hidden; worth to search for them! :)
CO YG: Highly recommended :) we had a great breakfast for a good price
Response: Thank you for the recommendation! :)
Xin Gao
Xin Gao: The brunch I very good and have a good talk with the boss, he give a very good recommendation
Response: Thank you Xin, was nice to meet you! Have a safe trip back home! :)
Lalie Marie
Lalie Marie: Very nice place and lovely man.The food is very delicious and the owner will take care of you.We recommend 👍🏻
Response: Thank you for your positive feedback! We are happy that you appreciate our service! Bon voyage! :)
Stephania Karaiskou
Stephania Karaiskou: Very pleasant atmosphere. The owner was very friendly and helpful. Everything we ate was very tasty.
Response: Dear Stephania, we are happy that you enjoyed your time with us! Thank you for the kind words and we hope we can welcome you again in the future! :)
Sammy Abdelaziz
Sammy Abdelaziz: Best breakfast in Budapest! If you’re traveling you must come here!!
Response: Hey Sammy, thank you for your kind words! Hope to see you soon again! :)
Loredana Stacescu
Loredana Stacescu: Cozy place, very nice serving and delicious food. Highly recommend it!
Response: Thank you Loredana! :)
Edit Kauser-Lődi
Edit Kauser-Lődi: Best coffee and brunch in the city! Highly recommended! Very kind staff! Definitely will return!
Response: Dear Edit, we are happy that you enjoyed your time with us! We are expecting your return! :) Thank you!
Natalia Kazankova
Natalia Kazankova: Delicious breakfast and cozy atmosphere. Great value for money
Response: Thank you Natalia! :)

3. Grumpy Food Bar Coffee - VII. kerület

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604 reviews
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Grumpy Food Bar Coffee
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Address: Budapest, Klauzál u., 1072, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +36 30 222 5625

Business type: Restaurant

Grumpy Food Bar Coffee: what do users think?
Emily McFarling
Emily McFarling: Wonderful cafe! The owner/chef prepares the food right in front of you. She is so welcoming and friendly. The food was so amazing we keep going back. The staff is outstanding. They are often busy throughout the day. They have tables inside and outside. Definitely a gem in the middle of Budapest!
Response: ❤️❤️❤️
Jesslyn Anastacia
Jesslyn Anastacia: One of the best brunch in Budapest!!! Food was amazing, it’s a small place but atmosphere was really cozy and homey. The owner which I think is also the cook was really nice, she puts everything (love and joy) into the place and food. I can see that she’s very passionate about what she does and how her food makes people happy. Definitely would come back anytime for this place!! +the place is very welcoming no matter your background or who you are. “everyone is welcomed” <3
Response: ❤️❤️❤️
Harper Wentz
Harper Wentz: Amazing little cafe in the Jewish quarter! The owner was so kind and makes all the food herself right next to you. They have great brunch food and Hungarian food. I got the big boy breakfast and she sources all of her meat and meat products from her cousin that’s a butcher outside Budapest. Highly recommend
Response: ❤️❤️❤️
Roman Kaluzhner
Roman Kaluzhner: Amazing atmosphere and food. All you need to start your day or for a delicious lunch. You can see how much of her passion Sisi, the owner, puts in this place, her cooking and her guests. I will definitely come back.
Response: ❤️❤️❤️
Dvouge: ● We chose this place for our first breakfast in Budapest based on the reviews, being close to where we were staying. ● Indeed the staff is one of the friendliest we have ever met, the ladies were very nice and served us quickly even if it was a busy morning. ● We initially ordered two servings of Croque Madame but it was not available from the menu, so the lady who served us suggested a similar sandwich with toast and Serrano ham. ● It was a good sandwich, a little too salty for our taste due to the combination of cheese and ham, but associated with fresh salad, it was an ok breakfast overall. ● Ending thoughts: It is an intimate place hidden from the hustle and bustle of the center. We recommend you to try it for the atmosphere and for a cup of coffee. (Pictures taken in September 2021)
Polly P
Polly P: We LOVE Grumpy! Had an amazing time, delicious food & mimosas at the restaurant. The team was warm and welcoming and super cheerful even though it was quite busy. The idyllic atmosphere and vintage interior design also caught our attention! See you soon! ♥️
Response: ❤️❤️❤️
Yaalatchen Or
Yaalatchen Or: The chef is energetic, and the staff is friendly and nice. They can make cappuccino with almond milk:). The breakfast was very nice, fried eggs with pesto.It is better to make reservation, the place get full very fast, I was lucky to find a tabe. Unfortunately there is no fresh squeezed orange juice.overall very nice:)
PR STAiR: Wonderful breakfast! With real Hungarian ingredients. Special home-made flavors. Szilvi, the owner-chef is the soul of the place. Thanks for the gluten-free bread and the 4 types of plant milk! 🥓🍳 🥐🥑
Response: ❤️❤️❤️

4. Zileat Brunch & Bistro - I. kerület

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243 reviews
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Zileat Brunch & Bistro
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Address: Budapest, Döbrentei utca 22, 1013, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +36 30 769 1788

Business type: Restaurant

Zileat Brunch & Bistro: what do users think?
Vitri Vit
Vitri Vit: Place is cute but not big. We ordered 2 dishes and taste amazing! Food are amazing but coffee just okay. However I will definitely come back !
Raven Spariosu
Raven Spariosu: The food was AMAZING. it worked so well with each other and I devoured my avo toast within minutes. It was a bit of people but we got our drinks and food quite fast and the overall vibe of the place was nice. Soft but upbeat music and smell of coffee. I highly recommend this place to anyone as you’ll definitely find something you’ll like.
Monika Litwin
Monika Litwin: I had the opportunity to eat a late breakfast there. I ordered a criminal breakfast, it turned out to be a very good choice. The dish was beautifully presented and very tasty. The restaurant is small but cozy.
Caner Acer
Caner Acer: I had English tea and American pancakes with forest fruit stew and maple syrup for breakfast. Forest fruit stew was really nice and added sweetness to the pancake and whipped cream balanced the sweetness. My only criticism would be regarding the English tea. I would prefer brewed one rather than tea bag. It would be way better. Price is above average for sure.
Hélène Mickle Joseph
Hélène Mickle Joseph: Best chai latte I’ve ever had in this amazing brunch place !!!The service was super nice, and the food delicious !Definitely want to come back here when I’ll travel to Budapest again.
Vera Avrunin
Vera Avrunin: Very nice and cozy place. We ordered breakfast, one portion was not what was ordered...The tea served with honey)))
Emil Kondov
Emil Kondov: Nice place and good service. They didn’t have any cakes. Not crowdy. Not the typical brunch. It is a menu brunch bistro. We tried the English breakfast and the pancakes.
Γιάννης Καργιώτης
Γιάννης Καργιώτης: A small, cozy place to eat brunch and drink your coffee. Delicious dishes and really nice coffee. Must visit!
Alexandra Strein
Alexandra Strein: Very accommodating. We sat outside and had these gorgeous strawberry lemonades! Highly recommend

5. Franziska - Pest - VII. kerület

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244 reviews
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Franziska - Pest
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Address: Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 3, 1075, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 PM

Telephone: +36 70 409 2318

Business type: Breakfast restaurant

Franziska - Pest: what do users think?
Недялко Ватев
Недялко Ватев: Nice place, the coffee, cappuccino and flat white is truly great. So are the things to eat we have tried. We visited it twice and there was always queue in front, if possible make a reservation. The service is very good and the people working there are very friendly.
Roland Trimmel
Roland Trimmel: Great. The place is located just next to some tourist hotspots — thus, it can get packed with lots of foreigners and seems a favourite for them. Food is good, I’ve enjoyed the things I ordered — having seen the poached egg (over avocado bread and hummus) served on the table next to me, I’d recommend going for that one. It looked great, and a better combo to what I had; not saying mine was bad, the other plate just looked so much better .. you eat with your eyes, after all. Service was good, just as you’d expect.
Tiberia Melen
Tiberia Melen: Best breakfast ever! 🤩 If you want to treat yourself to a delicious and special breakfast, then Franziska is the right choice. It was very difficult for me to decide what I wanted to eat because all the dishes were to my taste. 🤤 I finally decided on Vegan Brekkie and my husband ordered Power Pancakes. We were both super happy with our choices. On our next visit to Budapest, we will definitely come back and try another tempting dish. We were so pleased with the food that I forgot to mention the delicious coffee and the interior design of the restaurant, which I highly appreciate. ❤️
Елизавета Иванова
Елизавета Иванова: Great place with wide range of dishes for breakfast! Although there was a mistake in our order: the wrong dish was cooked for us, the waiter brought us a compliment to apologize which was really cute We took a bowl, pancakes and Benedict eggs. Everything was amazing, especially the bowl (my sweet cashew bowl)! You can reserve the table online, but also you can come without a reservation as we did!
Tereza: We were so lucky when we found this place by coincidence. The breakfast was delicious, the staff very nice and quick, coffee was amazing! Definitely recommended. 👌🏻
Response: Thank you so much!💓hope to see you soon!
Dorka Horváth
Dorka Horváth: Best brunch ever! 💫 Superb coffee and superb food. Eggs Benedict and the signature pancake are a must. Highly recommended ❤️
Simon Young
Simon Young: Great cafe for breakfast, brunch and hot drinks. The food is excellent and the portions are big. The cafe is bright and chilled and the staff are helpful.
Esther Kooistra
Esther Kooistra: Amazing all day breakfast and lunch place! All food we saw looked so tasty. 5 stars for the Franziska pancakes 😍
Response: Thank you very much!💕
Lika: it’s an alright place - fast service and good staff. several vegan options but the food taste is either very bland (vegan savoury option) or too sweet (sweet waffles)

6. Rudas Bistro - I. kerület

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611 reviews
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Rudas Bistro
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Address: Budapest Rudas gyógyfürdő, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 30 016 0125

Business type: Restaurant

Rudas Bistro: what do users think?
Makaziwe Ziki
Makaziwe Ziki: The service was exceptional. Thank you Bela for making my birthday memorable. You can see that Bela loves what he does, attention to detail and service with a smile. Compliments to the chef, the prawn starter was a delight. The experience was overall amazing.
Emilia Berenyi
Emilia Berenyi: Excellent kind service, amazing fresh meals.Could offer more vegetarian/vegan options though, at such a popular bath among foreigners
Olga Costa
Olga Costa: Was very pleasantly surprised with service and most of all the food, just amazingFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Máté Vargha
Máté Vargha: Really kind, friendly and helpful staff, which is a nice surprise. We were there using coupons (baths tickets and a lunch menu included) and the service was perfect. Foods are good, some of them are really delicious, some of them are simply good. Definitely worth to visit together with Rudas Baths.Recommended dishes Mushroom Risotto, Goulash Soup …More
Antonello Sticca
Antonello Sticca: They offer you a free entrance to the bath if you eat at this restaurant.
Response: Dear Antonello, thank u for your feedback. However we do not give free tickets if you eat in our bistro, however we have special offers that include 3 course meal and entry to bath. They are called gastro-wellness brunch coupons, and can be bought at our website or upon arrival at Rudas Bistro.
Shane Joseph (Local Guide South Africa)
Shane Joseph (Local Guide South Africa): The goulash is amazing. Food is really good and so is the service. Nice view as well. You can enter from the thermal baths but not pay to enter the thermal baths.

7. SOLID Wine Restaurant - V. kerület

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99 reviews
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SOLID Wine Restaurant
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Address: Budapest, Királyi Pál u. 4-7th Floor, 1053, Hungary

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12 PM ⋅ Reopens 5 PM

Telephone: +36 70 333 2113

Business type: Restaurant

SOLID Wine Restaurant: what do users think?
Kseniya: Good and cozy place. Tasty food and good wine. Located on the upper floor of the hotel and has nice views. Liked the visit, but didn’t understand why was I charged for a filter water, not the bottled one…
julia leme
julia leme: Very cozy and pretty atmosphere with a beautiful view. Although I didn’t try any wine, the wine selection seems very great. The menu was very restricted and gourmet, we didn’t expect that as guests of Rum Hotel. The dish was amazing, though! Very great price as well. Service was great, the restaurant was kind of empty at around 9:30pm.
Eszter Gyovai
Eszter Gyovai: Best place for a datemorning. Amazing food, amazing service, amazing atmosphere. We just loved it. We will come back definitely. Thanks for everything❤️
Yesha Ramcharan
Yesha Ramcharan: The food took very long to arrive and the restaurant wasn’t event that packed. The brunch was very average. We wanted to pay separately but the waitress was rude about it and said no. There are much better places in budapest but the view from SOLID is beautiful
Wing Lee
Wing Lee: Beautifully prepared Hungarian tapas with an equally beautiful and broad wine tasting selection. And a gorgeous view to boost!
Thomas Clapes
Thomas Clapes: 4 for the food and 1 star for the staff! Really nice place with a great selection of wine! The staff was really helpful in making suggestion, and besides being a Friday evening, we got easily a table.

8. Sophie Brasserie - VI. kerület

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505 reviews
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Sophie Brasserie
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Address: Budapest, Hajós u. 25, 1065, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +36 70 244 3066

Business type: Restaurant

Sophie Brasserie: what do users think?
Arie Rozichner
Arie Rozichner: Very good place, nice interior. Good menu items for each taste. Food quality is very good. The service is friendly and attentive. Had Venetian fish soup - very good, and duck breast with berries - very tasty, just a tiny bit overdone. Tiramisu and coffee were great. Good value for money. Recommend.
Ольга Демидова
Ольга Демидова: Great food, great service, beautiful interior - a perfect place for dinner. Highly recommend fish plate for two and potatoes. Lemonade was tasty too. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful.
Valeria Ariño
Valeria Ariño: We had a wonderful dinner. The waiters were really nice, the menu is very elaborate, original and varied and the food was delicious. My father had a strawberry cold soup which he loved and I had the salmon steak with mango sauce and salad (side). Everything was AMAZING! Its a must-to restaurant in Budapest. There was live music too!!
Olivér Nagy
Olivér Nagy: Amazing italian food! The portion of your meal and the price doesn’t really match, but the taste really compensates it. I wish they had more options for starters though. The waiters are polite and friendly, and the interior with the live piano music is mesmerising. Altogether it’s a fantastic dining experience, I recommend everyone to try.
Pure Lazy Functional
Pure Lazy Functional: I ordered a tenderloin medium and it was cooked perfectly. It was quit delicious. If I had a craving for a steak, then I would come here again. Service was also very good. There was a pianist playing and the atmosphere was quite nice.
Dan Leal
Dan Leal: Great food for an amazing price. They have a piano player on Friday nights and the restaurant was literally all women. Maybe I missed the sign that said Women Only lol. In all seriousness this a great restaurant and I will be backFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Jiaqi Z.
Jiaqi Z.: My bf and I only came by to try the desserts. Profiterole was giant with a generous quantity of chocolate sauce paired with tarte fruits, and tiramsu were very high quality. Very reasonably priced too 🐷
Teodor Ciobotaru
Teodor Ciobotaru: We were in a hurry. We had an instant pleasant surprise. Veri quick, very good. Ok the price.We still dont get it with service charge almost always included without giving the option to choose the amount of the tip
Kang Zi Jing
Kang Zi Jing: Came here for lunch. Though it was a little pricey but my spaghetti aglio e olio was beautifully cooked. I left super satisfied.

9. Párisi Passage Café & Brasserie - V. kerület

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844 reviews
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Párisi Passage Café & Brasserie
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Address: Budapest, Ferenciek tere 10, 1053, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +36 70 702 4088

Business type: Restaurant

Párisi Passage Café & Brasserie: what do users think?
Ivanna: We had lunch here and it was great. We ordered a club sandwich and a salmon fillet and both dishes were delicious. The place is beautiful and there’s a piano playing all the time. It is not cheap but like all these cafes you pay for the place. Great service.
Bernadette S.
Bernadette S.: They have separate table for eat or just tea time. I went here for lunch, and I need to wait 10mins to be seated even the restaurant with low traffic. The food is good, delicious and good quality but not the top. And for the price: standard restaurant which located in 5⭐️ hotel Hyatt Group. But I amazed with the decorations, beautiful and unique. The staff are friendly and helpful but they need improvement, the service too slow even until the last thing: ask for the bill. They took quite long time for this. Also they didn’t ask me about my preference for the food: come together or one by one. After I finish my appetizer I req to bring out the food together. Overall worth to visit while you traveling to Budapest. Especially if you have much time for afternoon tea and chill.
Daria Alexeeva
Daria Alexeeva: A restaurant of incredible beauty. I highly recommend this place to visit in Budapest just to admire the interior and take beautiful photos. The ceilings are simply breathtaking. The hall was wonderfully decorated for the New Year. But even without a special holiday in this place, when visiting, a solemn mood immediately appears. We went to Parisi with a friend for coffee. The dessert was very tender. Great mousse, delicious base and chocolate decoration. Latte is the most common. In general, tasty, but nothing special for the money. The price tag is really high. I also noticed a dismissive attitude from the staff. They showed their complete disinterest in serving two girls who are ready to order only coffee and desserts. We waited for a relatively long time to be approached, when our coffee was brought ... it was unpleasant. They also constantly caught the looks of "well, when they leave." In restaurants of this level, there can be no question of such an attitude towards customers. It doesn’t matter at all how much I came to leave and I want to order half the menu or just a cup of coffee. People come for a good mood and want to see a smile on the faces of the staff.
Osnat Baron
Osnat Baron: We ate here a few times during our stay at the hotel - breakfast, lunch and late lunch :) Food is delicious and nicely served. Good selection of local and international wines. Restaurant is beautiful and elegant. Staff is smiley, kind and true professionals. Pricing is VFM. Highly recommend!
Response: Dear Osnat! Thank you very much for your kind words and feedback in the name of the entire team! We looking forward to welcome you back anytime! With very best regards Gergely Blaske F&B Director
Leslie Heindel
Leslie Heindel: Excellent. Absolutely excellent. Not only do you have stunning architecture to admire, but the service, food, and cocktails are top notch as well. Wish I stayed at the hotel too.
Bas CH
Bas CH: I would recommend this place everything was great. food price, ambience, friendly people. Only thing was the coffee was brought earlier than expected. we expect our coffee is paired with dessert but it was with served with our appetizer and we had our drinks already somehow. So basically we had all of our drinks before the first course came in. we expect the coffee will be paired to our dessert. But that wont stop me giving this place a 5-star
James Magennis
James Magennis: When we arrived the front hotel staff were nice to us. However when we go to the restaurant to be seated the didn’t check our reservation, led us to a table for 4 with a missing chair, didn’t take our coats to the hanger then brought menus. Within a few minutes they were back to take our order which we weren’t ready for so they returned and we both ordered the French onion soup to start and 1 of us ordered the crispy duck leg and the other the magalica chop. We were also brought no bread for the table even tho we were brought a plate and knife for bread? The soup arrived and was the highlight of the meal a good deep flavour and a large portion, however the staff didn’t return to check if everything was okay. Once the soup was finished we waited in our mains, the duck had good flavour but was very sloppily presented kind of thrown on the plate and the chicken dish lacked flavour and the chicken was tough and over cooked. When the staff came to collect the plates they asked what we thought of the meal and we explained we were dissatisfied and they said okay then proceeded to ignore us for 20 minute until we had to go up and ask the staff who were all standing talking to each other for the bill to leave as we no longer wanted to sit and wait. Overall very disappointing. The building is nice but a walk through would have been more than enough.
Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall: You can’t beat the ambiance and setting of Párisi. Our drinks were some of the best we had in the city (Garden of Eden & Aged Apple Smash), and the service was spectacular. The Halàszla soup was nice, but I didn’t much care for the entree I ordered, FLAP STEAK BOURGUIGNON. The beef was extremely rubbery. The irony is the waiter told me that but for some reason I thought it was mistranslation because who would want rubbery meat. He was 100% spot on and I should have listened. My friend got the Vadas chicken and thoroughly enjoyed it. The lemon tart for dessert was delicious. I highly recommend a night at Parisi Brasserie when in Budapest!

10. The Living Room - V. kerület

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28 reviews
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The Living Room
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Address: Budapest, Erzsébet tér 7-8, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +36 1 429 4489

Business type: Cafe

The Living Room: what do users think?
Zane Bilous
Zane Bilous: Food arrived completely cold, with two raw eggs in the shakshuka instead of poached. Left without eating anything, very unsatisfactory waste of money
Response: Dear Zane Bilous, We value your time in sharing your review with us. We are so sad to hear that your experience was not what we are know for, resulting in a disappointment. Please know that we are dedicated to provide only the most attentive and flexible service to each guest so we will be sure to discuss your concerns with the team. Please allow us another opportunity to welcome you back in the future as we want to meet and exceed your expectations. Kind regards, Sára Czipó F+B Service Manager
Nasser Al-Ahmadi
Nasser Al-Ahmadi: Super comfy sofas .. COZY PLACE with RELAXING ATMOSPHERE .. LITERALLY a LIVING ROOM !! Located at the lobby in The Kempinski Hotel ..
Response: Dear Nasser Al-Ahmadi, Thank you so much for taking the time and rating your recent experience with us. We are thrilled that we could impress you with the relaxing atmosphere and super comfy sofas at our Living Room. We have to have you back for much more chillaxing moments, shall your ways lead you back to Budapest for further discoveries. Until we meet again, I remain with very best regards, Norbert Margitics Manager
Mike Seirafi
Mike Seirafi: Very cozy and silent place for meetings
Response: Dear Mike Seirafi, We are delighted to read that we could contribute to the success of your meeting with our cozy atmosphere and tranquility you have experienced. We hope to host you soon again and remain with very best regards, Sára Czipó F&B Service Manager
Aurelia S.
Aurelia S.: Very nice place to have a drink and a chat with your love!!! It is not so cheap again.. but what would you expect in the area of the kempinsky. . you have books, working cheminé.the service is very professional and can have drinks, desserts and small food... I recommend. Away from the noisy moving places on a Saturday evening !!
Response: Dearest Aurelia S., It is so fantastic to read that you had such a wonderful time here, at The Living Room. Thank you so much for your kind acknowledgement on our services and happy that we could impress you with our culinary selection. We are grateful for your recommendation and we will continue our utmost to deserve your heartfelt support. Hope to meet you again soon, shall your ways lead you and your loved one to Budapest. Best wishes, Gabriella Vasi Manager
István Vantal
István Vantal: Super elegance
Response: Dear István Vantal, Thank you so much for your wonderful note here on Google. We hope to host you soon again and wishing you all the best until we meet, Sára Czipó F&B Services Manager
Rita: Very bad experience, went for afternoon tea, there was only one table free, but only with one chair, so we waited for somebody to manage it and to get another chair, but they just left us waiting in the middle of the caffe without doing anything, unacceptable in a 5*hotel.
Response: Dear Rita, First and foremost, thank you so much for visiting The Living Room and taking the time and sharing your experiences on this platform. Please accept our apology again for the inconveniences. Inevitably, there are times when our busy operation can in fact lead to longer waiting time and such frustrations but we do hope that such exceptions do not alter the overall perception of the high level of service our hotel is known for. We very much appreciate your feedback and see this as another opportunity to review and improve our services so that we could provide a flawless experience for each and every guest, at all times. In hopes to rectify this less than flawless experience with us, we would very much like to welcome you back in the future. Kind regards, Gabriella Vasi Manager
jorge espinha
jorge espinha: Good service. Professional and nice. Good Tea.
Kev Walters
Kev Walters: Expensive
Lívia Nagy
Lívia Nagy: Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5More

11. Matild Café & Cabaret - V. kerület

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91 reviews
new review
Matild Café & Cabaret
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Address: Budapest, Matild Palace, Váci u 36, 1056 Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM

Telephone: +36 70 407 1600

Business type: Cafe

Matild Café & Cabaret: what do users think?
Ami Vys
Ami Vys: A lovely place to visit to have coffee or catch up with friends. There is some wonderful music and the service is very pleasant. The lemonades and cake were amazing and tasty! The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is stunning. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone that is visiting Budapest!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Wen Lin
Wen Lin: I was first attracted by the building of the restaurant, beautiful historical building, inside and outside, then when I review the website online, i decided that I have go there because their menu, plus they have piano performance!! What can be better. Finally, everything was just great, the interior/ service/ food/ atmosphere are excellent! Me and my husband went there twice during our stay in Budapest, we both are extremely satisfied, i could write more, but I highly recommend you, at least have a coffee or meal once there, it’s an wonderful experience, i would love travel back Budapest again for Matild Café.
Eleonora .T
Eleonora .T: Very nice cafe and restaurant. The food was great and I recommend the strawberry lemonade. The staff were nice and speak good English. Let me mention the very nice appearance of the cafe and the excellent pianist who plays live while we eat. Recommend
Dorka Kardos-Latif
Dorka Kardos-Latif: Iconic café with a truly exquisite dining experience. The staff were lovely and attentive and there was a pianist playing live while we were there. We had coffee, which was better than I expected, with a croissant and a mini sandwich. I definitely recommend checking this place if you come visit Budapest!
david johnson
david johnson: The photos do not do it justice. It is really a lovely place. The wait staff is very friendly and attentive. The musicians were excellent. We only had drinks and a dessert. The dessert was a red velvet cake with a buttery frosting. It was awesome! We are really glad we took the time to visit. If we return to Budapest, we will have to stay at the hotel.
John Fonseka
John Fonseka: We just visited the café. Had lunch here which was excellent! Definitely recommend it.

12. Bistrology Budapest - VII. kerület

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46 reviews
new review
Bistrology Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Dohány u. 30/a, 1074, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 30 540 8507

Business type: Bistro

Bistrology Budapest: what do users think?
Felicia Hampson
Felicia Hampson: We came here for breakfast while on vacation and discovered this place to be a little slice of Heaven. The food is incredible!!! And the presentation was amazing! We went with friends and all of us loved our meals!
Response: Thank you so much for your feedback and hope to see you again soon!
רותם בן ציון
רותם בן ציון: Amazing food, very good prices. The kind owner also gave us shots of the famous local alcohol on the house. Very very recommended.
Response: Thank you for your feedback!
Maria Deac
Maria Deac: The greatest breakfast place in Budapest. The service was beyond extraordinary, everyone was happy to help and very attentive. The food was lovely and the portions were generous. I asked for goat cheese in my omelet and they added it free of charge. Will definitely return here next time I’m coming to Budapest!
Response: Thank you, Maria! Your feedback is appreciated ❣️See you next time!
Václav Šojdel
Václav Šojdel: Very nice and calm place. Very nice staff. Food and beverages good. Good location.
Response: Thank you so much for your review! Looking forward to seeing you again!
Lea HASSOUN: I found Bistrology by chance, I checked out of my Airbnb and was looking for a coffee place. They were also doing breakfast so I entered and got a table. The service was great, very nice people, the inside is cute and the food was good. I had the avocado toast :) It turns out they’re new so wish them all the best!
Response: Thank you, Lea! Your feedback is appreciated. See you next time!
Matt Misselbrook
Matt Misselbrook: Really tasty, good quality food. Nothing is fried - very healthy and delicious. Staff are lovely too, perfect spot for a quick breakfast or lunch.
Response: Thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback!
Anna F
Anna F: This place has a really good location, the interior and decoration is very cute. The place was not crowded and the service was quite fast. If you want to grab something quick and easy. This is your place. However, there is a lot of room for improvement and I hope they take it as constructive critism. The table did not get wiped down when I sat down to the table. The only caffeine free option is Milford teas, which could be easily improved adding hot cocoa or other options. My lemon had mold spots on it. 😖 The omlette was quite okay, but it is a bit overpriced. The bread slices were not mentioned on the menu and I do not eat gluten. The last thing was that the waitress rushed another guest to order and then the guest just simply left as she did not like the menu. These are small things, but makes the entire experience.
Response: Dear Anna, your feedback and constructive insights are appreciated and noted.
Eden Ben Zion (Paradose)
Eden Ben Zion (Paradose): 6 people ordered multiple meals. The owner was kind and altered the dishes for us. He also created 2 new ones for us especially. The food was absolutely perfect. The prices are good as well. Would recommend for any one if he wants a great breakfast
Response: Thank you!

13. MÚZSA - V. kerület

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72 reviews
new review
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Address: Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 5-6, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1 AM

Telephone: +36 1 268 5120

Business type: Restaurant

MÚZSA: what do users think?
Diógenes Ferreira de Lucena
Diógenes Ferreira de Lucena: Here its the place to drink well. Cocktails are crafted with a high skill.Recipes have been mastered in a menü compilation which makes it hard to find only one cocktail to elect favorite. The cocktails list has been vitally connected to the bar concept and its team. The bar team is amazingly hospitable shinning skill and smiles all around.(hard to see the same in Budapest.) It is a must go and a probable return. Cheers.
Greg Sutphin
Greg Sutphin: A fantastic high tea experience! Beautiful area inside a renovated building that was in disrepair from WW II until 2000. Delicious food and wide variaty of teas and light fair. Live piano music was fabulous and made the experience even better.
Response: Dear Greg Sutphin, We gladly noted that you enjoyed our Afternoon Tea Experience. It makes the whole team really proud to receive such amazing feedbacks. We hope we can have you in Múzsa again! Best Regards, Zoltan Szelenyi Assistant Bar Manager
Vitri Vit
Vitri Vit: If you want to take your wife/ girlfriend for a date or dinner then this is the place! Good food, nice cocktail and super amazing ambience from the live performance. I loved it!! Super friendly staff and thanks to Miss carmen for the warm courtesy from the host.
Response: Dear Vitri Vit, Thank very much for taking time to write this amazing review abuot Múzsa Bar. It is really motivating for the team when their hard work is appreciated! I hope to welcome you again in Múzsa Bar! Kind regards, Zoltan Szelenyi Bar Supervisor
Tony Ungvary
Tony Ungvary: It is a very high quality cocktail bar inside the beautiful Four Seasons Gresham Palace which one of the most valuable property in the hotel’s portfolio. It is not only the cocktails are unique but the interaction with bartenders. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Adam and Anet were our bartenders and they knew what kind of cocktails we like and even created off the menu ones for us. Highly recommended for everyone to have a great time with some extraordinary cocktails.
Lilla Kertész
Lilla Kertész: This cocktail Bar is located in the magnificent Four Seasons Hotel - Gresham Palace in the heart of Budapest. The interior is beautiful, the live music was just amazing, so as the cocktails. Tasting the cocktails was definitely a gourmet experience. It is an ideal venue for a date night, too. Sometimes they organize events, too. I went to their “Pink Soirée” night where 15% of all their menu was donated to a great charity organization. Worth to go!
Queenie Quynh Nguyen
Queenie Quynh Nguyen: Spacious for live music. Great band, great singers. Cozy surrounding. The position of the bar is perfect for enjoying music. Drinks are special and good.
Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall: We partook of the afternoon tea at Múzsa, and it was absolutely delightful! The use of Herend China, classic & calm ambiance, fantastic piano player, extremely accommodating servers, and a lovely spread of sweet and savory finger foods. The tea was also lovely. I highly recommend booking this experience! I was only sad that we were too full to try a cocktail a the bar afterwards.
Response: Dear Cynthia Hall, We really appreciate you taking time to write so detailed and such lovely review. We feel proud that we are able to showcase the Hungarian craftmanship through our Herend Porcelain and through our colleagues of course! I hope really hope we will welcome you again in Múzsa one time! Warm regards, Zoltan Szelenyi Assistant Bar Manager
Andy Ziesemer
Andy Ziesemer: Came in the afternoon for a cocktail - six were available before 5 pm. Customer service was off the charts, and though having limited options, the drink was worth the price. 👌🏼
Response: Dear Andy Ziesemer, We really appreciate you taking time to write such a wonderful review about our staff, it is highly motivating for us! It was a pleasure to have you with us! Best regards, Zoltan Szelenyi Assistant Bar Manager
Gabriela Alvarez Castro
Gabriela Alvarez Castro: Beautiful place, excellent service. We spent our Christmas dinner there and it was a very cosy and lively atmosphere. Live music, great cocktails and food, the waygu was excellent! Family friendly too. We had a wonderful Xmas!
Response: Dear Gabriela Alvarez Castro, I am extremely happy to read that you recently had the chance to visit us. I am delighted to learn that the whole experience was memorable and worth it. Hopefully, we will have the pleasure to welcome you again to Múzsa! Should your travel bring you back to Budapest. Zoltan Szelenyi Assistant Bar Manager

14. OTTIMO Budapest - V. kerület

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61 reviews
new review
OTTIMO Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Erzsébet tér 9-10, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +36 1 429 5757

Business type: Restaurant

OTTIMO Budapest: what do users think?
Anastasia Krylova
Anastasia Krylova: What a nice dining experience with such a great atmosphere, live music and extremely friendly staff! Variety of sea food, meat, vegetables, gluten free options and desserts! Drink/cocktail menu was fantastic too! Will definitely come back and highly recommend to everyone👍🏼 Must try - truffle pasta 🤩
harriet miller
harriet miller: This by far exceeded my expectations the food was outstanding I had the fish black cod goat cheese salad and we also had orecchiette pesto it was our anniversary I did put it down on the open tables reservation and oh my God they surprised us with such a fabulous dessert !!! Rebecca our waitress was excellent she was nice she was professional and very helpful!! this is a restaurant that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Budapest and I must say it wasn’t overpriced it was recently priced for the quality and quantity of food they gave you
Response: Dear harriet miller Thank you very much for this amazing feedback. I am glad that you had such a great time in our restaurant. I have shared your comments with Rebecca and the chef. Look forward to serving you at the restaurant again. Best regards, Mario Rodrigues Restaurant Manager
Beatrice Körner
Beatrice Körner: Really nice place, and very nice staff. The gloulasch soup was delicious and served with a spectacular lavender bread. The pizza is very good and the meat is very tender and tasty. We ate very well there.
Response: Dear Beatrice Körner, we are happy to know you enjoyed our food and service, we will definitely pass your compliments to our Chef and the team. We will be delighted to welcome you back to OTTIMO!
Christian Richards
Christian Richards: Fabulous experience. Went in for a glass of wine and ended up spending a few hours there due to the unique experience offered by the sommelier, Benjamin, who was very professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. Both Benjamin and Mark, one of the waiters, made it a memorable evening. Great food, exceptional service.
Georgios Gerogiannis
Georgios Gerogiannis: The best Italian restaurant! Fresh and excellent dishes, exemplary service, beautiful and clean environment! 💯
Response: Dear Georgios Gerogiannis, Thank you for your amazing feedback! I am so glad that you had an exemplary experience at Ottimo. I will surely share your comments with the kitchen and service team. Look forward to welcoming you back to Ottimo again. Best regards, Mario Rodrigues Restaurant Manager
Z Djkd
Z Djkd: Very nice experience eating here. Service was excellent! Food was good. Wish i had the opportunity to come back. Giving the restaurant a 11/10.
Response: Dear Z Djkd, Thank you very much fr your kind words. I am delighted to know that you had an enjoyable time at Ottimo. Look forward to welcoming you back again. Regards, Mario Rodrigues Restaurant Manager
Vojtech Vesely
Vojtech Vesely: The food was the best thing. Overall, the portions were quite small but otherwise the food was great. On the other hand, the servers were extremely slow. If you decide to visit, do not sit near the door as it seeps air and it’s quite cold when we visited in December. Keep in mind there are a lot of staff they just don’t assist you. Also don’t expect any bread or snack before the meal like at the restaurant next door called Es Bistro. It’s much better.
einarfh: Very small portions. Food was not warm when served. Lack of flavor on the truffle sauce. Waiter was nice and brought us nice desserts on the house, because of the dissapointing food.
Response: Dear einarfh Thank you very much for your valuable feedback regarding the food and the comments about the waiter. I apologize for the unpleasant experience you have had and I have already shared your comments with the chef. Hope to see you back at the restaurant and I thank you once again for your feedback. Best regards, Mario Rodrigues Restaurant Manager
Wolf Schar
Wolf Schar: We would like to say a big thank you to Mario and his team. There were 2 enjoyable, beautiful evenings at the Ottimo and we would love to come back. Salute to the bartender. He made our day. Greetings from Weixelbaumer team Austria!!
Response: Dear Wolf Schar, Thank you for your wonderful comments. It was a pleasure serving you and your team. Chef Eric and Levi will be delighted to hear this amazing feedback. Look forward to having you over at Ottimo again. Best regards, Mario Rodrigues Restaurant manager

15. UNCENSORED Restaurant - VII. kerület

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114 reviews
new review
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Address: Budapest, 43-49, Erzsébet krt. 43-49, 1073 Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 PM

Telephone: +36 30 171 8011

Business type: Restaurant

UNCENSORED Restaurant: what do users think?
Queenie Quynh Nguyen
Queenie Quynh Nguyen: Perfect new experience on the course menu, 6 wine with 6 food from 6 country. Fabulous music and 3D surrounding atmosphere. Staff professional and beautiful provate place. Price is out of range (very very expensive)
Lia' Z
Lia' Z: One of the best experiences of my life 💗Staff made me feel so so special!And the food exceed my expectations! Honestly overall an amazing experience that I’ll never forget :)
Pol Llahuna
Pol Llahuna: Very nice experience with my loved one. Great food and a video and sound atmosphere to transport you to other placesFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Vitri Vit
Vitri Vit: Let me tell you what… when you taste the first complimentary dish from the chef just a little piece of an union but he turned it magically with million feeling in your mind like “OH MY GOD… “well that tells you everything isn’t it! this place has a different level skill of a chef! So many great restaurants in Budapest but If you looking for an experience then this is the place you should go! Every single bite felt like an orgasm in your mouth haha I’m no kidding. This is a different level of a restaurant and Definitely my big 3 fav restaurants in Budapest. It’s a bit pricey but worth for every bite and experience you would get!
Su De
Su De: Honestly, dinner was good, wine was excellent but the multimedia experiences… I was not sure if it means to be trash or serious. Either you do cool, innovative art or you do pure trash. But what I was looking to was not innovative at all and something in between. So great idea but no good excecution at all from my point of you.
Laura Karai
Laura Karai: A genuinely incredible dining experience, made our last night in Budapest incredible. The whole immersive experience is a joy and the staff are helpful and lovely. The food was all 10/10. Thank you!
Sara C
Sara C: Our dining experience for a group of about 20 was immaculate. Upon entering the private dining room, guests are greeted with a 360 degree media experience. Each course was plated beautifully, with flavors and textures filled with the same creativity as the digital adventures that take place on screen. The servers took careful attention to allergies in our group, and each course of both drinks and food had a thorough explanation in English, helping to enhance the flavors involved. The dining experience took quite a long time as we weren’t rushed despite finishing dessert after closing. This being said, be prepared for a lengthy experience. We were a very large party yet food came out all at once. There were some mix ups with the checks (one per table of four) but everything else went smoothly. Overall I was very impressed by this one of a kind experience.

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