Best Take-away Restaurants In Budapest Near Me

1. SMART KITCHEN - V. kerület

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403 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Vámház krt. 10, 1053, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +36 30 323 3048

Business type: Restaurant

SMART KITCHEN: what do users think?
Jacek Szymański
Jacek Szymański: Very tasty at a reasonable price! Basically you choose the vegetables yourself and later they cook it with rice/noodles and the meat of your choice.
Bobby Hendrawan
Bobby Hendrawan: Get the no. 1 ranking in trip advisor for the chinese food. Curious want to try. I bought fried noodle and fried rice with chicken and eggs. The taste not too ordinary just standard.Food: 3/5 | Service: 3/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Callum Coulthard
Callum Coulthard: Just had a lovely box! Staff were really friendly and accommodating. Lovely food great price 100% would recommend
유지환: Pick vegetable(490 forints for a box), meat(shrimp 500ft, beef 890ft, chicken 390ft, duck 790ft), rice/noodle, sauce(100ft). You can edd eggs for extra price. Recommend special sauce. Good with both rice and noodle. Put bean sprouts and onion, try black mushroom. Hot spices are prepared for you at the back of the shop. Very friendly and kind. Excellant chinese food.
Jiin Jeong
Jiin Jeong: I absolutely love and crave this Asian restaurant! I’ve tried out many and it’s my favorite in Budapest. They have a selection of vegetables and amazing fried tofu(!! ) that you can choose from, and you can choose noodles/rice, sauce, and protein you want with it. Decent price — ranges around 1200 to 1800 HUF. I had chicken with noodles with Special sauce, which was a little less than 1300HUF and hands down, one of the best meals I had. Will be returning! (No seating in restaurant, they do take outs!)
Tamás Lukács
Tamás Lukács: First of all, its one of the best places for a quick bite when you are craving something heathy and asian. The food was ready in literally 5 minutes and was served in a well sized wok box; plenty to eat even when veey hungry. When entering, i was met with a very clean and stylish design; the ordering process is straightforward. On top if all this, the chef/manager (Salta) is extremely helpful; offered suggestions and options to choose in fluent english and hungarian. Will definately come back!
Thomas Huynh Bach Sac
Thomas Huynh Bach Sac: Really good noodles and the customisation is endless. You can really choose what kind of meat, which vegetables, which sauce and which noodles/rice you want ! The waiting time is short and everything is fresh. Perfect for when you are craving for good noodles ! If you need chopsticks, just ask them and they will give them to you. I had a good meal for under 5 euros !
Martenz Vandreva
Martenz Vandreva: Located right in the Down Town, near Freedom Bridge.Quite Cheap Price and Tasty as well.

2. Belli di Mamma - VII. kerület

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1523 reviews
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Belli di Mamma
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Address: Budapest, Akácfa u. 45, 1072, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +36 1 951 3969

Business type: Pizza restaurant

Belli di Mamma: what do users think?
Kasia Mosur
Kasia Mosur: Great pizza and service. We haven’t had a reservation but they found the table for us. Very good dough and ingredients. The interior is modern and tasteful with attention to details. Highly recommend if you want to eat Italian pizza while in Budapest. 🍷🍕
Waqar Muhammad
Waqar Muhammad: Belli Di Mamma, an authentic Italian pizzeria in Budapest, serves up some of the best pizza in the city. You can order a plain pizza, or you can build your own from an array of fresh and delicious toppings. For a vegetarian meal, pizza is a must. They have a wide variety of vegetarian pizza options, from traditional cheese to pesto and everything in between.
Mattias Steffen
Mattias Steffen: Pizza was delicious. It’s a cozy and well renovated place with fairly good and fast service. The kitchen is visible at the table which is cool. This way you can see your pizza being prepared. Price is not bad at all.
iriby: Everything about this place was great. The pizzas were in my top 3 best pizzas I’ve ever eaten for sure. Besides that the restaurant was beautiful, staff was super friendly and the prices (for me) were great. You probably do need to make a reservation beforehand since it was full the first time we tried to eat at the restaurant. We chose to take away the pizzas which was possible. We waited not more than 15 min.
Alíz Pálfi
Alíz Pálfi: New 🔝 Italian place in Budapest! Had the best pizza since long time. The desserts were also authentic and tasty.Casual bistro feeling, a bit loud and crowded… so just being real Italian 😄👌
Sahee Kim
Sahee Kim: The best thing was very nice staff. He welcomed me so much with warm smile. And the pizza…. It was very quick and hot. It was my favorite pizza in Hungary. I would like to say that. I am sure that I will go there again and again 👍🏻👍🏻
Fatos Ism
Fatos Ism: The best pizzas, I usually order pizzas for take away. Once I was there the service is really great. They try a lot to be out of Hungarian bad service traditions, as an expat I really appreciate. (However they charge you 10% of service which is nowhere written in the menu, this is not correct because the customer needs to be informed in advance for everything in gastronomy)
Remco Veenenberg
Remco Veenenberg: One of the more pricy but absolutely brilliant Napoli style pizza. Reserve in advance, this pizza should be eaten hot, you can ask for a whole grain option which is rare in Budapest. They are far from stingy with the toppings, super thin in the middle and fluffy/crunchy on the outside.
George Primikiris
George Primikiris: Excellent pizza! We enjoyed some very interesting and unique pizza recipes with fresh ingredients and nice wine. Mine for example instead of tomato sauce had pumpkin with cheese,ham and mozzarella and fresh basil. The place is minimalistic and the staff very helpful, an excellent dine experience after all.

3. Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant - VI. kerület

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1738 reviews
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Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
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Address: Budapest, Szondi u. 40, 1067, Hungary

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +36 1 301 0447

Business type: Indian restaurant

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant: what do users think?
Roland Trimmel
Roland Trimmel: Excellent. It’s a bit hidden, quite off the main path of tourists — but what they deliver is stunning: every single dish is a delight and full of flavours. The kebab was just perfect, searing on a hot plate when served and once ready to eat juicy, yet full of spices and mouth-watering to eat. The black lentil dahl tasted delicious and beyond, creamy and rich in texture as well as finished with a bit of ginger to give it a nice twist. The chicken in tomato gravy (non-spicy option) was another highlight — just so rich, and yet beautiful on the tongue with all the spices. Also had a naan made from chickpea over the regular option, and couldn’t adore it more; great flavour, beautifully made. The waitresses all wear the traditional Indian clothes woman wear, and are very welcoming. All in all a great experience waiting to be repeated.
Kuldeep Gaur
Kuldeep Gaur: Delicious food, perfect ambiance and great customer service. This amazing india restaurant was the highlight for our 3 day trip to was really authentic indian and spicy like back in India. Staff in well dressed Indian attire was very humble and welcoming.
Suny S.
Suny S.: Definitely an overrated restaurant, the service was fine and the food was mediocre . The MAIN PROBLEM is that we went there as a 6 person group, 5/6 of us got very sick few hours right after had a dinner in this restaurant , we all have the same symptoms like very serious stomach ache, vomit many times during night time, dehydration, low fever. We truly question their kitchen and food ingredients’ Hygiene issue. The worst restaurant experience I ever had in Budapest.
Prashant Mokashi
Prashant Mokashi: Bhel puri was the best ! Rumali roti and tandoor roti was really great! Chicken madrasi and paneer tadka was really great! In Europe it is hard to find such a restaurant! Ambiance was good, women in sarees, music, AC ! Heaven for euro-Indians
Saurabh Sarthwah
Saurabh Sarthwah: I was visiting Budapest and went there for my birthday dinner. Ambience and Service is pretty good. Food was also nice.Good place and Indian music. Also it was really pleasing to see support staff in Indian attire. Would definitely recommend.
Zs Sz
Zs Sz: Delicious, large portions of superb Indian food. Excellent service, prices are fair for such quality. And all happened today, despite having a late lunch at the odd time of 15:30. Highly recommended place!
Mitul Jhala
Mitul Jhala: Simply fabulous place. One of the finest Indian restaurants outside of India and UK. We had Tava Chicken, Lamb Tikka Masala, Taj Chicken and Paneer Pasanda. The flavor and masala you will not find anywhere else.
Marton Szabo
Marton Szabo: I recently dined at the Taj Mahal restaurant and was very pleased with my experience. The look and location of the restaurant were okay, but the real standout was the service. The staff were speedy and attentive, making sure our table had everything we needed throughout the meal. As for the food, it was absolutely delicious. The large meals were more than enough to satisfy our hunger and the flavors were fantastic, with just the right amount of heat. The food was so tasty that I would recommend this restaurant to everyone. My only recommendation would be to have better napkins as the shiny ones were difficult to use. Overall, I had a great time at the Taj Mahal and would definitely visit again in the future.

4. Daily Asian Food Takeaway Sushi Bar & Restaurant - V. kerület

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56 reviews
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Daily Asian Food Takeaway Sushi Bar & Restaurant
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Address: Budapest, Király u. 1b, 1075, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 30 853 3383

Business type: Restaurant

Daily Asian Food Takeaway Sushi Bar & Restaurant: what do users think?
Faraz NSH
Faraz NSH: The lady is very nice and lovely. The food is so delicious. The price is Normal. The variety of menu is very good. Thank you kitchen.🌷💕
Yigit Tanrıverdi
Yigit Tanrıverdi: I like the sushies and dumplings. Really tasty and fresh.
Jessica Ht
Jessica Ht: We ordered a poke bowl and crispy Duck with noodles. The Poke bowl was yummy but not special. The Portion is only a snack Portion for a big meal price (8€). The noodles tastend not really asian und the Portion was also small . I didnt even got a Null stomach.price also not cheatday (9€). The saddest thing was that they prepared the noodles in the microwave. We were really disapointed.
Jakub: Very tasty and nice personal.
vivek sinha
vivek sinha: Good taste well priced and good serviceI would definitely recommend it

5. Restaurante Fuego - VII. kerület

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2755 reviews
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Restaurante Fuego
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Address: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 3b, 1075, Hungary

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +36 30 317 6965

Business type: Grill

Restaurante Fuego: what do users think?
Aaron Santa María
Aaron Santa María: Great restaurant along a hip street in Budapest. In general, the food was flavorful and everything was priced well. The chicken deserves praise for its tenderness. You also have to try their unique spicy blueberry sauce to accompany it. Lastly, the service was friendly and very fast—food was ready five minutes after ordering. Highly recommended!
Miklós Szabó
Miklós Szabó: Delicious chicken and fries, a very good atmosphere I the middle of the party disctrict. It is pricy compared to other similar places in Budapest. Their cheesecake I do not recommend.
Adnan Ilyas
Adnan Ilyas: Excellent service and great food. The seasoning on the chicken was great, home cooked potatoes were yummy and the chicken croquettes were out of this world… Absolutely loved it as I was struggling for food in Budapest.
Jesus Garcia Garcia (jesus_gg)
Jesus Garcia Garcia (jesus_gg): The food was delicious and the servers were very attentive. I recommend ordering the chicken and the duck. A curious fact about this restaurant is that it is of Spanish origin and most of the waiters speak Spanish. Recomiendo ir aquí si hablas español y quieres estar un rato como en casa sin hablar inglés o húngaro!
Agus PM
Agus PM: The duck, the chicken… wow what an amazing place at an insanely reasonable price. Make sure to order some of the appetizers since the potatoes, calamari, and croquetas are out of this world
Ivana Vasilj
Ivana Vasilj: Loved this Spanish restaurant,chicken and duck meat is very delicious and seasond well.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Emmi P.
Emmi P.: The food was good/standard. I found it overpriced. Their focus is definitely to cater tourists. The employees speak English and are friendly. I don’t think locals favor this place.
Johanne Tandy
Johanne Tandy: We came by this place on a whim and was not disappointed! Usually I find that chicken can be dry but there was no need for the extra sauces that we ordered (even though they were just as delicious). The chicken was absolutely lovely (the "breast" option on the menu was ⅔ of the chicken!) All of the food was lovely, service was efficient and friendly and the place had a lovely atmosphere - all plates were left clean.
Аizhan Мyrzaly
Аizhan Мyrzaly: Really bad experience, ordered duck breast and did not get any meat inside. So did not eat anything. Ordered mango lemonade and no taste of mango. Extremely costy for the money that gave. Bad service, so doesn’t worth to go.

6. Eur Indiai Restaurant - VI. kerület

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586 reviews
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Eur Indiai Restaurant
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Address: Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 59, 1064, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 20 434 9578

Business type: Restaurant

Eur Indiai Restaurant: what do users think?
Ivóncita Eats
Ivóncita Eats: Súper tiny little hole in the wall restaurant with amazing food. We tried three different chicken dishes and they were all delicious. You can smell the tasty spices from the street and as soon as you come in, a very friendly Indian man greets you with a smile. I loved how nice and helpful he was. The portions are descent which matched the prices. It does take a bit to get the food but it’s probably because they are making it as you order. Everything was fresh and hot! The atmosphere is not the best, but the food makes up for that.
Response: Thank you
CRISTIANE EMI TSUBOI: Out of 3 days in Budapest, we went there twice. Food was delicious, it’s not easy to find authentic indian food outside India.Try the chicken tikka masala with garlic naan!!!!! Try the kulfi as well.Staff is kind and warm.
Response: Thank you're 🙂
Viviane Reinhardt
Viviane Reinhardt: We’re still sitting here. With a full stomach and are so happy, that we visited this place! The owner is amazing and the food is … super delicious! 10/10
Response: Thank you😊
Kati Drimmer
Kati Drimmer: Very delicious authentic Indian cuisine. The owner is very nice, he offered to make my favourite dish vegan :) There are a few vegan and more vegetarian options on the menu. I recommend to give a try! You will not be disappointed.
Response: Thank you😊
Suhas Kulkarni
Suhas Kulkarni: delicious food and at reasonable price.staff is pleasent and welcoming ..must try restaurant in Budapest.. Vegetarian options: all indian vegetarian options
Response: Thank you😊
Markus McCraith
Markus McCraith: Delicious food, well priced, and great service. The owner was very friendly and hospitable with us, despite it being close to 10pm. Made us feel very welcome & we would definitely recommend this place to others looking for authentic Indian food!
Response: Thank you 😊
Tony Liu
Tony Liu: After my first time in the restaurant, I knew I would be coming back many more times during my time in Budapest. The owner of the store is very welcoming and the atmosphere he creates is amazing. Not only that, the food is amazing. I have gotten the lamb vindaloo (extra spicy), chicken biryani, garlic naan, and mango lassi and every one of them made me feel like I was eating my grandmother’s cooking. Note - my grandmother makes Chinese cuisine but the similarity is that I can tell both are made with happiness and care.
Response: Thank you brother 😊
Szilvia Lubin
Szilvia Lubin: Amazing authentic Indian food! One of the best I have ever had. Every meal was delicious. It is a small place but worth the wait!!! The Mango Lassi is delicious, too!
Response: Thank you🙏
Shubhankar: The best Indian food a one can have in Budapest. The chef is a pro. Welcoming staff and great techno music Thank you Kumar :)
Response: Thank you😊

7. Rapaz Étterem - VII. kerület

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1435 reviews
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Rapaz Étterem
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Address: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 4, 1073, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 30 754 4294

Business type: Restaurant

Rapaz Étterem: what do users think?
Nurain Qistina
Nurain Qistina: Second time here. Really loved the OMG burger. So big and filling! I cannot finish it in one seating. The price was so cheap too around £4+ for one big burger. Recommended!
S N: The OMG is the best! Paired with homemade bbq and fries its a portion that is super big :) even the hungriest will be full. Great visit yesterday and have to come back again soon!
Kelly Scott
Kelly Scott: Excellent chicken paprika soup with mushrooms and heavy cream. Delicious mango cream soup with coconut. The OMG sandwich is to die for and perfect in every way!
Naz Gol
Naz Gol: Sort of street food, but tasty and fun, if you’re passing by give it a try. I ordered a chicken soup and corn baby sandwich by the suggestion of the chef there. I’m satisfied. Close by the main streets & metro etc.
Dimosthenis Ilias
Dimosthenis Ilias: We bought 2 soups one double cheese and a Caesar salad,the soups were great and the burger its with stuffed chicken,just excellent,so juicy and tasty ,one of the best places in Budapest,you should try it,big portions and great price.and the gentleman explained us everything about the menu.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Angelo Pepe
Angelo Pepe: Delicious and with fast service. Not a restaurant, but definetely recommended if you would like to try tasty chickenFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Joana Colaco
Joana Colaco: One of the best places to eat great food for cheap! Plus, the server was extremely Nice!

8. Indian Palate - Indian Restaurant in Budapest - V. kerület

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999 reviews
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Indian Palate - Indian Restaurant in Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Veres Pálné u. 3-5, 1053, Hungary

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +36 30 144 4000

Business type: Indian restaurant

Indian Palate - Indian Restaurant in Budapest: what do users think?
Ovidiu B
Ovidiu B: I love Indian food, and usually everywhere I’m going I’m trying the local Indian food. this is my third Indian restaurant in Budapest, A very nice atmosphere, very nice location, also nicely decorated with great stuff and good food. maybe I’m a bit picky, but I had better butter chicken in Budapest. it’s a good restaurant, I love the lemonade here, worth to visit them and try their food. Friendly staff, a very clean and nice restaurant overall.
Alexander Shmunik
Alexander Shmunik: Very nice experience, beautiful design, really feels like in a palace. Fortunately they had a table for us. We ordered the least spicy dishes, but still, briani rice was too spicy for us. It was replaced immediately and the owner apologized, because it still was very spicy and there was no way to change it. I specially suggest "Butter chicken". I will definitely find another opportunity to try more of the dishes.
Ian Young
Ian Young: This is by far the best Indian food I have experienced outside of India. The owners are delightful and came to say hello. Zsani, our waitress, was very attentive and fantastic. Food was out of this world. We had the chicken from the tandoor and it was superb. The lamb was cooked perfectly. It was very busy this night so the wait was a bit long, but well worth it. Don’t miss this gem of a restaurant.
Praveen Ravikumar
Praveen Ravikumar: Excellent Indian food, After a search we found this amazing restaurant, which has a reasonable price and a great taste, aromas and authencity. After long gap we had a such a great Indian food. Waitress are gentle, calm and the manager or might be owner (person from punjab) is soooo kind, humble and friendly. Kudos for the team, Thanks a lot for the great food and service. If you are trying Indian food for first time, they can suggest you better dishes to start, if you are afraid of spiciness. Vegetarian options: You can find varieties of vegetarian food here, cottage cheese or paneer are very authentic here..
Sara Havzi
Sara Havzi: This is the best indian food I’ve had so far. I highly recommend this best indian restaurant in Budapest. Food was delicios, atmosphere is so calming and the waiter Zoli is such a wonderful human being! Because of him, we came twice to the restaurant for our few days stay in Budapest. Best butter chicken I’ve ever had in my life. You just need to experience this!
Response: Hello Sara, Thank you for your kind and honest review. We are glad you had a good experience with us. <3
George Zaharieff
George Zaharieff: I’m sure that the place is amazing. Unfortunately they mistaken 4 out of 5 dishes we ordered. The aftermath is that my girlfriend hates Indian and I couldn’t turn her opinion around with the specific dishes that I knew she would love and ordered, but didn’t receive. The staff was extremely polite and apologised for the mistake (there was a new waitress), but this doesn’t change the fact we ate something completely different than what we ordered. Nice atmosphere though.
Bhanita Das
Bhanita Das: This is by far the best Indian restaurant we had experienced in Europe. The owners and staffs are very delightful and welcoming. Zhanna and Tess (staff of the restaurant) were very polite and making sure we were served everything as per our preferences. Food was out of this world. We had the murg malai tikka and dahi kebab for starters and it was superb. The chicken tikka masala and Kashmiri rogan josh for main course were delicious and if you are non vegetarian that’s a must. In veg, we ordered paneer butter masala and it was also very tasty. The drinks and deserts were beyond expectations. We couldn’t help but over stuffed ourselves with food. Don’t miss this gem of a restaurant when in Budapest.

9. MiR restaurant - V. kerület

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1437 reviews
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MiR restaurant
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Address: Budapest, Király u. 1, 1071, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 AM Fri

Telephone: +36 70 602 4089

Business type: Kebab shop

MiR restaurant: what do users think?
Gaurav Jha
Gaurav Jha: It’s located in the heart of the city with all the travel and shopping places nearby. The quantity of the food compared to the price is totally worth it. But the salt in a food was a little bit too high for me, like I went twice to eat other dishes in the menu, still it was salty 😅 Ps. The food type is salty. Overall I would say, eat and check for yourself. ✌🏻
Michael Appel
Michael Appel: One of the best shaormas I had in Budapest. Love the spicy sauce.
Erik Schmidt
Erik Schmidt: Suprisimgly best kebab I ever had. Meat teasted very smoky with touch of coal, I honestly got no idea how they do it, but i was totally surprised!!! Chilli sauce is fine as well ;) good job guys! keep up!
Eddy Loomans
Eddy Loomans: Mediocre food at best and denigrating service. Tourist trap.... I picked a chicken sharma which was "ok". For a friend I ordered the same type of sandwich but with falafel. The falafel was deep fried in oil that was used for deep frying fish. Cold and utterly, truly utterly, disgusting. The short statue lady at the cash point showed UTTER hate to tourists. She may be in the wrong business. Why do restaurants that - without doubt - know how to make decent food have to sink so low? With the same effort of making unpalatable food you can make something delicious. It beats me why some establishments do that.....Why are you even in the business of providing food to tourists?? Disgraceful......there are without doubt dozens of better options in the vicinity.....
Wouter Brem
Wouter Brem: Friendly staff, food is great and service with a smile
bushra bangash
bushra bangash: It is a nice halal food place in Budapest. They have variety of food in very reasonable prices and good taste.
Alan Gunlu
Alan Gunlu: Food was very delicious, the dessert also very good. Employees are kind and they give good service

10. Bors Gastro Bar - VII. kerület

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5069 reviews
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Bors Gastro Bar
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Address: Budapest, Kazinczy u. 10, 1075, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +36 30 698 9075

Business type: Gastropub

Bors Gastro Bar: what do users think?
Asadullah Ahmad
Asadullah Ahmad: One of the best sandwich places I have tried, and their chef seems to be really talented as their constantly changing soups were tasty. I tried the Tandoori soup and Angry bird sandwich. The soup was quite good but the sandwich was the real star and delicious with the right amount of heat for me with few pieces of Jalapeno. Must try for heat/spice lovers looking for flavourful quick bite in Budapest. There are only few small tables to stand and eat and no washroom unfortunately.
Nisa H.
Nisa H.: Interesting menu. The vegetarian sandwich (last photo) was expensive (6€) for its small size especially compared to average price of food in the city. Will come again for the soups though. Delicious food and very warm atmosphere.
Nam Tonthat
Nam Tonthat: Easily one of the best soup that I’ve ever had in my life. A must visit for anyone visiting Budapest. The baguettes were also very solid but I found the soups unbeatable.
Atsumi K
Atsumi K: It’s awesome! The food was just amazing. The menu on the board is not all translated to English, so I was kinda lost, so I asked recommendations and got soup with blue cheese and bacon and pulled pork. Soup was good but bit salty for my taste. Pulled pork was 10/10. It’s cheap for this quality.
Timea Cselők
Timea Cselők: A very small place in the heart of Budapest. I have been there several times. The food is really good, they always have several soups, flavours you cannot imagine, both salty and sweet, very delicious all of them. They also sell hot sandwiches, they were very tasty, the ones I tried. They have vegetarian options too. The only downside is that you cannot sit down, so you either eat it while you stand or you take it home. But I truly recommend it!!
Jason Zeikman
Jason Zeikman: READ THIS REVIEW I have had Cuban sandwiches all over the world from Little Havana to the recipe from “Chef” multiple times and Bors has my heart. This might not be the most authentic Cubano but it is definitely the tastiest and most unique I’ve ever had. The ambiance and vibes are immaculate. The staff are inventing, smiley and friendly. And the food is 10/10. If you have any time in Budapest and your stomach is rumbling, go check it out and support local. Love from Montreal 🇨🇦
Oscar: Amazing Food, soups and baguets for very good prices. For me its one of few reasons to visit Budapest again. Friendly staff who speaks perfect English.
Matt Harris
Matt Harris: Oh Lord. This was incredible. We knew immediately that it would be, as it was busy as soon as it opened (a few of us were queuing outside already). We got a soup and baguette to share and were blown away. We haven’t left Budapest yet, but I know that I want to go back before we leave!

11. Sisi - VII. kerület

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125 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Rákóczi út 60, 1074, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30 PM

Telephone: +36 30 554 5899

Business type: Asian restaurant

Sisi: what do users think?
Al Magdic
Al Magdic: Chinese buffet restaurant with more than reasonable price. Mostly chicken in all asian styles with some noodles or rise. Like all the other asian buffets the food is cold and must be warn up in microvawe. Is it fresh every day?
Zoli Vaczi
Zoli Vaczi: Only the rice was edible, everything else was extremely salty. A waste of money! 😿
Maurice Ibraimi
Maurice Ibraimi: Cheap prices and amazing food. Large portion sizes as well. For less than 6€ you can get a meal and a drink.
Franz Schumann
Franz Schumann: Great & inexpensive food to have for lunch with friendly staff. Higher quality than the usual Pest Chinese over the counter food. Highly recommend the Pineapple chicken!
Mara Lupu
Mara Lupu: The food was very tasty!!
Bardh Kasapolli
Bardh Kasapolli: Reasonable prices, extremely friendly staff, and great food. So far the food has always been fresh and the place is always clean! Would highly recommend.
Chaichana Tosuwancharoen
Chaichana Tosuwancharoen: Comfort food with economic price.
Molnar Fafa
Molnar Fafa: Good and reasonable place. The staff is also friendly.
Antelan: Quick, good, simple and a nice place. Just Amazing

12. Pizzica - VI. kerület

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2696 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Nagymező u. 21, 1065, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +36 30 993 5481

Business type: Pizza restaurant

Pizzica: what do users think?
Miltiadis Karampelis
Miltiadis Karampelis: Probably the best place to eat pizza in Budapest. First of all, every person (almost) working there speaks Italian!! So this is a big hint that the pizza must be good. Second of all, the pizza is actually great. It is tasteful with a light crust and great fresh toppings. Last but not least, the prices are very reasonable!
Dvouge: ● We clearly recommend you to try this small and chic pizzeria somehow hidden next to a street paved with cubic stone. ● In addition to the incredibly light texture of the pizza top, the ingredients are carefully chosen and combined in a very interesting way, different from most local pizzerias. ● And besides the special taste and the combination of flavors, the price is incredibly fair, maybe too cheap compared to the quality offered. ● We were extremely pleasantly surprised by this place, which is why we bought from here 3 more times during our stay in Budapest. ●●●Final thoughts: An ideal place to quickly satisfy your craving for pizza, and the taste will remain imprinted in your mind long after you have eaten here. And about the prices ... all the respect for the owners who maintain such a quality-price ratio!
Paula Castellano
Paula Castellano: The pizza is delicious and the place is clean, with very good atmosphere. The service is attentive and fast. Even if you see long lines to order, do not be discouraged because the waiting is short, since they move very fast to pick the orders to everyone in the shortest possible time. The prices are very reasonable but the pizza portion is not abundant. The dough is thin so you may need more than one slice.
Olivér Nagy
Olivér Nagy: I prefer thick crust over thin, but this place has the one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had outside Italy! Small, but comfy interior with great music is an amazing combo with these surprisingly cheap, yet tasty pizzas. Large meal with a variety of toppings & soda costed around 3.000 HUF which is basically the same price (or maybe even cheaper) as a Margherita pizza anywhere in the city. 10/10 would come again.
Isabel: Good place to eat pizza by the slice, they are constantly cooking new ones. Good prices and good quality. The homemade tiramisu is worth it! I give them a 4 and not a 5 because of the unfriendliness of the staff.
Kang Zi Jing
Kang Zi Jing: Maybe 4.6 stars would be a better rating for me. I’m undecided.Pizza’s good though, and prices are fair. Great desserts too!
Chic Traveller
Chic Traveller: Impressive rating for this tiny place... you have to test their pizza to understand... gorgeous!
Christian Pedersen Eric Major
Christian Pedersen Eric Major: It’s a kind of place where you see lots of people waiting in line but then you realize why. Besides their logo shows a regular triangular slice of pizza, their pizzas are in squares! They have a few tables outside and more upstairs; However, the stairs are rather narrow and steep, so if you have mobility issues, it’s be better to stay outside or take it home. It’s a small place but their pizza makes it all worth it. The ones we had are crunchy and very tasty.

13. Flour Style Wok Bar - V. kerület

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1546 reviews
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Flour Style Wok Bar
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Address: Budapest, Múzeum krt. 39, 1053, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 30 210 2836

Business type: Asian restaurant

Flour Style Wok Bar: what do users think?
Patrik Pindeš
Patrik Pindeš: The Ramen was very tasty for European standards, probably 8/10. Nice place and staff, no included service fees. Great honey-lemon ice tea. Strongly recommended restaurant.
Big Yuan
Big Yuan: Delicious Ramen, noodles are tender and superb quality, portion is big. I also recommend the fungus salad.
Andreea Barsan
Andreea Barsan: Been there twice in 2 days. I had to go back. Amazing ramen and gyozas. Must try.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson: I had a good meal at Flour Style Wok Bar.The ramen soup with chicken had just the right amount of flavour and the ingredients were fresh and tasty. Large portion for a good price. I was well met by the friendly staff and I would eat here again. Recommended!
Alik Ashdjian
Alik Ashdjian: Unsanitary, disgusting found a bug in my ramen after complaining they didn’t even compensate the worth of the ramenVery unprofessional behaviour
Attila Nyikos
Attila Nyikos: Its an OK. Asian noodle bar. My only doubt was about the chicken meat texture which I dont remember having ever seen when cooking at home.
Stephen Bone
Stephen Bone: Top quality. Cooked fresh. Reasonably priced. Can’t recommend enough. Bonus points for the most perfectly packaged takeaway food. Restaurant quality however long your trip home 👌🏻

14. Panda Wok - V. kerület

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225 reviews
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Panda Wok
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Address: Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 7. F/1, 1052, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +36 30 752 2699

Business type: Chinese restaurant

Panda Wok: what do users think?
Petah: I tried prawn noodle soup for the first time. It was delicious and the portion was big enough for me and my girlfriend. Staff was friendly and we got our food in like 3 min.
Fiona F
Fiona F: Polite service but the food was quite disappointing. Hard rice noodles and no flavour at all to speak of, very bland. Where are the spices? I would have enjoyed a packet of instant noodles at home more than the Pho I got.
Joe T
Joe T: Tasty, quick Chinese fare at reasonable prices. I definitely recommend this place if you want to take a break from the typical Hungarian food. Friendly staff.
Ian Moore
Ian Moore: We liked this place. Got chicken fried rice and beef with noodles. The food was a good change of pace from Hungarian cuisine. The woman at the register was nice 👍
saeed almarar
saeed almarar: Amazing food, shrimp fried rice and noodles !!Must visit if you like Chinese food.
Jim McCroskey
Jim McCroskey: This was a refreshing oriental dinner in a beautiful town of Budapest. The rice was cooked perfectly the vegetables were crisp. I had it spicy which I love and it was again just the right amount for me. If you want a change of pace dinner you have to try this restraint. Very nice staff.
Katia Bikova
Katia Bikova: Super tasty and also good price. Recommended!
Dominik Jelínek
Dominik Jelínek: Really nice Chinese restaurant in the city centre with perfect personal. You should try the soup. 😍
Response: Thank you very much and welcome to come again next time😄😄
Al Magdic
Al Magdic: Good and fresh food in central zone.
Yellowish Peony
Yellowish Peony: I LOVED everything about this place. The food was delicious and I felt really welcome. I totally recommend it!!!

15. Oishi Sushi Budapest - VII. kerület

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710 reviews
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Oishi Sushi Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Dohány u. 47, 1074, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10:30 PM

Telephone: +36 30 313 1185

Business type: Asian restaurant

Oishi Sushi Budapest: what do users think?
Miah L
Miah L: The ramen and dumplings here are delicious. The service is great. Prices are affordable. The workers are very friendly. Quick and easy. No need to make a reservation. Not many seating options.
Alice Putri
Alice Putri: Sushi was really tasty and each sushi is huge. Worth it for its price! Their duck noodle is top notch as well. It comes with crispy duck and clear broth that is refreshing!
Ozlem Demirel
Ozlem Demirel: If you look for a delicious meal with a cheap price, this is the exact place! Sushis were so big that I felt full after I only ate six pieces, and tempura was also very tasty!
Jie Chen
Jie Chen: I bought food here on the Internet for a lot of time, and I am very satisfied. Today, I specially brought my family to taste the delicious food here! The result was a pleasant surprise, a quiet and tidy little kitchen that produces delicious food that makes people feel good! We ordered Chinese food, and a small amount of sushi 🍣! They made it very fast, because there were so many customers waiting for the food, I thought it would be a long time! But the staff seated us quickly, and after we ordered the menu, they made it in about fifteen minutes! By the time I finished eating all the food there was no evidence left, 😄 because it was really good for me and my family!
xichen liang
xichen liang: A small restaurant in the city center of Budapest with a Chinese-Asian touch! Simple pairing with delicious and savory dishes! The chef is careful and fulfills my food request! The staff was very patient and explained to me the difference of each food! This kind of service and this quality of food I would recommend to everyone! And they work very fast! Everyone is very professional!
Andrea Nagykalnai
Andrea Nagykalnai: I had my birthday dinner here in June and it is absolutely worth to try. Fantastic service and good sushi. I will visit them soon again. 😊
Nataly Mirlas
Nataly Mirlas: Great place. Wonderful food - tasty and fresh. Doesn’t look fancy from the outside, but it worth a try.
Carolina Andreicut
Carolina Andreicut: I will definitely come back, a small place with welcoming mood, delicious food and friendly staff!

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