Best Underground Restaurants In Budapest Near Me

1. Drum Cafe Budapest - V. kerület

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10236 reviews
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Drum Cafe Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Dob u. 2, 1072, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30 pm

Telephone: +36 20 318 6648

Business type: Hungarian restaurant

Drum Cafe Budapest: what do users think?
Sam Fitton
Sam Fitton: The food is unbelievably tasty and the prices are sublime. Just note that once you ask for the bill, be prepared to get a move on. We were ushered on swiftly following payment. The place can be busy during the day, so expect a 5 minute wait. Very suitable for Vegetarians (Vegetarian Langosh is to die for) 🇭🇺 Not amazing for Vegans
Aj Tocino
Aj Tocino: Enjoyed the ambient and I liked the idea for the menu which was a actually a folder for business cards. Goulash soup was great and the Langos was tasty. However, both did not blow my mind. With the high numbers of ratings I expected more to be honest. The waiters were just doing their job but they were quite unenthusiastic.
Philipp Rodriguez
Philipp Rodriguez: Very delicious. Even on weekends there is the chance to get a table without reservation. Only short waiting. Friendly waiter also. Best price I think you will find here in Budapest to eat and drink. Langosh with very different recipes are available. Also the lemonades are great. Beer I recommend to choose the IPA.
Nisa H.
Nisa H.: Ok yes great value set meal, the food was delicious and came in abundance! The menu is extensive and vegetarian-friendly. Total violation of social distancing and privacy though. Tables are arranged so close together to fit in as many customers as possible.
Kevin John McGuire
Kevin John McGuire: The waiters are not nice at all and the guy at the entrance is super arrogant. The queue was super long and there were several open tables around us. People complained about it. We were lucky to get food served pretty quick. The 2 stars are deserved for the great food for reasonable pricing! The cleaning could be made better.
Alina D
Alina D: Traditional food served in traditional plates. The food is good but I give 4 stars because I ordered a classic lemonade without sugar and they gave me a mango lemonade with sugar. Also inside was very hot and the AC was not switched on. The price for the menu is affordable and it comes with a lot of food.
Maria Nas
Maria Nas: The food was tasty and came really fast. But the tables are way too close to each other, not maintaining a safe distance from the next table. It felt like we were all like a big family that went to eat together. Which is nice but NOT in this day and age.
M L: Best goulash and fish soup experience in Budapest! We did a food tour with this restaurant being the highlight. We came back on our own for dinner another night. Delicious food, great beer and nice staff! For 2 people we ate for around $20 (including dessert)!

2. Regős Vendéglő - VI. kerület

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Regős Vendéglő
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Address: Budapest, Szófia u. 33, 1068, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 pm ⋅ Reopens 6 pm

Telephone: +36 1 321 1921

Business type: Hungarian restaurant

Regős Vendéglő: what do users think?
Roberto Sardi (greengofly75)
Roberto Sardi (greengofly75): Typical Hungarian cuisine in a warm and friendly environment. The carp soup was delicious as well as the other fish dish. Very good wine at a good price for such a central tavern house. Nice and smiling staff too, 5 stars.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Salsiccia Ungherese, Pollo Alla Paprika Con Gnocchetti Bianchi, Goulash Ungherese …More
Steve Briggs
Steve Briggs: Excellent meal and great value. Deer stew with croquettes, pork stuffed with sausage with potatoes and red cabbage. Nice cellar like setting. We have been here several times and never disappointed. Huge thanks to the owners and staff.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Response: Thank you very much. See you next time.
elvira pons (Mediterranean Spice)
elvira pons (Mediterranean Spice): Tasty food, underground restaurant. I had deer with wild sauce and was delicious. I want to come back to taste more things. Great value for money. I definitely recommend this place if you come to Budapest!
Ann Rava
Ann Rava: My husband and I have enjoyed this lovely restaurant in Budapest. The owner and the waiters are friendly. If you like to try traditional Hungarian food then this is a must visit. Jane Goodall even visited this place once and enjoyed the food.
Inna: Just loved this place! We spent 4 days in Budapest. And here we found the most delicious goulash at the most pleasant price :) The atmosphere is super cozy and the service is great, the waiters speak excellent English. I will definitely come back here again and again! But keep in mind that it is better to reserve tables in this restaurant in advance, due to high demand.
Jesse M
Jesse M: Very enjoyable meal in a great space. Be sure you have time to spend here as the dishes are authentic and take some time to prepare. Our waiter made some great recommendations when asked and we enjoyed appetizers, mains, and dessert.
Georgiana Baietilor
Georgiana Baietilor: Not a great experience. The staff was nice but the food didn’t meet our expectations. We ordered sone traditional dishes. Chicken stew with traditional pasta had almost no taste and beef stew was very salty and pasta had a strange sour smell. The desserts were almost tasteless too, seemed bought from supermarket and served on a plate. The prices are lower compared to other traditional restaurants but still overrated for the dishes they served us.
V O: The food was interesting with deer on the menu. The beef was tasty. Quite an extensive menu. The fish soup was slightly too fishy for my liking, but then to each his/her own palate. Quirky cosy basement restaurant with interesting decor. Food takes slightly lng to be served but then it is a very busy restaurant.
Mina Eskandari
Mina Eskandari: Wow such a nice and cozy restaurant. I had the best and delicious Goulash here. Very hospitable hosts and delicious food. With very reasonable price. Highly recommend it while you are in Budapest.

3. Giero Pub - VI. kerület

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96 reviews
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Giero Pub
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Address: Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 58, 1061, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1 am

Telephone: +36 30 232 8953

Business type: Restaurant

Giero Pub: what do users think?
roisin mc kenna
roisin mc kenna: This place is so lovely. Gizzy is a gem and treats her customers very well. It was like stepping back in time.if you are looking for an authentic Hungarian gypsy experience this is the place to go. The music started at 10pm, it was outstanding xService: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Laura Alexandra
Laura Alexandra: If you are up for something different and authentic this is the place. Family owned business with live music (officially from 10, but we were there at 9 and they were playing). Enjoy the sound of cimbalom with a shot of home made palinka.
Gluteus Maximus
Gluteus Maximus: Sleeping bartender was very nice. Bought two shots of plum palinka which tasted very good. The bartender was not angry at all, and we became very good friends. She did not curse at me at all. I left with a smile. All in all very good.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Matt M
Matt M: If you want to experience an authentic piece of Hungarian culture, this is the place. Great live music in a laid back, intimate setting.
Natalia Koppel
Natalia Koppel: Very authentic and interesting experience,we really enjoyed it.The music is worth the waiting,the musicians play fantastic Gypsy songs.
MasterOf Disaster
MasterOf Disaster: A place to feel local. Location is just 20 meters from the regular tourist traps but you will listen to handmade music and sink into an atmosphere that really merits this word. Enjoy like we did
SMinkhop: I was so sad to see how much things changed from my prior trip here 10 years ago. It went the way of camden town. But this place made up for it. Thank youFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

4. The MAGIC Budapest - VI. kerület

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2908 reviews
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The MAGIC Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Hajós u. 25, 1065, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 pm

Telephone: +36 30 606 6109

Business type: Restaurant

The MAGIC Budapest: what do users think?
Juraj Pavlović
Juraj Pavlović: Magical place, literally. The decorations are top notch. The drinks are super cool because you can get a smokey cauldron with them that smokes the whole table. Meals were great too!Food: 5/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Bernadett Valek
Bernadett Valek: If u like Harry Potter this is the must visit restaurant!!! Not as big as I think at the first time but it’s enjoyable! U need to reserve a table before u go! Staff are friendly and helpful. The food are amazing 🤩 don’t eat too much cos u will missed the dessert! 🤣 that’s happened with me so i need to go back😅
Amal Tessa
Amal Tessa: We visited The Magic after several reviews and recommendations across social media. Menu has a great variety of options from savoury to sweet, cocktails also good but could have done with more alcohol. Everyone enjoyed their meal.
Alexandra Ambrus
Alexandra Ambrus: It gives the Harry Potter vibe, however, the food is nothing special. We tried hamburgers and they were just basics.. the dessert was nice.Waitresses are ignore you and they are always in late, you don’t get your table in time
Jason Steel
Jason Steel: A really cute idea of a burger bar with a magical background... Very lovely the details and pictures and the other Harry Potter stuff. A well idea for family lunch or dinner. The prices are medium 🙂 #highlyrecommended

5. Input Kitchen & Bar - IX. kerület

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865 reviews
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Input Kitchen & Bar
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Address: Budapest, Ráday u. 30, 1092, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 pm

Telephone: +36 1 244 4382

Business type: Restaurant

Input Kitchen & Bar: what do users think?
Ervin Siket
Ervin Siket: A truly amazing restaurant in the heart of the city. Feri, our waiter was very attentive and nice. Everything we ordered was presented nicely and tasted great. The burgers were juicy and the mac and cheese was creamy. For me the highlight of the evening were the sweet potato chips which were absolutely magnificent, definitely life changing. Overall great experience and meals for a decent price.
Response: Thank you Ervin !😎🙌 We are grateful for the positive evaluation! Please also share your feedback on our TripAdvisor page so others can see your opinion, it means a lot to us! We look forward to welcoming you back, Merry Christmas! Input Team Tripadvisor/Input Kitchen&Bar
Juraj Holec
Juraj Holec: We ordered salmon poke, pork ribs with coleslaw, batata fries and one bottle of Koch & Evans Franc 2018. Salmon poke was delicious, pork ribs were different (higher than usual), but very good as well and wine was fantastic. Service was OK.
Response: Thank you Juraj!😎🙌
Andrea Sobolova
Andrea Sobolova: Service: Great Atmosphere: Amazing Food: Forest burger was quite good. Not amazing but tasty. The meat was very good but overall I would say that whole burger was a bit dry. I masked for bbq sauce and it was smoked which together with a smoked ham in the burger was just toooo smoked. Overall nice experience, but I think it would be good if there was ketchup, bbq sauce and these typical sauces on the table so the customer can choose.
Sara the Frenchie Girl
Sara the Frenchie Girl: Amazing experience here. The waiter was super nice with us. He explained and helped us a lot. Food is amazing and very tasty. I definitely recommend this place. Thank youRecommended dishes …More
Response: Thank you Sara!😎🙌
Gaetano Cottonaro
Gaetano Cottonaro: The hosts were really friendly and welcoming. The place is big enough, really cozy and already full of Christmas decorations!🎄 Cocktails are very good and tasty!! Last but not least, the food is regally TOP quality. The only thing I would suggest the owner is the portions of the food. It would be amazing with bigger portions! But otherwise I really enjoyed the experience👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Fully recommended 🔥
Nuit Le
Nuit Le: I had a marinated pork ribs for lunch and it was so good. A staff was very friendly and nice. I was not sure what I want to eat & drink and he helped me out. I think his name is Franky or .. I‘m sorry, I‘m so bad at remembering name of people. But I know how he looks if i come back 😄
Response: Thank you Nuit!😎🙌
Shashank Verma
Shashank Verma: We came across to this place by walking and many people were sitting here so we thought why not as it was our last day in Budapest. The waiter was really nice to us (actually both of them), few dishes which we had doubt on were nicely explained. We ordered Mac & cheese (without becon) which was delicious, the surprise element was the chilly oil which the waiter offered (must try) which had given the spiciness to the dish - may because we are from India, we liked it a lot. Desert - lemon olive, raspberry foam.. its sounds interesting so we ordered it - delicious as well. (The pic) cucumber lamonade was really needed as it was a hot day, it was rather refreshing.
Response: Thank you Shashank!😎🙌

6. Up&Down - V. kerület

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549 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Fővám tér 1, 1056, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 pm

Telephone: +36 1 226 2329

Business type: Restaurant

Up&Down: what do users think?
Ivanna: It is a good option to eat something or have a drink. Food is good, and they have lot of different options. The best dishes were the chicken breast and the duck. The breaded steak a little bit dry, but the potato salad was delicious. The terrace is nice, with views to the bridge. Inside is less special. The waiter was really nice, he treated us to a few shots of hungarian liquor after dinner.
Ken Sørevåge
Ken Sørevåge: The location of this restaurant makes it perfect to enjoy a lovely dinner as the sun sets. Sitting at one of the outside tables even provides a soothing breeze which we found quite comfortable after a warm day. The food was delicious and the staff very friendly. Would have no problems recommending this place for a tasty dinner.
Arturo: This place is amazing because of the service. Food is okey, the snichetzel was okey a bit dry, the carbonara was very heavy due to the cream and the desserts were only okey. If you want a place to have a beer by the river and for it to be quiet this is a good spot.
K Lax
K Lax: Tasty food, especially the goulash, with very fun decor. Server was attentive and helpful with recommendations
L Bambu
L Bambu: I thought it would be a little commercial and the quality would be for tourists but we were all delightfully surprised. Pet friendly 🐾. Great staff. The food is delicious. From the mini burger to the fish of the day to the stacked potatoes, to the salads, just fantastic. Nice views, central location, cool interior. Highly recommend a visit.
Matteo Arru
Matteo Arru: It is ok for a drink but the food is very bad. I asked for a carbonara very al dente and the pasta was overcooked and the sauce was kind of cheese cream. Honestly I should have guessed that Italian food was not their thing when in the menu the pasta aglio olio was including shrimps. However the menu was including several Italian courses that i was expecting this was their specialty. Despite the poor quality the price was very high.
G Hartman
G Hartman: Happened upon this restaurant after thermal bath. Was not disappointed. Lovely wine selection and food is fantastic with seasonal, local produce.
Response: Dear G Hartman, Thank you for reviewing our restaurant so positively, it means a lot to us. Please share your feedback on our TripAdvisor page as well to make other people know about your opinion. Thank you and hope to see you soon,
De Yuan
De Yuan: Food was delicious, every dish we had was well cooked and all of us were very happy with our food.Service was friendly and helpful (quite rare we find).
Asya IS
Asya IS: Lovely service, amazing food, great cocktails. We paid for 3 cocktails, 2 starters, 2 mains, dessert and coffee around 70€, absolute worth it!
Attila Mencseli
Attila Mencseli: The service is perfect and the foods are phenomenal. Every hungarian food was somewhat rethought. Very pleased.

7. Menza Étterem és Kávéház - VI. kerület

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11597 reviews
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Menza Étterem és Kávéház
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Address: Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 2, 1061, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 pm

Telephone: +36 30 145 4242

Business type: Hungarian restaurant

Menza Étterem és Kávéház: what do users think?
Ajeesh-Musthafa: Good place to try out authentic Hungarian food. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff. better yo reserve your seats or might take time to get seats in peak time. Almost all the dishes we tried was tasty. Goulash, meat stew, stuffed cabbage etc all are mouth watering. The starters are good too. So are the deserts
Itay Stein
Itay Stein: One of my favorite restaurants in Budapest. The menu is stacked and generally all dishes are good, with noticeable highlights like the Hungarian stew, goulash, and especially the roasted duck on risotto! The place also serves awesome drinks. Very reasonable prices, restaurant is classy and well-designed, and the service were very friendly. Highly recommended.
sara gaeini
sara gaeini: Totally recommended 😎 We ordered some cocktails first, which was obviously made there and not ready ones. They tasted great and unique. Then for starters we tried goulash and I can confirm that we all love it 😍 It is tasty and really different taste. For main dish we tried four different ones and each of them was great. Well cooked meats, freshly salad and bread. I will go back for sure.
Michaela Lukáčová
Michaela Lukáčová: Restaurant is located at quiet street and is a perfect place to have a lunch. You won’t wait for your meal for too long which is great if you are looking for high quality dish really fast. Hamburger was delicious. Meet perfectly seasoned, really good combination with gorgonzola cheese. I appreciated mayo and ketchup with fries. Soup was delicious. I also ordered beef stew. Almost everything was good apart from some pieces of meat that were really tough and chewy, it really ruined the experience. Hence only four stars.
Tsvetina Ilieva
Tsvetina Ilieva: This is an amazing restaurant with great atmosphere, polite staff and very delicious food! It was always full (we were staying in the building next door) and I understand why! We ate there 3 times, because we wanted to try traditional Hungarian food and we absolutely loved it! Prices are reasonable. Just try the garlic cream soup 😍
Ahmad Gilani
Ahmad Gilani: Great food and service! Everything was delicious including dessert. The staff were attentive and friendly. I got the roastbeef and it was delicious maybe a bit chewy but still great. The soup and liver dishes were also fantastic. Portions are big also. Could definitely come again if I pass by!
Filipa Castro
Filipa Castro: Amazing food and cool vibe inside. The prices are fair. It was the best restaurant I’ve been to in Budapest. We had goulash as a starter, the duck with mushroom risotto and the stew with spatzle, the chocolate cake and the floating island and everything was absolutely delicious. If I’m back to Budapest I’ll definitely come back to this one and strongly recommend it to friends. You should book a table in advance and, even though the booking said we had only one hour, we stayed for two with no problem.
Ying WANG: We came here twice during our stay. Garlic soup is a must try but very filling. Beef soup with dumplings is good as well. Schnitzel is amazing (thin and crispy) and so pan seared liver is also good. Beef stew is okay and I find the portion quite large in general.Food: 5/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

8. The Great Hall Restaurant & Lounge - VI. kerület

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17 reviews
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The Great Hall Restaurant & Lounge
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Address: Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 45, 1064, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 pm

Telephone: +36 1 616 6000

Business type: Restaurant

The Great Hall Restaurant & Lounge: what do users think?
Balnur Maiman
Balnur Maiman: Really excited to find out about this “mystery” restaurant as it is worth a visit! It’s a restaurant located in hotel, but the look is magnificent. The staff was so polite, welcoming and I want to thank Vivien who serviced our table. She was the best waitress very calm and smiley. The food was great, high-end European and Hungarian cuisine. There’s not much options for vegetarian or vegan, but all in all it was really tasty. And price wise it doesn’t cost a fortune. Thus totally recommend for out-dining with friends, family or as a date-night✨
Response: Dear Balnur Maiman, Greetings from Mystery Hotel Budapest! We are amazed by your lovely review and glad to hear that we could impress you and enjoyed our gastronomic offerings at the Great Hall Restaurant. We hope to have the possibility of having you back in the not too distant future! With kindest regards: Martina Pálffy, Reservations Agent
katerina filatova
katerina filatova: We eat here every day for all 5 days our staying in hotel , is gorgeous place and great quisine , you stay like hall of royal palace in the dinner! Personal very kind ❤️🔥 Super advised .
Andrea Stazi
Andrea Stazi: Just Amazing. Everything: food and drinks, interiors style and service. Strongly recommended
armand roger
armand roger: Book in advance if you are a group of more than 8 people. Especially on weekends
Response: Dear Armand Roger, Greetings from The Great Hall Restaurant & Lounge. We are glad to hear you were satisfied with our services. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us and other travelers! With best regards: Zoltán Árvai, General Manager
王丽娜: you can taste the best food in this place because they are really delicious!
Fathouma Sanogo
Fathouma Sanogo: Excellent restaurant and very good food. The team is adorable and was able to advise us in the choice of dishes. The setting is exceptional!
Response: Dear Fathouma Sanogo, Greetings from Mystery Hotel Budapest and the Great Hall Restaurant! Thank you for your awesome comment, we hope to have you back soon! Kind regards: Zoltán Árvai, General Manager
Jeney Anna
Jeney Anna: We were lucky enough to get to The Great Hall on seven occasions at the restaurant. The environment itself immediately captivates the person, as the decoration is extremely demanding, combining Baroque-style solutions with modern elements. Congratulations again to the design team. The second pleasant experience was with the staff. They were very attentive, answering our questions in detail, recommending an escort for our food. Well, but the food itself: each dish had some surprises in terms of flavors, in a strictly positive sense. This definitely praises the chef. The portions were adequate, we ate pleasantly well by the end of the meal. Overall, we felt impeccable and will definitely be back as we are also curious about further specials. Down with the hat in front of the restaurant!
Holger Kron
Holger Kron: Just delicious

9. Trabant'60 Retro Lounge & Bar Budapest - V. kerület

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185 reviews
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Trabant'60 Retro Lounge & Bar Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Október 6. u. 18, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 am

Telephone: +36 1 796 3286

Business type: Restaurant

Trabant'60 Retro Lounge & Bar Budapest: what do users think?
Martin Denz
Martin Denz: Nice interiors with a good background soundtrack. We stopped for a drink and were invited to seat inside, but just before taking the order the waiter told us the place was booked for "a private party" - only one table was set for a dozen of customers, with other tables clearly not prepared for a party, but we were offered seats outside only, in the sunlight of a Hungarian summer. Not sure if there was an actual private party or they were just uninterested in serving us.
Dotan דותן Cohen
Dotan דותן Cohen: Ended up here after walking tour. Saw shtrudel show and ate some dishes.Recommended dishes Traditional Hungarian Goulash Soup …More
Wadim Mieszajkin
Wadim Mieszajkin: Amazing place to relax and have some good meal. Very pleasant atmosphere, fair price for delicious food. Personally I would admit astonishing Goulash Soup. Friendly and helpful service.
Hoyt Neal
Hoyt Neal: May be the most interesting Restaurant/Museum in Budapest. Miscellaneous collections, clothes, old farming equiptment and Trabant. Food is pretty good.
Response: Thank you for choosing us! Hope to see you again! Best Wishes, Trabant60
Andrej Kristl
Andrej Kristl: Very good retro restaurant with all hungarian specialities. Food was very good and high quality. Restarurant is near st. Stephen dome. There is also museum in it. We highly recommend to visit.
Pavol Sás
Pavol Sás: Unbelievably impolite, refused service without any explanation whatsoever, staff member just waved her hand to signal us out
Dirk Smits
Dirk Smits: Excellent place to have some cocktails. Real pièce de résistance / artwork. If you want to have diner, book well ahead. Very friendly staff
Helen Chislett
Helen Chislett: Nice decor and staffBut food was very average and overpricedDownstairs is a museum

10. Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant - VI. kerület

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8236 reviews
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Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant
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Address: Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 14, 1065, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 pm

Telephone: +36 1 302 4456

Business type: Restaurant

Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant: what do users think?
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith: The naming of this place doesn’t make sense and it’s super-touristy but the decor is loads of fun. A medieval British-themed restaurant serving Hungarian food? Sure! This place was recommended by our hotel and it didn’t disappoint. We ate around 5pm when the restaurant was fairly empty. I got the prawns platter and my husband the pork knuckle. Food arrived promptly after ordering. The portions are MASSIVE. Whilst it’s not the cheapest meal, the amount of prawn skewers on the plate (which were yummy, dotted with paprika) would easily cost double in London. Remember there are no forks! Only spoons and knives. So a bit tricky eating salad with the prawns with a spoon but figured it out. Eating with your hands is encouraged. We walked out super-stuffed and happy.
Carina P
Carina P: Fancy restaurant! You feel like taken back into medieval times, It looks like a huge castle. The dishes are also very traditional. Very friendly staff! Huge selection of food, everything was fresh and the plates were very big. Would definitely come back again and can totally recommend it 👍
Andrea Gargiani
Andrea Gargiani: Very charming themed place, the medieval atmosphere is perfect. Good dishes, from tender and tasty meats, to abundant side dishes, do not give you forks to eat, but only knives to cut the dishes, you must use ONLY HANDS. During dinner you can attend the belly dancer and fire eater show🔥🔥 Definitely to be recommended!!!
Shlomi Mafuda
Shlomi Mafuda: Tasty, fun, great experience.So different, you will not get a fork, we must eat with hands... This is brilliant! You will fill like you back in the knights days...The meat was great! Perfect made and good!
Thomas Buelow
Thomas Buelow: Nice restaurant and atmosphere. The food portions are big and the taste is, I assume how it was cooked in Mideval times. It could use some modern day spices or cooking techniques. But it is a fun place with lots to see for the kids. This is not a cheap meal.
Marinos Theodosiou
Marinos Theodosiou: Far off from authentic. Tourist-centered, loud, busy, cramped but a lot of fun! Make sure you book a table with a group of company and be prepared for the show! The food was mediocre, lacked seasoning and flavour but the portions were absolutely Humongous. The beverages (beers mostly) were outstanding, especially served in those clay mugs. Overall, the experience was great. Like already said, tourist-centered but they put on a great show and for sure you will not leave from there hungry.
YICHING YEH (Haru): If you first time come to Budapest, this restaurant is a good place for you to eat. It is pretty cool. No fork, we ate by hands. Better to have reservation even working day, or come early around 5 pm.
ilias tzem
ilias tzem: If you want something different and medieval, absolutely try this place! Nice and delicious food and good drinks! The beer is from another era! But, you must know that there is no forks in that place. Only spoon for the soups. They all eat with their hands like old medieval days!
Anna Gm
Anna Gm: Loved this place, 10/10 would recommend visiting for the whole experience. Very on-brand medieval atmosphere from the interior design to the actual eating of the food! It is a bit pricey though. The stuff is super helpful and very welcoming 💜 Do call to book your table as it gets busy.
Linda Cheng
Linda Cheng: After covid first time being back to this restaurant. The meat 🥩 has many choices. Very yummy Perfect for meat lovers Enjoy a medieval atmosphere. During dinner time they also have live show. Very worth going

11. Hungarikum Bisztró - V. kerület

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5884 reviews
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Hungarikum Bisztró
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Address: Budapest, Steindl Imre u. 13, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30 pm ⋅ Reopens 6 pm

Telephone: +36 30 661 6244

Business type: Hungarian restaurant

Hungarikum Bisztró: what do users think?
Arie Rozichner
Arie Rozichner: Good place for first time tourists (as ourselves) to get a taste of Hungarian food. Have good menu with most known Hungarian dishes. The service is good, waiters command several languages, clean. Food quality is good. Prices are of a touristic place.
Joseph Barsby
Joseph Barsby: Visited here on holiday and was blown away. Staff were fantastic, went above and beyond even going as far as to give us recommendations of places to visit. Food was incredible, had the goulash, duck with braised cabbage, and beef tenderloin. All very fairly priced (surprisingly cheap for what it was!!) had live music on from lovely Yguri which really set the atmosphere. Cannot recommend enough
SANGMIN CHO: All ordered menus(Set menu, sour cabbage roll) were all good. Bread, paprika sauce, last digestive liquor were nice too. Servers are always welcoming guests with smile. 15% of service fee are included but they were deserved.

12. Frici Papa - VII. kerület

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7117 reviews
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Frici Papa
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Address: Budapest, Király u. 55, 1077, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 pm

Telephone: +36 1 351 0197

Business type: Hungarian restaurant

Frici Papa: what do users think?
Karim Soliman
Karim Soliman: Tasty traditional Hungarian meals! The decor is classy and cosy. It is a great spot for a Hungarian dinning experience with friends or family. The menu has a big variety and the food was delicious 😋 Ask the waiter for recommendations and they’ll suggest all the good stuff for you. The staff is professional and always smiling and helpful 🤩
Tasnim Nizar
Tasnim Nizar: Best place to try out authentic Hungarian food at low prices. Loved the goulash and the crepes. Nice vintage interiors with friendly staff.
Peter: The food quality was good but not anything impressive. We had beef stews which contain a bit of cartilage. It can be served either with fries, noodles, rice, or potatoes. Also, a fried pork cutlet filled with ham and cheese. The service was quick.
giulia r
giulia r: Great food and prices. Big portions and very traditional. Centrally located.Book a table and go there by 20:00. Card payments accepted.
Michael Smiddy
Michael Smiddy: Able to seat 3 of us an hour before closing. Managed to get my beef goulash I’ve been looking forward to all trip. Not sure if it’s the correct pairing but I got a bottle of raspberry beer to wash it down 😅. Good service from staff. One thing to note is majority of dishes you need to order chips/rice/salad as an extra
Ertan YÜCEL: We went there without reservation and wait around 10 min. , Food was delicious and quickly served, decent price, the guy with glasses who served for us was really polite and talked in English. Recommend;)
Paula Banach
Paula Banach: Amazing food! Delicious traditional hungarian cuisine at very low prices. I highly recommend the red wine stew, one of the best dishes I’ve ever tasted!
Melody Kolay
Melody Kolay: It is cosy and tasty. We tried chicken paprika and goulash. It was tasty but nothing so special. If you are passing by and looking place to eat hungarian food, it is good choice. Food is simple and cheap, service is good and fast.
Josefina G.
Josefina G.: I can’t believe the prices. So cheap! And good quality. We tried Shrimp salad, paprika chicken and Somloi Galushka. Everything tasted well. Attention was nice. I will definitely come back.

13. Ukrainian courtyard - IX. kerület

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994 reviews
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Ukrainian courtyard
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Address: Budapest, Ráday u. 17, 1092, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 pm

Telephone: +36 70 321 8333

Business type: Ukrainian restaurant

Ukrainian courtyard: what do users think?
Pedro Minnassian
Pedro Minnassian: The food is good. Original dishes and flavourful. If you want to eat good food from another country is a good place. The waitress was not so kind but its ok. Prices are reasonable. Tip for the kitchen, pay attention at the side dishes, like the cabbage at the duck need more flavor and more process to respect. Vegetarian options: Simple but good. Varenykes and potato pancakes.
Asya Kosachova
Asya Kosachova: I am surprised this place has such a nice rating. Kyiv chicken was ok, but everything else was bad. Service was not good either: not attentive, brought our food at separate times(this was the most ridiculous part), we also had to ask for the first plates to be taken away so we could have space at the table. The amount of salad on my plate was ridiculous, as if it was a leftover from someone’s plate. There was no dressing available for it on the table. Generally I DON’T recommend you this place.
Julia Tovt
Julia Tovt: I like this restaurant. Always back here to eat delicious Ukrainians cuisine. I eat salad and Kyiv chicken dish. You must try Kyiv chicken) And very tasty soup Borsch❤️It’s also must have to try if you want to know something about Ukraine.
Gábor Süveges
Gábor Süveges: A fairly priced restaurant located in Ráday utca offering mainly traditional Ukrainian dishes. I tried the solyanka as starter followed by varenyky with cabbage. The food was delicious. They have a small selection on Ukrainian wines on their wine list. The only reason why this experience was not worth 5 stars was the lack of effort from the staff. They were not engaging at all, after we finished our dinner they did not offer us to have a look at the menu again for some dessert. This is something the restaurant should focus on improving. Other than this, recommended for the food.
Mikhail: I’ve been in the same restaurant which is on the Károly körút 26 street in Budapest. Unfortunately, I cannot find it on the Google Maps. But the food was delicious. It’s a real Ukrainian meal, with the real taste of traditional Ukrainian food. Thank you so much for this gastronomic pleasure!🇺🇦❤️
Gaetano Cottonaro
Gaetano Cottonaro: Absolutely suggested! Portions were really big and the quality of the food was nice!!! I can’t wait to go back and try some other dish from the restaurant. Prices are low, specially for the location.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Damiano Marin Rolex Tips
Damiano Marin Rolex Tips: Very typical ucranian restaurant. Dishes are very well done and waiters are very kind. Food was made very good and the prices are fair 😊 reccomended

14. M Restaurant - VII. kerület

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771 reviews
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M Restaurant
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Address: Budapest, Kertész u. 48, 1073, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 pm

Telephone: +36 20 975 5013

Business type: Hungarian restaurant

M Restaurant: what do users think?
Alice Lin
Alice Lin: By far the best restaurant in Budapest from our trip! Really cosy, family style restaurant with super friendly and accommodating staff. Each dish was absolutely exquisite with strong attention to the small details. We got the paprika and garlic bone marrow for starter, the beef goulash and duck pesto risotto for mains and the apple and sour cherry strudel for dessert - all dishes we had were 5/5. The homemade lemonade is really worth it. The price was excellent. Nothing but good things to say about this place, it was our last stop before heading back and what a high note to end on! Will definitely be coming back on future trips!! Thank you very much to the staff :)
CT PAN: Wonderful dinning experience in Budapest. Super servie and warm personalized welcome. The place was simple but we came for the most essential element: the food. They were extremely tasty. Fabulous cuisine. The wine choice was also excellent. Would definitely come back. Conclusion :Best meal in Budapest 🇭🇺 -✅amazing cuisine -✅warm service -✅personal touch -✅coziness -✅great wine pairing -✅local food They also provided crayons for drawing✏️
Catherine Raes (Catteken)
Catherine Raes (Catteken): The concept of this establishment is special as they cover the table with a large paper to draw and doodle on. So there are crayons 🖍️ in a cup to amuse yourself 🙃. The rest I guess was wrong timing as all went wrong. A dish forgotten. The white wine presented warm so we had the bottle returned. Sudden noise of breaking glass in the kitchen.. no more wine glasses so we had to drink out of soda glasses. The food itself, beef goulash and others had chicken goulash, was a lot of grease that shewed awfully in your mouth. So for the decoration and concept and good fresh aperitifs I still give it a three star. It’s a pity though as we expected much more of this place. Fun fact. The owner came to sit at the end of our table with a female companion. He had asked politely first though 😉it think it’s a very typical local Hungarian place to eat
Zoltan Gacsi
Zoltan Gacsi: Booked a table at around 1pm for the same night, on the phone the owner did sound a bit moody, but when we arrived there, he was kind, and we smiled at the "portrait" (caricature?!) of him on the wall. The waitress showed our table - which was upstairs. The cozy little restaurant inside is really unique, a bit old-school, but has an excellent atmosphere. The tables were covered with huge paper table "cloths", and coloured pencils were also available (+ a sharpener), so you could draw, or write anything you wanted. My date and I were extremely surprised because of this, but we thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the eating-out experience! The food was also superb. We had a great time there, and were fully satisfied. Absolutely recommended! Kid-friendliness: Draw-ability = coloured pencils + paper table cover
Jiwoo Choi
Jiwoo Choi: Homefood, dish filled with love. Met the owner and he had this restaurant for 20 years. This kind of ambience, service and food makes me want to keep discovering restaurants with story. Thank you so much for great last day experience. Indeed the best.
Lars F Clausen
Lars F Clausen: This was an interesting restaurant. I liked they had drawn furniture on the walls, a unique room. The food was nice a really value for money.
Laura Woythe
Laura Woythe: Cute restaurant with delicious food, from an octopus starter to the chocolate cake desert everything was very tasty. Plus you can explore your inner creativity while waiting for the food.
Greg Schochet
Greg Schochet: We ate here twice during our 3 weeks in Budapest, including for the last night. The food is wonderful, the atmosphere is cozy and casually elegant, and the staff is the nicest we encountered anywhere.
Ric Meynardi
Ric Meynardi: Awesome simple yet very good place to eat.We got a Chicken gulash, 2 veggy main dishes, good red wine.Smiling and kind people are working here.Highly recommended.

15. Merry Ladó - VII. kerület

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1173 reviews
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Merry Ladó
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Address: Budapest, Dohány u. 50, 1074, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 pm

Telephone: +36 70 635 3439

Business type: Restaurant

Merry Ladó: what do users think?
Valerie: Great place! We ordered goulash and salads, but not soup, just meat very tasty! I recommended this place for calm evening.
Riley Broderson
Riley Broderson: This is a very nice and relaxed traditional Hungarian restaurant. I had the beef stew, it was very tasty. All the waiters spoke good English and were helpful. I can recommend this place for sure.
Jean Nunn
Jean Nunn: Veg soup overwhelmed with rosemary. Tasted medicated and thin. Chicken paprikash ok but a little bland and watery. An underwhelming meal altogether. Disappointing, as the restaurant looked good. Maybe the chef was off ill tonight.
LEONIDAS KOUFOS: An excellent café-restaurant. Exceptional food at reasonable price, cozy atmosphere, welcoming personnel who provide hospitable service, express real interest in the quality of ordered dishes, and require no service charge, unless the guest sees fit to it. The unexpected attraction of all? The three member jazz company, whose performance on a theatrical stage is by far unique and beyond all expectations. When in Budapest, avoid missing out on it!
Lawrence: Great service. Food is good. Goose liver a bit over cooked. Duck leg taste a bit plain. Live jazz starts at 8 till 10pm.
Teddy Thechowchow
Teddy Thechowchow: Loved this place and probably my favourite Hungarian restaurant I’ve been to this time in Budapest. Delicious food and amazing atmosphere with live music. The price was decent too.
Stephanie Lok
Stephanie Lok: Lovely atmosphere with jazz music every night at 8pm. The food could be better but the excellent service makes up for it! Portions are really large too.
cosmin caltea
cosmin caltea: Nice location for a romantic dinner, with live jazz music after 20:00 hour. The Gulas soup was very tasty.

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