Best Nudist Beaches In Budapest Near Me

1. Lake Lupa Premium Beach - Budakalász

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Lake Lupa Premium Beach
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Address: Budakalász, Tó u., 2011, Hungary

Telephone: +36 26 920 920

Business type: Resort hotel

Lake Lupa Premium Beach: what do users think?

Tőke Renáta: I went to Lupa beach today there is lots of parking space. The price is understandable. There is a free boat ride to get to the island faster. The boat driver is very kind. There are lots of food options I suggest you go to tiki bar because it has that Hawaiian vibe. Great activities for kids playgrounds,inflatable water obstacle and others. The sand is very soft. I reccomend this beach if you want to go for a vacation.

Vusala Eynullayeva: The closest beach to Budapest. If you drive earlier morning 9-10 a.m, you arrive in 20-25 min, later will be traffic 🚦. Also, to get a spot on weekends, you better arrive before 11 a.m. Entry fee changes for adult, family and children on weekdays and weekends ( small difference) and more important you can pay with Szep kartya! There are lots of food options.

Emuna Arussi: When I asked for what the price includes, the counter said it includes all the sports for unlimited time and the beach activities. The price for a single adult on weekends is 4900 huf, which is not worth it compared to what the beach has to offer with out paying extra. The lockers were 500 huf, the bus from the train to the beach was another 200 huf per ride, so 400 huf both ways. When I entered the beach I noticed that for some services and such as the water slides and surfing the entry tucked was not covering. The things that were included were either out of use due to low maintenance, or for toddlers. The beach itself is decent, you can lay there and enjoy the sand. However, don’t be surprised to fine micro plastic and dirt, both there and in the water. I realized that the sports that the counter lady referred to are the Spinning and Weight lifting contest which seem to have a good vibe, but I just came to relax so working out wasn’t on my check list. If there activities are something you fancy, go ahead and visit, Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend.

Tibor Indrisek: I do not want to say anything about Lupa Beach, because many people will start to go there and spoil the place.But yes, it is fantastic. You feel like on vacation on sea coast, just water is sweet and not salty.

jeroen LWB: Perfect day, w all facilities available. After entrance fee: So many watersport options, lounge & shade umbrellas (fee), SUP hire, access to swim spots (free), Toilet/changeroom (free). Well done, & closer to Budapest than Lake Balaton. We loved it.Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Guy Yoffe: Fantastic beach! The shuttles are great and very organized from near the center of the city, and there are also shuttles to the hěv.Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Max Kit: We really enjoyed Luma private beach. We visited at the evening after 19:00 and it was for free. Super good vibes.

Can Yalçınkaya: It is rather sad to me that this kind of natural sites that are supposed to be open for public access(in this case, for Hungarians who have limited options for summer tourism) are insensibly privatised and capitalized. As a result they take your drinks at the entrance and make you wait in line for half an hour to get an overpriced beer.

2. Római-part - III. kerület

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Address: Budapest, Római part 30, 1031, Hungary

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Park and Garden

Római-part: what do users think?

alireza mohammadhossein: There is ver beautiful place with lovely beach. I saw a wonderful rainbow. You can go there for walking, biking, gathering together, it has many beautiful cafes. Also you can take your pet to swim in the water :)

tigresp tigre: Very nice place with a good choice of food and drinks. Full of Hungarians so not overpriced. A pint of local beer 800HUF.

Kris: Little bit overrated place. The sand with stones and some beer cans. The restaurants offer fish named "hekk"...I was thought that its Danube fish but checked and its an Atlantic fish named in english "hake". In Danube there are carp, pike, zander..but I could not find in these restaurants.

andrea legényová: I love this spot. Great possibility of food or drinks.

Mariana Széplaki: Nice place to spend the afternoon

Jackson Kioko (cK): Goooooooooood place.

Angela: Nice nature but too many people

Andras Watzker: "Nyárfás" is open every weekend in the whole winter season.

Klári Siváni Bognár: nice walking aeria with good street food options

3. Miklós FKK Naturista Apartman - Szigetszentmiklós

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Miklós FKK Naturista Apartman
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Address: Szigetszentmiklós, Rév út 97, 2310, Hungary

Telephone: +36 70 420 6047

Business type: Holiday Flat

Miklós FKK Naturista Apartman: what do users think?

Tünde Mák: The host is a respectful, polite, helpful young man who offers a nice, beautiful apartment in his home, a completely separate part of the apartment. The place is uniquely beautiful, with its own pier, tidy. It was an experience to exist. The water of the Danube is clean! You can take a bath! Drift is minimal due to the dams. A little miracle from Hungary, for those who want to relax! they desire beauty. 💖❤️💖

Andrea Czoll: Great hosts, wonderful peaceful environment - we need more than that 😊 I’ve been to it several times - but certainly not for the last time Thank you for the opportunity 🤗

Johanna Molnar: Kind, helpful host, lavish environment, excellent for relaxation. I recommend it with a good heart!

Sylwia Faska: A great place to rest, quiet and calm

Andrea Mihályházi: Silence, peace, tranquility. Polite, helpful owners. A clean, cultured place.

Jan3vid: A wonderful place to relax by the water, brilliant cleanliness, nice host couple.

Kubinsky Blazho: Perfect and beautiful and clean place !!!!!! I can only recommend

Prokop Gábor: Super accommodation in a great location.

زيزو Zizo: Very nice to switch off

Fanni Kozalikné Buzás: Nice environment

4. Gellért Thermal Bath - XI. kerület

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Gellért Thermal Bath
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Address: Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4, 1118, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 pm

Telephone: +36 1 466 6166

Business type: Tourist attraction

Gellért Thermal Bath: what do users think?

Daniel Lim: Thermal baths in an old hotel, frequented by tourists and locals alike. We paid about EUR17 for entry. The outdoor hot bath was full and the other one was being fixed. The wave pool was not switched on and was being used as a swimming pool. Nice place for sun tanning in summer. Indoor experience was much better - we enjoyed the hot and cold pools, steam rooms and showers - this experience made the tickets worthwhile. The operators should consider disallowing shoes in locker room. Bring slippers or you will be stepping on dirty floors with wet feet. Lockers were provided free of charge. The staff could also provide more directions when issuing the tickets, and were slightly impolitely chasing people out once it hit closing time. Nice for a first time.

Zulfi Huss: Truly stunning baths and equally stunning decor. Had many pools at different temperatures including a few cold water pools my favourite was the outdoor pool only one out of the two was in service as the other pool was under construction, there was a sauna with a cold water tub next to it. We’ll worth spending a few hours pampering yourself. They did have massages and pedicures that were available and an on site cafe.

Shweta E.S: Wonderful place to relax on your holiday. The facilities are good, the water is great. Very clean overall. We spent around 5 hours and enjoyed all the pools that were open. Outside pool is the best place to be in winter with 36°C warm water. Sauna Outside was great as well. When inside, we spent most of the time in thermal pools to the right of the main pool. We found these were more beautiful to look at. There are two pools on each side, 36° and 40°. The cold water plung after steam room was another new experience for me 😬. But I enjoyed it and did it a few times 😃. At the time of our visit, the outside wave pool was closed. Do check before you plan if that is something you are interested in.

Linh Phan: Gorgeous interiors! This place is much quieter than the other public bath. Old hotel with thermal baths that are popular with both visitors and locals. For admission, we paid around EUR17. For the indoor pool, both men and women must wear swim caps. We enjoyed the hot baths and steam rooms. Directions on where to go and what is available are a bit unclear. The hottest pool is only 38 degrees, I expected to be higher. And the floor in changing room is a bit unclean. Some people even walk in their flip flops into the bath which should be banned. Other than that, I enjoyed it very much.

Samsunshine Levy: Beautiful interiors. Swim cap required for men and women for indoor pool. Steam rooms and cold plunge are great. Outdoor pool area is very limited, and the "adventure" pool is small in size with only two water fountains. Cascading waterfall turned off. Confusing directions on where to go and what is available. No ice fountain. Hottest pool only about 38 degrees.

Anthony Geers: The place has not changed much in almost 30 years. Except the English language skills of the staff :-) This place is nice and relaxing. Remember to take your swimsuit and swim hat with you. The place is a true labyrinth: Indoor: - large pool (hat is required). - 1 + 1 smaller pools with view to the large pool. - 2 + 2 hot pools (used to be female/male). - 1 + 1 sauna and 1 + 1 steam room Outdoor: - 1 large pool (no water at the time of my visit March 2022) - 1 medium warm pool with sauna. Terrace and bar on the upper floor. PS. Some of the tourists assumed this was more a recreational/ entertainment aqua park. But this is a quiet place where people used to be talking about politics, history and culture, in a very polite and soft way. I assume the amount of tourists have pushed the local to another location.

Jonathan Fresco: Really great for hot water baths. The big outdoor pool was unfortunately closed, but the smaller one best the sauna was great. The sauna is good and there are stream rooms inside as well as more hot baths. The 45 minute massage I received was fine, nothing special but nice. Well worth a visit, if just for the architecture.

Patrick Lordain: We booked a private bath via email at this place and it was unique. We had 1,5hours time to enjoy a small pool, sauna, a bottle of sparkling wine and some sweets. The price was really good for two people. It was about 16000ft at this time. Also the staff was friendly and explained everything to us. Definitely worth a visit, even tho the building gets a bit old. Next time we will be in Budapest we are going to come again!

5. Rudas Baths - I. kerület

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Rudas Baths
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Address: Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 pm

Telephone: +36 20 321 4568

Business type: Tourist attraction

Rudas Baths: what do users think?

Anastasia Karpovets: Very nice view from the bathtub on the rooftop. But it’s very crowded! My favorite place to go in the winter! Basement floor has nice Turkish baths and saunas, very old fashion and unique. Price is much cheaper in the work days. Tuesday is women day. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are men day only. So be careful and plan your visit in advance.

Makar “Radioreley”: Amazing baths! Great rooftop pool with pink lightning and view on Elizabeth’s and Liberty bridges. Authentic inner thermal bath with spherical ceiling and central pool. Separation on male and female days only adds up to this vibe. Big variety of water temperatures from 11°C to 45°C. Swimming hat is only required in the main swimming pool. We didn’t test out buffet with cakes and beers but others seemed to enjoy it. One of the best baths in town!

Helena Angel: If you want to spend some time in relaxing environment and you are in Budapest, go to this thermal baths. They offer a lots of pools and saunas. You can relax in the pools with the different kind of temperature like 28C, 30C, 36C or 42C. Or you can choose saunas instead. You have great jacuzzi outside placed on the roof with the warm water (36C) and the great view of Budapest. Inside you have restaurant if you become hugry. You have practically everything what you need.

Szilvia Gabnai: Its a great place, but make sure you book your ticket in advance. I went on a Saturday at 4:45and stood in line until almost 6pm and still had to pay full price for less than two hours of being there. They do check vaccination, but the place is PACKED. The pool at the top was really awesome, but so full of people. Great experience overall, just not very covid safe. Oh and make sure to bring your own flip flops otherwise you have to buy some there and theyre pricey.

Brandon Leuangpaseuth: One of the highlights of my trip. Incredible rooftop jacuzzi. Tons of steam rooms. Thermal baths. Pools. Definitely come visit here!

Matlab Gurbanli: Nice place to relax in cold winter days if you go during weekdays. On weekends it is overcrowded. Rooftop bath is awesome for enjoying views of Danube and nearby Gellert Hill. I loved contrast bathing and saunas. I would really like to try Turkish bath section, but i purchased ticket for Welness- Spa part because the detailed information about Turkish bath is not written on their website. The pools were not completely clean as you can see buildup of sand particles(?) at the bottom. Staff could be more polite, especially when asking you to leave 15 minutes before closing. Bring your own towel, slippers and come in the morning to enjoy your time fully

Evelin Delne: One of the popular thermal baths in Budapest, pretty big, has multiple pool, different types of saunas, salt room, rooftop jacuzzi with a bar with a view over the city. Recommended to buy tickets in advance, during weekdays it’s less people tho.

6. Naturist Camping Oasis - Délegyháza

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Naturist Camping Oasis
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Address: Délegyháza, Naturista part 1318, 2337, Hungary

Telephone: +36 70 248 8980

Business type: Campsite

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