Best Lymphatic Massages Budapest Near Me

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1. Kornelia Massage - Massage Therapy - IX. kerület

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Kornelia Massage - Massage Therapy
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Address: Budapest, The massage will be temporarily closed in September 2022, A masszázs 2022 szeptemberében átmenetileg zárva tart, Liliom u. 39, 1094 Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +36 70 318 8701

Business type: Massage therapist

Kornelia Massage - Massage Therapy: what do users think?

Andrea Lakatos: When I enter it, I immediately leave everything outside the door. I am in another world, here everything is calm, clean, free of all negative influences... Here there is peace, calm, relaxation, and what Nelli does with her hands is something fantastic. I really like going to it! ❤💆💤👼🌈

Vinoo Ish: Positive: Professionalism, Quality

2. Gordon Massage Therapist / Deep T. / Thai / Swedish / Lomi - V. kerület

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Address: Budapest, Massage Fusion - Gordon Camenzuli, Sütő u. 2-1 em 1, 1052 Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +36 70 364 6998

Business type: Massage therapist

Gordon Massage Therapist / Deep T. / Thai / Swedish / Lomi: what do users think?

Angel Angel: I had my best massage today. Gordon is so amazing. I felt better than ever and its true, He is very talented and dedicated person. If you want the best massage in your life - make an appointment to Gordon. I will go tomorrow again. Thanks a lot, Gordon! Your hands and energy are fantastic!

Jordan Daley: As an ex-athlete with muscle tightness in many areas, massage treatments do not usually work for me as the therapist cannot apply enough pressure or does not know enough about sports injury to help properly. The session with Gordon was completely different. He listened to my needs and gave a strong and effective treatment, and some useful advice for other areas of my recovery. I highly recommend this masseur and will go back on a regular basis.

Sharon P: I am a massage connoisseur. I do a lot of sport and therefore I also tend to get a-lot of massages on my travels. Gordon is a great masseuse. He’s attentive to what your needs are, what areas you request that he pay extra attention too, as well as the pressure he applies is dependent on what you request. Absolutely perfect!!! I did a 90 min massage. His place is centrally located , incredible high ceilings , it’s totally zen, very clean and extremely relaxing. Gordon is very gracious, friendly and has a calm demeanour. The massage was fantastic. Let’s put it this way, from now on he’s the only person I’m going to when visiting Budapest.

Enrico Lobrigo: Gordon has my best recommendation for a professional massage in Budapest. It was very easy communicating with him and setting up an appointment to resolve some pain issues I have was very efficient. Upon arrival at his clinic, he knew already where to focus and I have the impression that he really prepared the program of the entire massage session to optimally address my issues. I have pains in my gluteal muscle (buttocks) and my sciatic nerve is irritated which radiates to my thighs all the way to the feet. He was able to feel with his touch the exact source of the pain and where it radiates. His calm manner and soothing touch made the entire session very relaxing and comfortable. The ambiance of the treatment room is also very nice. Thanks a lot, Gordon!

Stephanie Hook: I would highly recommend Gordon! If I lived in Budapest I would be a regular client. I’m from the states and was visiting looking for a non-Thai massage and discovered Gordon. So lucky he was able to get me in (my last day in Budapest). I suffer from hyper-mobility and have some joint issues. I told him where the muscular pain began before the massage, and he identified which muscles were currently painful by feeling them. Very impressed! He spent time identifying issues, and suggested exercises to help correct the issues. I came home to my physical therapist and discussed my experience and she was impressed and modified some of my exercises based on what I learned from Gordon. As an American: chill, relax, and rest assured he knows what he’s doing and that you’re in a safe environment! When I’m back in Budapest, will definitely go back.

Eszter Csertei: Gordon has magic hands. He is the best massage therapist I have ever met. He is very experienced, he applies many different massage techniques. He is also a nice person, easygoing and caring with lot of positive energy. I never felt so relaxed during a massage.

Indira N: I highly recommend Gordon and will definitely be returning. He is very professional and attentive specialist and a nice person. Whether you need some deep tissue massage or something on the relaxing side after a stressful day at work you are in the right place. Thank you, Gordon!

Iryna Kiyko: A person that has this level of proficiency and approach is very rare in Hungary. If you have a chance - use this opportunity for sure. Gordon has a knowledge, practice and talant not only phisical massage, but as well understanding the energetic lines and points. This will really bring you back to life and creativity.. Recommended 100%.

3. Hotel massage in Budapest - V. kerület

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Hotel massage in Budapest
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Address: Budapest, Nyugati tér 6, 1055, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +36 70 542 9361

Business type: Massage therapist

Hotel massage in Budapest: what do users think?

Ashley Honeycutt: In a city full of Thai-style massage I was happy to find Flora who does Swedish massage. My experience was great. Flora is kind and has a very clean, peaceful studio. The massage was great and helped my tense muscles immensely. Recommended!

Ken: Had a terrific massage with Flora. Beyond being a very good and professional massage therapist, she is quite personable. She brings great energy and really cares about the client. You’ll very much appreciate her.

Mark-O Polo: Flora was very professional. I sent email request and I receive fast response. Appointment within less than 24hr. Flora visit my hotel and came with all equipment. Nice lady and hard worker.

Mike Vader: Booked a last minute deep tissue massage with Flora because I had a flight to catch. She responded quickly. Very happy! Afterwards took me some time to get back to the real world.

Richard Chivers: I wish i found Flora earlier on, She is a fantastic Masseuse and has a great touch, truly professional and very good English. I found her the evening before I leave to go home. Will look her up as soon as I get back next November.

Mike Ben: 5 out of 5 stars for this massage therapist. Flora is a very kind and gracious host. I have had some issues with tension headaches and I had immediate relief after a 60-minute session with Flora. I will be setting a couple more appointments with her soon to continue draining the stress from my neck, shoulders & back as I am here for two months. I definitely would recommend this business to anyone! WhatsApp seems the best way to get in touch with Flora but I first initiated contact by email and that was easy too. I am from the USA and I found this to be very accessible even when I am not so good at reading addresses here. Please note the office space is located on the 2nd floor in a residential building, so don’t look for any big signs or giant glass pane windows from the street outside.

M L (ML): Flora massage is by far the best one. She is highly professional, adapting her massage to your own needs and problems. I immediately feel my tensed muscles being relaxed, after a massage I felt really wonderful, like I was floating on air. Is important to add that studio is spotless clean and also location is excellent. Highly recommended.

Brian Newman: This was a great massage. Quick response from Flora, very professional and clearly an experienced massage therapist. Highly recommend.

Sharon Stone: Flora came to my hotel and she was phenomenal. I would highly recommend her if you need/want a massage.

4. Fizio+ Gyógytorna Központ és Magánrendelő - XI. kerület

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Fizio+ Gyógytorna Központ és Magánrendelő
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Address: Budapest, Csíky u. 4, 1111, Hungary

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +36 30 278 8909

Business type: Massage therapist

Fizio+ Gyógytorna Központ és Magánrendelő: what do users think?

Lajos V: After my knee surgery, I went to physiotherapy here, and I received really professional treatment. I also used the massage service. After that, I surprised my family members with a massage pass as a gift. "It was a great success". 👍 +⭐.

Gábor Pozsonyi: Professional physiotherapists provide assistance in a beautiful, sophisticated environment with modern equipment. I can only recommend.

Ádám Eperjesi: Young and friendly environment with professional knowledge and professionalism. They were able to work wonders on my lower back pain with both exercises and head stretching!

Márton Tóth: Everyone is very nice and helpful. They helped me a lot.

Helena Németh: Thank you very much :). I really like going there. It helped a lot :)

Hajni Simon: Wonderful place, maximum professionalism, I can only recommend the place :)

Donát Dobrovolszky: Nori healed my knee, I can only recommend it!

Zsombor végh: The place is packed

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