Best Discotheques Reggaeton Budapest Near Me

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1. Retro Disco Remix

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Retro Disco Remix

Address: Budapest, Teréz krt. 55, 1062, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 20 776 0760

Business type: Night club

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Retro Disco Remix: what do users think?

Paulus Engel: This is one of the greatest clubs i’ve been in ! WOW! The light show was awesome, the staff is nice and the people there are super great to party with. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the environment and I can honestly recommend this place !

Hugi Niki: are you kidding me? my friend (he is a boy ) was wearing a top and he was not let in because only women can wear a top... this is unacceptable in our age

Tamas Krieger: Great place for the 30+ party people.

David Molnar: Members of one of the most famous hungarian gypsy band, Parno Graszt were refused to enter, just because they are gypsies. Racist staff & management, boycott them!

George Dubitz: Its ok

2. Instant-Fogas Complex

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Instant-Fogas Complex

Address: Budapest, Akácfa u. 51, 1073, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +36 70 638 5040

Business type: Night club

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Instant-Fogas Complex: what do users think?

UmesH Bhujel Official7: Best location for chill out, No entry fee!! you have option to choose different bar 3-4 (2 more were closed) with different DJ’s Music taste. Overall. This place was perfect for refreshment!!
Response: Thank you so much! Come back soon! :)

Andria Elia Photography: The place is okay and security is in every corner. U can find various rooms playing different music and the bar has a quick service compared to other bars in the city. I really enjoyed the techno room, the rest were ok I guess. Expensive drinks though. It would be great if the security team could do some check at the door (age etc) since there are a lot of random people and jerk clients!

Livnat Liran: A disco consisting of several different rooms. In one there was a live performance, in the other black music, in the third room there was house music and there was also a smoking area. Less fun that the rooms are not full and then there is no atmosphere. The bar uses a nice idea of ​​a cycle. You get back 3 shekels if you return the glass to the bar. This way you do not use disposable utensils and preserve the environment. A nice place

Jacek Szymański: Definitely my favorite club in Budapest!! There is a lot of rooms to dance and places to hang out so you won’t feel bored at any time being there. There is also a lot of foreigners and the music is really loud and good. There is no entry fee, unless they have changed that sometime recently.

Jennifer Smith: Absolutely fabulous place with free entry. Next time will come for MUCH longer and explore as we only stayed a bit to dance on the ground floor.

Charles B: Full Review: One of the best night clubs I’ve ever been to. No issues with security, if anything they were friendly and helpful. Left and got back in at least 4 times without a problem. Drinks only take a minute and there are lots of bars if some are busy. Music is great on most floors but the real rave is in the tunnel / basement with a talented techno / EDM DJ who I’m dying to know the name of. People are super friendly and it feels very safe. If you’re travelling to Budapest and want to go to the best club in town that is FREE, look no further. It is an amazing night out!

Pankaj Sharma: Best club in Budapest free entry drink was also not much expensive best thing is they have 7 different club inside where you can enjoy ….
Response: Thank you so much! We hope to see you again soon! :)

George Iashvili: Always a fun place to come! Free entrance and cheap menu inside! Face control makes sure to keep the freaks away! My go to place in Budapest
Response: thank you so much, George! Come back soon! :)

3. Doboz

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769 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Klauzál u. 10, 1072, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 20 449 4801

Business type: Night club

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Doboz: what do users think?

Janko Hrasko: Very nice bar, good atmosphere but very mild drinks

Jonna Henttinen: As a die hard reggeaton fan, the latin night was my cup of tea. Place was kind of empty but I understand that the music is not everyone’s favorite. DJ played most of the songs we requested.

Scouser1965: All the classic characteristics of the many ruin style bars around Budapest. Lots to look at and explore while enjoying a reasonably priced drink. Took a star off for although we were early for their busy party time but still after 9.00pm the music was playing very low and definitely would have created a better vibe had it been louder.

Petra K: Worst nightclub in Budapest. After spending the whole night there for a hen do, spending a ton of money anyway, they refuse to give us any tap water from the bar. That’s just ridiculous. The music was also the worst out of all the places I’ve been. Horrible DJ and unfriendly staff. Go to Instant or any of the other one of the million nightclubs around.

Mridul Pareek: Nicely done ruin bar with a buge tree in the court yard. The prices are a little higher than the other bars but the ambience is nice. Come here on a weekend evening and enjoy the laid back night at the cool place.

4. Peaches And Cream Club

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Peaches And Cream Club

Address: Budapest, Nagymező u. 46-48, 1065, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 70 381 8380

Business type: Night club

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Peaches And Cream Club: what do users think?

Keegan Johnson: Absolutely horrible experience at a nightclub, 100% DO NOT RECOMMEND. Our group of 5 had upgraded VIP passes and were repeatedly kicked from non-reserved tables by staff. No explanation was given, no help provided. (For the record, we asked earlier in the night about reserving a table, but were told none were available and table service wasnt provided at the event.) Management was extremely rude and dismissive. Save your $$ and go to the next club.

R D: We booked a white VIP table here for the NYE party. Terrible mistake. 1. The sound system was poorly done for the white VIP tables. Sitting at the bar was better than sitting at the table, so the 500 euros werent justified because you literally couldnt enjoy the music sitting at the table. We couldn’t even hear what songs was playing. There were no sound system in that side of the club, so if you want a table, just book a black VIP one (for the reasonable price of a 1000 euros) that’s closer to the sound system. Disappointing. 2. The songs were fine, but the DJ wasn’t mixing. It felt like they had a playlist, they left the songs playing from the very first second to the very last, no transition between the songs, nothing. Also, the Peaches and Cream theme song is extremely cringe, the only person who seemed to enjoy that atrocious anthem was the owner of the club. 3. The drinks were good. We had Ciroc vodka, some champagne and a bottle of rum. There’s this weird thing happening when the drinks arrive, they come with fireworks (which is totally fine and enjoyable) and also with 3 dancers that HAVE to dance until the fireworks stops. I feel like they could have asked first if we wanted this extra moment, because it felt weird for everyone and unenjoyable after all. We were just waiting for the fireworks to stop lighting so that whole joke of a moment could be over. 4. I dont know if it was only a “NYE” thing, but at some point the club and the entrance got overcrowded. We went out to smoke a cigarette and we werent allowed back in, even if we had the VIP bracelet on. People were walking out through the emergency exits, but we werent allowed to go back inside using them, really ridiculous because we were showing the bouncers the bracelets and they were not only rude but also aggressive. We managed to go back inside after quite a big scandal because it was freezing cold, people were extremely tensioned outside and we had to go back inside somehow. If the bouncers put half the energy they put to be aggressive towards us into kicking out the extremely drunk people from the club, things would have been so much better. People were super drunk, a girl almost passed out there, they were constantly leaving drinks on our table (VIP…) and sitting on our couches, no bouncer really seemed to notice the chaos from inside. All in all, there are way better ways to spend the weekend in Budapest. We decided to go to this club because of the Tripadviser reviews. I dont know what happened or if the reviews were legit, but it felt like a tourist trap. Definitely would not recommend. We decided to go back home so we could play the exact same music that was playing in the club but we could at least hear the music.

Florina Alexandra: We went for NYE 2023, we waited a lot until getting inside even though we had VIP table. The big issue was that the sound was pretty bad for the tables which were near the entrance. Only VIP ROOM were pretty cool next to the dance floor. At the begining inside was fine, we had a lot of space for dancing, but after midnight a lot of people were outside and tried so hard to get inside ( the big problem was that people who already had bracelets couldn t get in because of the crowd). They allowed too many people inside and a lot of them tried to come to our table and get our drink and it was so annoying and the security was too busy with the entrance and they didn t notice this fact - there could be some delimitation for the VIP tables so the random people cannot come easily. As advice, if you want to enjoy the party call them and let them know that you want a table next to the dance floor and even then be prepared because it will be crowded.

A.E.K.: Very good club. We reserved a VIP table and we had a very good service from the staff. Music was also good and the ambiance was a lot better than in club Yellow.

xk hh: We booked a VIP table , and at begining everything seemed to be good. But when we were just trying to figure out what was on the drink menu, the waiter looks impatient and said something like “do u speak english”. I have never met such a service in a club. It was rude actually. 😅😅😅😅 Money should be spent where it is more worthwhile. Hope you have a little patience with your customers, and not just trying to get money out of them.

Authentic Experience: Awesome place with music but sound system is not so good compared to other club in Budapest. Staff are very good and they are open till late night or morning 😉. Price of Drinks are okay according to their standard. Very good security and staffs are really kind but be aware of bouncer they are super active and fast. Everything is awesome and I give 4 star only because of sound systems which can be better. I will recommend international students to visit them once because they have special night on Thursday only for international students in Town. Overall it’s very good club.

Ignacio del Pozo: Low level. People between 20 and 30 who do not stop pushing. Everyone pushes you to pass as it does not happen anywhere else. You have to wait to get in a long time even if there are few people inside because they want to do and while they are giving access other people. Inside, the floor is completely dirty and full of broken glass (at the beginning of the night) that nobody cleans! Very very low level of attention. The access cost doesn’t include drink and even inside wait for wardrobe, too much to order, etc.....

Banana Lana: Great Club! <3 We reserved 2 tables for a hen party and had great service. The music was great and we got all the drinks we needed. The music is great if you love RnB music!
Response: Hey Banana Lana Thanks for the feedback! :) Peaches and Cream team

5. Ötkert

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3643 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Zrínyi u. 4/A, 1051, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM

Telephone: +36 70 330 8652

Business type: Night club

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Ötkert: what do users think?

Viktor Sz: Probably the best club in Budapest. The location has a great set of people they are nice and always working hard!! The atmosphere was awesome and I definitely liked that the club it is in the heart of the city...❤️🙏

Jasper Ryan Cater: Amazing service. Laura was fantastic and gave us everything we needed and more. Super VIP experience. No wait times, kind, attentive and made our birthday celebration perfect. Been here 3 months and best night out in Budapest. 100% recommend. Ask for Laura !!!
Response: Dear Jasper, thank you for the feedback, we are look forward to another time at the club! And happy birthday to you! Kind regards, Ötkert

vajza bukuroshe: Amazing atmosphere and very helpful staff! I love this place and it left a very good impression on me as my first time in budapest.Laura was the best cooperation ewer couse she so sweet and she was on always for uss, everithyng we wanted become true! Love 5 kert always come here guys.
Response: Thanks for the feedback! We are glad that you had a good time and left with a positive experience! We look forward to another time at Ötkert.

Jacek Szymański: Pretty good place if you like pop music. When I went there there was absolutely no techno. The atmosphere was good and it was packed.
Response: Dear Jacek, thank you for your feedback! We are glad that you had a good time and left with a positive experience! We look forward to another time at Ötkert! And we play techno only in Secret Room on the first floor. :) Kind regards, Ötkert

Leslie Pang: Had the goulash is really nice here and you can see the basilica from here
Response: Thanks for the feedback! We are glad that you had a good time and left with a positive experience! We look forward to another time at Ötkert. Next time you should visit the club at night as well! 😉

Sydney Wallace (sydwallstreet): My experience was great; Laura was a fire work. She was the best waitress ever. She was very helpful & made our night worthwhile!
Response: Dear Wallace, thank you for the feedback, we are look forward to another time at the club! Kind regards, Ötkert

B_Stv 123: The food (langos) was fine but not special. The beer was overprized because everywhere else it is much cheaper. The waiter was actually nice but he asked us if we are tourists and if we wanted to have some nice traditional food. He said that hungarians drink Palinka before they eat and that germans like that very much. He said we should have one. He served us the priciest shot on the menu. 8 € for the shot. They putted away the menu so nobody was able to look at the price.
Response: Dear B_Stv, We are sorry for the negative experience, but we are the club, not the restaurant. Could you please write to them?

Udit Mehta: Not at all recommended. We waited in the queue for around 1.5 hour because of the hype it had. But the place is very small and the crowd is mostly teenagers.Music is dull and had no party vibes. Drinks are also very expensive and the cocktails were not the best I had.
Response: Dear Udit, We are sorry that you had a negative experience. If you buy a ticket online, you can skip the line and you don’t have to wait for so long. You can enter the club over 18 years old and on Saturday over 21! We play different music styles on different days, you can check everything on our FB page! We hope you’ll enjoy the party next time! Kind regards, Ötkert

Dev Dasondi: One of the worst clubs in Budapest. Trust me, it’s rated as a top club but they are racist and extremely violent against people who are not Hungarian. If you are traveling to Budapest, trust me do not come to this club there are way better clubs than this one. It’s not fun at all and they the bouncers are violent against people who are not from the area. Do not go to this club..horrible place that is racist and discriminatory.
Response: Dear Dev, We are sorry that you had such a negative experience! Could you please tell us, what happened exactly? So we can investigate this case and find a solution to your situation. Kind regards, Ötkert

Irena Mušić: If I could give 0 stars, I would definitely do that. The rudest stuff that I have ever met in my entire life. No comment. Taking your money for the jacket and then treating you like garbage. I have no words to describe this ignorance. Disgusted.

6. Club Heaven Budapest

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Club Heaven Budapest

Address: Budapest, Deák Ferenc u. 5, 1052, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM

Telephone: +36 30 151 2000

Business type: Night club

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Club Heaven Budapest: what do users think?

Roronoa Zoro: Very bad place to go if you are a tourist. Very rude security who don’t hesitate to attack you without reason and probably hurt you. Very unfriendly place for everyone except local teenagers. And a lot of money scams going on in the door. My only mistake that I did on my holidays in Budapest was that I visit this club. I don’t recommend it to anyone who is visiting this city and wants to have good time . 💩👎

EDIS TOCILA: The place was nice but the security was very rude and they grab my arm without reason and kicked me out with out any explanation of what I did and I did absolutely nothing I was just waiting on the bar to order my drink .. that place is definitely not friendly to tourists and I don’t recommend to anyone. Seriously the worst and most unfair experience I ever had in any club. Shame on these people. That never should happen in any European or other country. The worst place in Budapest by far. This place it is 4 stars almost only because they are buying reviews.

Zuzka Schwarzova: Huge disappointment. I was looking forward something high-quality in Capital city. Unpleasent sounding space in front of the stage. My ears were bleeding! The DJ was playing radio songs with soft transitions. There were probably more tickets sold than should be (We had the basic tickets). The packed crowd - stuffy air and no space for dancing. Small toilets on the upper floor. As for the staff, they were nice (bartender, ticket sellers). The drinks were OK.

LED Performers: The best place for party in Hungary, Budapest and always has nice Performances!

Borchani Ahmed: They need to improve the music. The transitions are bad, you start to enjoy a song and then they cut it halfway through. The men bathroom was in a bad condition (1 urinal of a total of 2 was clogged).

Majda Vrtačnik: I WENT TO 2010s PARTY AND THEY DIDNT PLAY ANY TAYLOR SWIFT AND ONLY 30 SECONDS OF ONE DIRECTION SONGS, BUT THEY PLAYED ABBA AND BRITNEY SPEARS, also 9 euros for 2 tequila shots is too much bc we already payed for the tickets (8e)

dori: I wouldn’t go back here if I got paid to go. The staff are incredibly rude but when it comes to the promoters it’s almost shocking how rude they are. The way they speak to you is incredibly disrespectful and one of The security guards who were at the door made a comment about my body despite the fact that I was probably 40 years younger than him. don’t go here it’s truly for 16 year olds who won’t be let in anywhere else don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s in a popular area. it’s a waste of money.
Response: Dear Dori, Unfortunately, based on your evaluation, we have the impression that you did not visit us, but that you are confusing us with someone else. That is why we would like to invite you to 2 free tickets to a party of your choice. Our staff is one of the most qualified and professional teams in Budapest, believe me they will make a good impression on you :) In addition, since the fall of 2021, the age limit for most of our parties is 21, which we strictly monitor. Feel free to search because of the tickets, we will be happy to show you the place :) Hi, Team Heaven

Alan Orozco: Heaven is one of the best clubs in Budapest. State of the art sound and lighting equipment, good djs and shows. I can recommend the POR FAVOR party series on Fridays where you can find Reggaeton, Latin, R&B and Pop hits 🤩

beautiful mind: I think the DJ is one of the worst djs ever seen, accesses not for free unfortunately, majority of girls under ages I think. It’s really luxury club but bad atmosphere, bodyguards outside more than people inside 😄the location is great in the heart of City. In general does not worth money i paid .

Who is Artemii?: Not bad, but a lot of guys and not many girls, however, it is a fine club with good people and reasonable prices

7. Morrison's 2.

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3045 reviews
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Morrison's 2.

Address: Budapest, Földszint, Szent István krt. 11, 1055 Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +36 1 374 3329

Business type: Night club

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Morrison's 2.: what do users think?

Germanda Santos: Its a nice place! They really check the vaccination certificate but the communication is not clear and in the bar the people were a bit rude with me. Only at the bar in the hip hop area the bar was helpful! Also, the prices are different inside… if you go to the main bar is more expansive than the other bars. I would recommend this bar but there are other bars that I recommend more!
Response: Dear Germanda Santos, Thank you for your rewiev, we wolud like to improve our services (for ex. to be polite, etc), but we do not understand your statement about the price list. We work with a closed system, the bartenders can't type in the price of the products, only choose what kind. We only have ONE version of the "menu", so about the drinks + prices. 10 bars have the same. The only difference that can be recognised is the aviability of some speciality: for example you may find a wide range of gins in a certain bar. These rarities are usually more expensive, but the prices from the common list are the same. We also have many discounts at certain times, so maybe you bought a drink at a discounted price at a certain time, and bought a different drink at a non-discounted time. I hope you understand, and you might increase our rating because of this :) Regards, the morrisons team

Dyllan Gonzalez Linares: NEVER GO THERE AS A TOURIST!, Me and my friend went from Austria, the party was fine, but every time that we wanted a drink the bartender made us buy a new plastic glass that would be exchanged for money when you leave. But when we tried to do it they said no without an explanation. And at the moment I tried to take a photo to prove it. One of the bartenders threw my phone to the ground and said "if you do it again I kill you" followed by a call to the security staff that escorted me to the exit.

Jé Kk: Great place for party and listen to music, several rooms and atmosphere and very big. On the other hand huge scam with drinks, mandatory deposit on the glasses, but that they do not refund and gives a ticket not to repay other glasses .... Hence my note because it is unacceptable when talking about servers that increase prices
Response: Hi Jé, Thank you for your feedback, sorry about the bad experience. we are constantly working on giving better customer experience so your opinion is very important to us best, Morri2

Rebecca Winkler M.: Don’t go there as a tourist. The staff that worked in the cloakroom was so rude to us when we wanted to get our things back. They didn’t want to return my friend her coat and my sweater. They pretended they didn’t understand us and rolled their eyes, two of them even yelled at us in hungarian. Terrible experience.

fateme seidi: I bought unlimited open bar ticket and it turns out that many drinks are not included such as cocktails and etc. they are lying about it. Also they get 300 ft for each glass and give coupon instead which is ridiculous. The place smells so bad without any refreshing air.
Response: Hello fateme, we did not lie about the unlimited drink bracelet as we have all the drinks included on display at the purchase point. Thanks for your feedback

8. LOCK the club

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167 reviews
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LOCK the club

Address: Budapest, Tölgyfa u. 1-3, 1027, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 70 771 7416

Business type: Night club

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LOCK the club: what do users think?

Laura László: The interior is beautiful and the staff is very kind. However, the drinks are overpriced which is expected in an elegant nightclub like this so that will not change my rating of the place.

erika Angyal: Terrible terrible terrible! Inside is like sauna. Sooo hot that you cannot even breathe. Everyone is sweating so much.

ali kalam: We had a great time in Lock, the service was excellent and thanks to DICAPRIO, nobody is going to be on hangover next day! I totally recommend the place 💯💯!!

Glafkos Obion: Great club, people there are 25+ and not kids. Music is loud, drinks are genuine. Contacted them via their website and they made us a reservation with no problem. Would reccoment it to everyone who is looking for a good club mostly locals and not touristic trap.
Response: Dear Glafkos, thank you for sharing your opinion, we really appreciate it. Hope to see you soon again in our club! Regards, LOCK Team

Lazar Kormann: Nice place!!!! Thanks for the service!

Efe 84: Great place enjoy. General manager is really friendly and professional

Hajas Ádám: Exclusive enterior, professional bar service, well managed vip service and tables, nice hostesses.
Response: Dear Adam, thank you for sharing your thoughts, we really appreciate your opinion. Hope to see you soon in our club! Regards, LOCK Team

Ádám Farkas: best club in budapest, kind staff, quality drinks, exclusive interior
Response: Dear Adam, thank you for your opinion, we really appreciate it. Hope to see you soon in our club! Regards, LOCK Team

9. AETHER Club

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389 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Gozsdu Court, Király u. 13, 1075 Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 70 229 5127

Business type: Night club

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AETHER Club: what do users think?

Esther Kooistra: Great techno club! We really enjoyed it last Saturday. To go to the techno part (which is down stairs), you should choose a different queue from entering the other part of the club 😊
Response: This review made our day! Thanks for taking your time to give us a feedback and also thanks for the helping note! Hope to see you soon Esther!

Anastasia Sofia Tsangaridou: Great place and stuff and close to the city center. The DJ set was okay but there was something missing from the club even though we visited on a Friday which is I think their best day. Just before you visit know that the people in this club are usually younger even under 22-25 and if you’re looking for a Berlin style club this won’t be it. But it was great !

Avocado: Dark room, with nice lights and Funktion-One sound system, catering to house and techno genres mostly. The club has potential, but due to its location it became a hangout spot for mostly drunk tourists. The vibe thus is hit and miss and you might not be able to have a proper rave here.
Response: Hey AVOCADO:))) We’re so glad you liked our club. Next time you’re here please visit us again and hope you will have a better rave!!! All we can promise is that the music will be high quality as always! Thanks for your feedback!

Nikolas Eckardt: No signs or anything to see where the entrance is. The entrance is through the exit but no sign but exit signs. You can’t enter with a jacket into the club so you have to pay 500 HUF in cash for your jacket. Didn’t have cash so I couldn’t enter. Unfriendly staffs.
Response: Dear Nikolas! We are sorry that you didn't actually notice, but there is a big logo light box to sign where is is the entrance at the building outside. We have a cloakroom policy, but we are sorry if our staff could't help you properly, we will investigate about this. Hopefully you will have a better experience next time! Thank you for the feedback!

Muaz TCLibya: Techno music 🎶 club, but I wasn’t so much impressed, nothing special, Dj wasn’t good , I will not recommend it only if it was your last choice, sadly they told us it was the best techno club in Budapest 😱

lucas senent rodriguez: If you are looking for techno clubs in Budapest you should visit Aether. Downstairs you can find a perfect spot to enjoy of the best sound and light systems. Check in resident advisor the dj’s, the last time I was there a dj from TRESOR (Berlin) played and the atmosphere was incredible. One of the best techno club in Budapest!
Response: Hi LUCAS! Thank you for the five-star rating. We greatly appreciate the support.:)))

C S: For some reason the club level bar staff did not want to give me my cup deposit money back after I had just paid? They told me to come back tomorrow for it. I had to go upstairs to get my refund. I do not recommend this club because of the bad vibes and there are much better options for techno in Budapest. I will not be taking my hostel guests there anymore.
Response: Hi, sorry for your experience, we will investigate this issue, thank you for reporting.

10. Liget Club

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457 reviews
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Liget Club

Address: Budapest, Népligeti út 2, 1101, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 70 527 5272

Business type: Night club

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Liget Club: what do users think?

Cédric M (the_crazyced on IG): We had so much fun during this party ! The place is great : different rooms with different music, a nice outdoor, 2 levels. Nice place to party in Budapest !

Marco Polo: Spacious and comfortable place with various music style and multi dancefloors bit far from center but its worth to visit

Danijela Vukasinovic: This is BY FAR the worst place I have ever visited! First of all, it is so far away from everything. Taxi can not drive you to the entrance, so you have to walk thru park in the middle of the night. I got scared cause it was full of drunks. Next, we got inside of a club. It smells bad, probably because of the fog machine. First we saw dance arena which was big, but DJ was horrible. Only thing that I can admit it was good were lights. Next, we decided to visit retro area. It was only for people 40+ of age and there DJ was like 60, playing hungarian music only. After we went to RnB stage which is basically dark, little corner of the club. This was the only part with kind of ok music. At the end, people were dressed badly and looked really wierd. If you are modern, young adult just skip this place. Hope this review will help others not to make the same mistake like me and my friends did.

András Polgár: Club is using very smelly chemicals on the dance floor what can cause irritating. Wanted to ask the strange behavior at the club manager but he refused the query and sent me home instead of any kind of cooperation, or explanation.

Sándor Szél: A good place to have an unforgettable party. You can find a partybus which takes you to the place from the city center because it is a bit far. There are also multiple rooms with different types of music.

Ivan Tužinský ml.: This is really perfect and luxury disco!!! ;-)If i will be in hungary one more time, i will go here again!!

11. Rio Budapest

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338 reviews
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Rio Budapest

Address: Budapest, Vízpart U. 1, 1117, Hungary

Telephone: +36 30 397 3416

Business type: Night club

Near Rio Budapest:

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Rio Budapest: what do users think?

Lippai Levente: The staff is arrogant, the place is unhygenic, you have to pay for everything (for putting down each jacket, toilet), after purchasing a ticket you can’t go out. I’d say the worst party place in Budapest.

Marcell Tóth: One of the best places in Budapest, Hungary. The staff is friendly and the venue is amazing for great parties. I especially love the sky terrace and the VIP areas.

Till West: Top Open air Club in Budapest, only best entertainment and DJs.Direct at the Donau.

satish. chekuri: Good place hangout at night in budapest.. I will be open from 8pm to early morning...Must vist place for youth..

Fanni Somogyi (Modernfighters): Lack of information about dress code, unfriendly discriminative security!

12. Romkert

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208 reviews
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Address: Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013, Hungary

Telephone: +36 30 591 4450

Business type: Night club

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Romkert: what do users think?

Rabarbaro Assassino: I had a nice experience thanks to the music but careful when you order if you are a foreigner: they try to scam you. I order drinks and twice I was not given the right rest. Who served me was a blondie with glasses. The place is also expensive. A small bottle of cider costs 1200 ft.
Response: Dear Assassio! Each drink costs as much as it is indicated.

Jerome Lavallee: Bouncers are horrible people, extremely rude and aggressive. Although the women at the door was super nice, the experience was ruined because of security. ( also there is a dress code to keep in mind)

Roberto Gozzetti: Expensive, rude guards, small spaces and no good music (Saturday night). There are more best options in Budapest

András Márik: I was judged by my appereance. My outfit was too colorful for them, so i they did not let me in. Trying to identify themself as premium, but they are far below it. Absolutely disappointed.
Response: Dear Mark The dress code at the club is cool and elegant. We adhere to this in all cases. We believe that this is the most entertaining place in Budapest.

Lourdes Ruiz: The hostess on Saturday was very rude and her appearance was not good for the image of the bar.
Response: Thanks for the opinion, can you tell who was the one who didn't behave properly? Romkert Team

Haakon skotner hegstad: Im a tourist and i went there to visit my brother. The bartender scammed me twice! And she refused to admit her criminal activity. I tried to order gin and tonic, but she served me pure tonic water. DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU ARE HUNGARIAN. THEY ARE CRIMINALS.

l k: Great location reasonable prices.

Airline Lush: I came here in 2004. Heard the best song. I wish I could remember that song. Anyways. Is it worth a return ? I am 20 years older than but still feeling 20.

13. Red Club Theatre

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53 reviews
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Red Club Theatre

Address: Budapest, Lovag u. 5, 1066, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 30 533 6012

Business type: Night club

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Red Club Theatre: what do users think?

Kopcsák Marcell: Staffok...

Ildikó Bank: If you can, avoid it, bad light and sound technology, Arrogant behavior, arbitrary judging, no price list for drinks 2 pcs 3dl Cola 2800 ft, 2 whiskeys 3800 ft, no choice of drinks, they can do as they please, this is not the old Metro Club anymore! HORROR!

Bence Szabó: AllInNLG World Is Mine was held here and the venue was catastrophically bad. The staff was very rude, the glass floor at the cloakroom, upstairs, is cracked, which is dangerous (it was fenced with a cordon, but explain to the many drunk teenagers not to step over it). The wardrobe is a joke, because I have to pay HUF 300 again because I immediately asked for my coat because I left my phone, insulin and blood sugar meter in it. Drinks are horribly expensive. Cocktails contain a maximum of one shot of alcohol in a 3 decis glass. Overall to be avoided. I personally had the worst nightclub experience ever

Viktória Veronika László: Tell the mixer at the bar above, the guy in the bald vest, that the mojito is made with rum, not vodka, and give him a terminal so he can pay by card! I would amend the entry to say that it was not possible to pay by card in the bar on the ground floor either. But the boys danced well.

Virág Bene: We had a great musical dinner. The only problem was with part of the dinner. The fact that we had to wait for more than an hour to order the drink and then it was announced that it was not and that what we asked for was no longer in line with reality. Then, 1.5 hours after our arrival, they brought dinner, which was ice cold and of course it didn’t match what was on the menu. One of the dishes also had a hair. Of course, they are cheekily expensive. We received the dessert 10 minutes before the end of the event so that half of the company was no longer there due to poor service.

Fanni Fejti: It was a terrible experience. This is a catastrophic place, we never received an invoice when I bought a drink, and we paid the same drink for a different amount each time ...

14. VER-DECO Music Club

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72 reviews
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VER-DECO Music Club

Address: Budapest, Nagy Diófa u. 17, 1072, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 PM Fri

Telephone: +36 70 636 9913

Business type: Bar

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VER-DECO Music Club: what do users think?

Norbert: I can only recommend this place. Friendly staff, great Performances and a fantastic atmosphere.

Daniel Molnar: Be careful. They overcharge.

Dzsó Pengő: Love, disco, inclusion

Gólya Bence: Fine

Erzsebet Elyzabeth: Sensational place With sensational performers... Terrific atmosphere.. Pleasant environment Polite service

Gaboca 2014: Great place, kind, guest-centered service. Pleasant music, real club atmosphere! Super place, nice, guest-centered service. Pleasant music, real club mood!

A50 Samsung: Avoid from afar! THEY OVERBILL! No invoice, receipt, etc. was given.

Judith Bíró: I recommend it to everyone who likes to be themselves and have fun and feel good. A very good team awaits!!!❤❤❤

Zoltán Miglécz: I recommend to everyone. Nice place, perfect service, pleasant atmosphere.

15. Marilyn Night Club

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126 reviews
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Marilyn Night Club

Address: Budapest, Baross u 4, 1085, Hungary

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 PM

Telephone: +36 1 338 4243

Business type: Night club

Near Marilyn Night Club:

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Marilyn Night Club: what do users think?

Sándor Kuka: Great place! Staff is really friendly and helpful if needed, drinks are good and the ladies do a great job too. Best night in budapest for me.

Владимир «EvilVoVan» Сергиенко: a very large selection of girls, everyone will find what they are looking for. The girls are nice, the club is clean. The first time was 2 years ago, I advise.

Javed: A very beautiful and easily located bar, great drinks and service 10/10 would recommend

Marcus Frandsen: Great place really.One of the few real strip clubs that wont try to rip you off in budapest.
Response: Thank you so much your nice compliment. Yes we are working with heart and never cheat or disappointed our guest. We had celebrated our 29 years birthdays for Marilyn Night club what is really long time ,so this is shows also our target to make professional entertainment place.

REEL60FRAMES (The matahari): Not recommended at all. Girls just do the dance and just select their clients based on preference. The ideal way is all dancers should be and must be going to every clients in rounds, who dont just come in and end up watching their shows and walk out. Unfortunately the best dancer during my visit fell into this list that made me walk out. She ultimately could have been my pick had she engaged verbally. The staff needs to be more responsible while running such service.The other famous clubs that I visited in the budapest vicinity clearly live up to their reviews.

Benjamin Whatley: Great place👌all the staff make you feel very welcome👍fair prices, good drinks well worth a visit! Enjoyed myself so much I will have to go there for a 2nd time on my stay in Budapest.😁⭐✔
Response: Hi Benjamin, Thank you for your nice words :) You are welcome you at our bar any time.

Marian Rus: Super friendly staff, reasonable pricing displayed in menu, good drinks
Response: Thank you so much🙂

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